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Hand drawing

  1. 1. Success Criteria A*- B Do observational drawing of hands with accurate proportion and tonal shading. High level of detail and care and control. C-D Draw hands from image sheet, using accurate proportion and some tonal shading. Some detail and care and control. E – F Do simple hand drawing from step by step guide. Lacks of accuracy in proportion and detail. Tonal shading is untidy.
  2. 2. Kate McDowell Tina Modotti Henry Moore Which is the odd one out?
  3. 3. AO1: Artist Research Henry Moore
  4. 4. AO1: Artist Research Kate McDowell
  5. 5. AO2: Refining Ideas Experimenting with different materials and compositions
  6. 6. AO3: Recording Ideas
  7. 7. AO3: Recording Ideas
  8. 8. AO4: Final Outcome