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Wellness portals and interactive challenges the next evolution of corporate wellness strategies - hfd webinar may 2012

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Wellness portals and interactive challenges the next evolution of corporate wellness strategies - hfd webinar may 2012

  1. 1. Wellness Portals and Interactive Challenges -The Next Evolution of Corporate Wellness Strategies A Ripple Effect Wellness Portal Authorized Distributor
  2. 2. Before Interactive Wellness Portals Most EffectivePrograms CenteredAround Live Events• Lectures• Workshops• Health Fairs• Screening Events• Exercise Programs• Weight Loss Programs• Health Risk Assessments• Smoking Cessation Programs
  3. 3. Before Interactive Wellness Portals Why Live Events? Because:• They engage employees in the workplace• There is a sense of peer involvement• They impinge on employees and help to create a need for change• They bring wellness professionals to the employees• They prescreen employees for health risk factors• The onsite wellness professionals offer immediate solutions
  4. 4. Live Events Lost Some of Their EffectivenessLive Events, By Themselves, Offer Limited Results• Low participation rates• Don’t involve all employees• They are not motivational• Don’t have consistent follow-up• Hard to measure or quantify results and determine next steps or ROI.• They Often Lack Follow-up• You can’t track employee progress• Etc, Etc, Etc…
  5. 5. Corporate America is Changing What Has Changed?• The way we get information • Google, Bing, Yahoo• The way we communicate on asocial and professional level • Social Networking • Texting • Emailing • Less Face to Face – Example, this webinar…
  6. 6. Corporate Wellness Solution What Basics Do You Need To Fix These Problems?• Low cost• Year-round programming• Engage all employees & dependants• Incorporate incentive programs• Incorporate social networking• Have a single place to organize programs• Company keeps the data Only one thing can do all this and more while… Reducing the workload on thecompany and insurance brokers…
  7. 7. Corporate Wellness Solution Interactive Wellness PortalsEngage ALL1) Employees • Regardless of office size • Regardless of location Portal • Regardless of language • With or without computer access2) Family Members $3.50 • 60% of health insurance costs are from family members, not employees • Motivational for employees • Creates stronger work-life balance
  8. 8. Corporate Wellness Solution Online CalendarOnline Employee Registration for Anything…• Wellness Events• Safety Meetings – Training• Local Social Events• Flu Vaccinations• “Anything” You Want… Event RegistrationAutomatically Links to Employee’s Outlook Calendar
  9. 9. Corporate Wellness Solution HIPAA Compliant Identities Are Kept Secret • Participants choose an avatar and create Champ Disco a nickname so nobody knows who their Hop real identity is. • Smart Phone Apps and access to portal Fuzzy through any internet connection (As well as Buzzy through company intranet) gives employees additional privacy options.***Portal currently meets privacy regulations in the USA, Canada and Europe. Shoe Shhh… Sale
  10. 10. Corporate Wellness Solution Social NetworkingEmployees & Family Members can interact with each otherwhile maintaining their privacy• Join Teams• Send E-Cards• Get Peer Support• Post on Chat Board• Interact with Wellness Coach• Compete in Challenges
  11. 11. Corporate Wellness SolutionWellness Coaches Interact with Employees through Portal Saves time and money as before employee sees coach the coach already knows: • Activity • Health Numbers • Did employee hit goals Chat Feature gives employees privacy even at their cubicle or open-area desks
  12. 12. Corporate Wellness Solution Framingham Risk Score AssessmentEngages High Percentage of Employees:3)Loaded with tools4)Hits a large variety ofinterests5)Addresses broad spectrumof wellness issues6)Customizable for theIndividual HRA converts into a Lifestyle Assessment
  13. 13. Corporate Wellness Solution Participants choose personal goals and can create personal challenges.
  14. 14. Corporate Wellness SolutionTrack Activity In Several Ways 1. Pedometer 2. Map Distance Calculator 3. Time Based Activities
  15. 15. Corporate Wellness SolutionInteractive Challenges:3)Inspire4)Engage5)Educate6)Create Competition7)Get Group Involved8)Collect Activity Information
  16. 16. Challenge Samples Weight Loss
  17. 17. Challenge Samples Fitness
  18. 18. Challenge SamplesWork-Life Balance
  19. 19. Challenge SamplesMental Wellbeing
  20. 20. Challenge Samples Family
  21. 21. Challenge SamplesSpecialty Challenges
  22. 22. Challenge Samples Specialty Challenges57 Challenges to Choose From and Growing
  23. 23. Corporate Wellness Solution Challenges Must be Easy to Participate In…
  24. 24. Corporate Wellness Solution Challenge of the Day • Steps • Breathe • Pushups • Stretches • Hydration • Healthy Lunch • Good Night Sleep • Learning Something New • Random Acts of Kindness • Fruits & Vegetable Servings • Etc, Etc, Etc…
  25. 25. Corporate Wellness SolutionIncentive Tracking, Management and FulfillmentOnline: • Virtual Trophies • Virtual High FivesIncentives: • Cash • Time Off • Merchandise • Etc…
  26. 26. The Cost:Year Round Programming For: $20.00 to $30.00 Per Participant Per YearA complete online wellness solutionLess than a 1-cup of coffee per week (5 to 8 cents per day)
  27. 27. Corporate Wellness Solution Return on Investment (ROI) Current showing: 10 to 1 up to 25 to 1 Depending on Portal’s Components Our Portal’s Secret Sauce…Engaging Employees At Their Level = Gradual Behavior Changes = Lifestyle Enhancements = Better Quality of Life = The Best ROI
  28. 28. Corporate Wellness SolutionAdditional Features • Wellness Library Daily Health Tips Articles, Recommendations, Videos… • Data Mining Determines areas to focus • Email Blast Program Sort email lists to customize message: • Activity • Interests • Health Needs • Activities Logged Into Tracker •
  29. 29. Corporate Wellness Solution Fully Customizable Platform Use it as it is or:Every Component Can Be Personalized• Your Look• Your Feel• Your HRA• Your Challenges• Your Health Information• Your Interactive Wellness Portal Distributor Opportunities Still Available Incorporate It Into Your Intranet Or Run It As A Standalone Website
  30. 30. Corporate Wellness Solution Questions? John Buckley 732-563-9749 x105