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360 digital marketing metadata Leipzig 2014

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Reuploaded some older, but relevant stuff, since noticed this ser became hidden after LinkedIn took over SlideShare :-?

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360 digital marketing metadata Leipzig 2014

  1. 1. 360 digital marketing metadata Heimo Hänninen @heimohanninen
  2. 2. Today’s shop window and clerk look like these
  3. 3. The tide is turning Source:
  4. 4. The pain • Big data 3V • Is this the same thing here as it is in other source? • What does this thing mean – no definition, context ? • Is your definition different than customer's? • Can I trust this data? • Who is responsible of maintaining this data? • Why customers don’t like our content? • The product is out, but no-one seems to find it? • Are we putting our money on the right content? • Are we maintain the content which no one cares? • What customers might expect next? • A lot of traffic but not many clicks to buy – why?
  5. 5. Some facts • SEO and Social are the most important drivers to your site – 75% of users never scroll past the first page of results – Inbound leads costs 61% less than outbound leads • a prospect coming from Facebook to your eShop vs one bombarded by campaigns, newsletters mass broadcasts… • By Ektron study 2013 • Content must be relevant for the visitors – Keywords should be derived from the content – not creating content around the keywords • to create conversation, to add relevant keywords • Business systems are optimized locally but damaged as whole – The relevant metadata about your products and customers is somewhere (in isolated system) but not inserted to the web pages
  6. 6. Metadata behind user experience Content Descriptive, management, targeting Business Offerings, Biz targets A / B testing Customer Location, site behaviour, search history, community activities Other customers History data, patterns, reviews
  7. 7. Life cycle as you may think Create Publish Engage Manage Analytics
  8. 8. Life cycle of metadata - evolving Creation Publishing Engagement Analytics Management
  9. 9. CREATION Content related ANALYTICS Behaviour ENGANGEMENT Conversion PUBLISH Business context Five content metadata types for 360 view Dynamic Static User generated: - review, rate, posts - augmentations - content curation How customers value it. Learn from customers. Conversation Content meta: e.g. title, creator, description, keywords… How author meant it Created Analytics: - user’s actions - other users’ action - Social data mining How customer behaves and previous customers behaved Observed Business substance categories: e.g. product, market, customer, price… How business sees it Applied Auto- tagging Management
  10. 10. small data on top of Big Data Ontology Product Model Life Sport Technology Customer Car Audi Market
  11. 11. How big is the big? Connected 2012 99% to be connected
  12. 12. High level architecture DB-Pedia LOD Common terms Web publishing, user interaction Presentation RTD Content publishing CMS Campaign Data Customer Data Product Data Site Operational core data New terms Terms for tagging User generated Targets Indexing & Search SEO keywords SOLR Metadata service Ontology Enterprise graph PoolParty Virtuoso Facebook Graph API Web analytics Results Apache Hadoop MapReduce SocialDevice Behaviour LED
  13. 13. Layers Big Data Storage Data Sources LOD Data Processing & Analysis Apache Hadoop DFS DB-Pedia CRM MapReduce… Facebook Graph API Enterprise Graph Business Ontology = small data CMS PoolParty… Virtuoso, Neo4j… PDM Publishing CMS CRM PDM LED
  14. 14. Sample: 5 type of Content Metadata User generated -contest results -blog comments -shared own video URL Business related -Auto type: Sports/Roadster -Segment: promoter -KPI: Number of new customers per month -Campaign type: local store Analytics based, observed -number of page visits -time spend on page -next click to the Event –rate - Call To Action success Content related -Title: Sales event in Münich -Description: Pink prize to… -Content type: Teaser -Format: MPG4 Promoted by Teaser A press release: Content Item Smart Car Radio Product Ontology Product Model Life Sport Technology Customer Car Audi Management -CMS ID -Online FROM – TO date -author
  15. 15. Demo - smart car radio: triplets
  16. 16. Demo - smart car radio: enterprise graph
  17. 17. Demo - smart car radio: Biz Ontology
  18. 18. Demo Let’s have a PoolParty
  19. 19. Demo: Smart car radio Three key points are demonstrated in the following video: 1. Smart Car Radio as SKOS thesaurus • Customized as business ontology (relations, attributes) 2. Five type of metadata of Content Items 3. Linked Open Data connectivity and auto-populating concepts Play
  20. 20. Questions? …please contact Thank You