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Web banner evaluation

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Web banner evaluation

  1. 1. Web Banner Evaluations
  2. 2. Explosion Web Banner This web banner would be located at the top of a web page and will be one of the things that is seen straight away by the audience. To create this banner, I found a high quality image of an explosion and put it into my Photoshop after setting the page size to 468x60 pixels. I positioned The image to give a glimpse of the explosion, not making it the main focus but making sure that people can tell what it is. After this I played around with the Hue/Saturation of the image, making it a deeper orange/red. I then layered the appropriate writing/information on top of the image, adding a drop shadow to make the words really stand out against the explosion in the background. I like this web banner because it’s very in your face but yet remains simple. I also like how the words match the image to reinforce the fact that the product is ‘exploding with energy’. To compare with other types of banner like the one I created I found one on a popular website. There are images used, logos and all the information that may be needed on the banner. Possible improvements could include using an image of the product to show people what it actually looks like so that they are not expecting a tin with explosions on or something. Another improvement/change I could make could be to put the ‘Barr’ logo on so people know what company it’s from. Looking at other web banners, possible considerations could be the fact that many of the banners have animations in them. If this banner were to be animated, the explosion could go off and seemingly throw the words featured on the banner at the screen.
  3. 3. Lift Web Banner This web banner is an example of one that would be located at the side of a web page. I have used the main colours that feature on every other product of Irn Bru so that people will instantly recognise it as being an Irn Bru product. The page for this banner was set at 120x600 pixels so I had to squeeze the image to fit the majority of the spotlight in. However, I feel like it worked well and the message gets across to the reader/audience. The tin has a drop shadow on it so that it looks like it is actually in the light and creating a shadow while been lifted off the ground. I have included the name of the product underneath the product however, after thinking about it, I could replace it with the ‘Barr’ logo or maybe even keep the ‘Irn Bru 32’ and have the Barr logo just above it. Compared to other web banners styled like this I could think of the possibilities of adding some animation in there if it was going to be a professionally created web banner. Both banners have used images and text relevant to what is being advertised and other relevant information about the advertisement. Other improvements could be to fill some more space. I could make the words at the top bigger so they fill space and become easier to read.
  4. 4. Alarm Web Banner On this banner I had a lot more space than the others to work with. Also with this banner it is aimed at being animated, with the tin of Irn Bru 32 shaking from side to side as if it was an alarm clock going off. The things I like on this banner is the way I warped the ‘Wakey Wakey’ to fit around the tin to resemble motion lines. I did this by right clicking and selecting ‘Warp’ while the shape was selected. I then chose ‘Custom’ and ‘Arc’ to get the curve. Finally, I adjusted the warp to make the words fit around the tin. Also, to achieve the motion style look, I lowered the opacity of the two diagonal tins to make it look like the tin is shaking. Another inspiration I got from this web banner is to have an alarm clock going off but instead of numbers, it would only have little Irn Bru 32 tins and the tagline could be along the lines of ‘It’s always time for an Irn Bru 32’. Compared to other web banners of this style, mine is a bit more simple but still gets the message across and has the chance to be animated. If I was to improve this banner I would add the ‘Barr’ logo to one of the spare corners, just to fill a bit more space.

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