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Paid Media Plan Gap-Brown

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Paid Media Plan Gap-Brown

  1. 1. Paid Media Plan Haylee Brown, Johns Hopkins University Public Relations in the Age of Digital Influence Professor Kelly Hur
  2. 2. Situation Analysis Marketing 13% Rent 33% Other 54% Operating Expenses • Gap is focusing on building loyalty through brand experiences • Fast fashion retailers are creating more competition • Gap is investing in Omni-channel shopping experiences i.e. Reserve in Store • Consumers have many choices for clothing retailers • Currently 13% of operating expenses are marketing
  3. 3. *Source: • Owned media-high quality photos and copy that explain product features • Over 21 million monthly visitors to • Traffic is down 9% *
  4. 4. Facebook • Very responsive to customer comments and questions • Posts Daily • Owned and paid media-sponsored ads on news feed
  5. 5. Instagram • Owned media-link to shop • paid media- sponsored ads posts • #styldby campaign featuring top fashion bloggers wearing Gap outfits they curated
  6. 6. Target Audience Source: • Millennial women aged 25-34 • 85% of social media audience is women • Top Cities for interaction • New York • Los Angeles • San Francisco Media Consumption: • Lifestyle/Fashion Bloggers • Social Media- Instagram, Twitter • On-demand streaming- YouTube
  7. 7. Key Insight • Use visual storytelling to create customer touch points-moments of influence where consumers can engage with the brand. • As Gap is getting back to basics the visuals and copy should reflect jeans and basics that can be combined and personally styled using #doyou in all ads.
  8. 8. Proposed Strategy • Paid media is a mechanism to engage consumers with the brand and convert traffic to • Tell the story of Gap through upfront, impactful moments that share the brand’s optimistic American style. • Choose media platforms where millennial spend time throughout the day.
  9. 9. Spotify Source: about-millennials-music-habits-170869 • According to Adweek 72% of Spotify users are millennial. • Create a Wardrobe playlist generator on Spotify that allows consumers to pick songs that reflect the mood of getting dress and picking outfits. • Spotify has a high concentration of millennials and mobile uses which fits the target audience and push for omni-channel shopping experience. • This platform allows Gap to reach new millennial women who may not be familiar with Gap.
  10. 10. YouTube Target consumers with short in-stream ads that create powerful brand moments and create customer experiences. • Example a video plays of a women getting ready to start a workout as she removes her jacket and hops into class. She feels comfortable and confident in her Gap Fit outfit. Shot fades out with Gap logo and then #doyou.
  11. 11. Giveaway • is a blog with over 500,000 monthly visitors. • These readers enjoy articles fashion, lifestyle, travel, etc. • For this paid media team up with for a sponsored post on fall fashion must haves and a giveaway of Gap jeans. • Utilize the #doyou to tie back to idea od styling Gap jeans and basics in a personal way. The images for this post will reflect the effortless of getting dressed with the perfect pair of Gap jeans.
  12. 12. Measurement Spotify • Target strategy that allows you to pick age/gender and geography to ensure the ads are getting to the target audience living in the top cities. • Playlist allows you to target consumers based on mood. • The view and click through rates will be used to measure effectiveness. YouTube • Advanced targeting ensures that the ad is direct toward the target audience-millennial women aged 25-34 • Google adwords and view rates will help measure effectiveness of in- stream video. • Number of giveaway entries and click shop the look clicks to • Engagement with post-shares, comments, etc.
  13. 13. Evaluation Engagement • Did the media campaign engage the target audience? • Was the campaign shared on social media? • Which platforms saw the most engagement? (Spotify, YouTube, Reach • How much of the target audience was reached? • In what areas and what times of day was the campaign most impactful? Conversation • Did the campaign create conversations online about Gap? (blogs, social media, videos, etc.