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Antonio gaud+¡ 1852

  1. 1. Antonio Gaudí 1852–1926 Antonio Gaudí – was an architect who belonged to the Modernist, Art Nouveau movement and was famous for his unique and highly individual designs. Gaudí was born in southern Catalonia in 1852, the artist's parents came from families of coppersmiths... After studying for five years he was awarded the title of architect in 1878. Gaudí's first works were designed in a gothic style but he soon developed his own distinct sculptural style. He lived an active life taking long walks to help suppress his rheumatism, this allowed him to experience nature closely which always had a strong influence in his work Gaudi was a highly imaginative and skilled architect, he made original designs irregular and intricate. Gaudí's architecture has many different qualities combining many different materials his architecture has a unique organic, dreamlike appearance. He studied nature's angles and curves and incorporated them into his designs. La Segrada Familia Gaudí devoted most his life to Catholicism and his Sagrada Familia, Barcelona’s currently still unfinished enormous cathedral, designed to have 18 towers. Gaudi never relied on geometric shapes, he liked to mimic the way men stand upright through the use of hyperboloid structures. Gaudi suffered a series of unfortunate losses in his family including the death of his niece, it is thought this is why his work later slowed to a halt. After these tragedies, Barcelona fell on hard times economically, slowing the construction of the La Sagrada Familia. The only copies of his last blue prints were destroyed by anarchists in 1938 during the Spanish Civil War. The cathedral is now being completed but differences between his work and the new additions can be seen, completion of the Sagrada Familía is planned for 2026. In 1926 Gaudí was run over by a tram while crossing the tracks reading a newspaper. Many people and passers by never recognised the unkempt appearance of the injured artist assuming he wouldn’t be able afford to go to hospital it took a while before he received help and was eventually taken to a paupers hospital in Barcelona. When his friends visited him they tried to move him into a nicer hospital, Gaudí refused, reportedly saying "I belong here among the poor." He died three days later on 10 June 1926, he was well known and loved by then and left half of Barcelona mourning his death. He is buried in the midst of La Sagrada Família.