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This is Ukraine

  1. 1. This is Ukraine! (The truth about the Ukraine, discovered recently by the Ukrainians).
  2. 2. Orthodox, Catholics, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews are praying together? This is Ukraine!
  3. 3. Priests in helmets and with shields are marching in front of the rank? This is Ukraine.
  4. 4. Muslims offer Orthodox to conduct religious services in their mosques? This is Ukraine. Crimean Tatars have proposed the Ukrainian Orthodox Church to conduct religious services in their mosques: “We’ll protect you“. The Jews fraternize with „right radicals“? This is Ukraine. The „Right Sector“ suggested the protection to the Jews from Odessa: it’s the matter of honour to punish the vandals. . 4. Ukrainians-Slavs consider Turks - Crimean Tatars - their native folk? This is Ukraine.
  5. 5. Where do the Jews, Russians, Tatars and other nations proudly call themselves – we are BANDERAS? This is Ukraine. The Russian Diaspora in the country is for the Ukrainians and the Ukraine? This is Ukraine.
  6. 6. Thanks, Putin – we’ve understood! Thank you, Vladimir Vladimirovich; you have made an incredible thing! We thought that we were Russians, Ukrainians, Jews, Moldavians; Tatars, orthodox, Jewish, Muslims…, but it turned out, that we are all Ukrainians. Banderas. One Jew has said that Putin is a great Healer. The Jews are crying “Allah Akbar!”, when they pass the Muslim cultural centre? This is Ukraine.
  7. 7. The protesters find safety and sleep on the expensive carpets in a cathedral? This is Ukraine. The library is organized spontaneously during the blood- streaming protests? This is Ukraine.
  8. 8. The doctors-volunteers are saving the injured at the fire-line in the peaceful independent state? This is Ukraine.
  9. 9. The citizens build the modern field hospital during 1-2 days? This is Ukraine In the St. Michel’s Cathedral Refectory there opens the surgery? This is Ukraine
  10. 10. The people are reading books and playing the piano on the barricades? This is Ukraine.
  11. 11. The protesters repair The Ukrainian House and Lovers’ Bridge, damaged during the assault, at their own expenses? This is Ukraine.
  12. 12. The men, being not able to hang a little shelf in their bathroom during months, build the barricade during two hours? This is Ukraine. The wind blows the smoke of the burning tyres always in the correct direction? This is Ukraine.
  13. 13. We were stunned today on Maidan: low, almost over the roof of the burned House of Trade Unions… there flew a swan!!! The white swan! He was flying peacefully and slowly… He was at home. Maidan stood still. The people couldn’t believe their eyes! When ever have you seen such things? In the centre of Kiev, above the smoky Maidan through the drizzling rain… flew the swan! The swans and pigeons are coming unexpectedly, bringing hope? This is Ukraine
  14. 14. The captive, who was taunted and brought naked into the open 20° cold, becomes a dignity model for the men and a sex-symbol for women, and then he forgives his torturers? This is Ukraine.
  15. 15. Millions of people are becoming patriots? This is Ukraine.
  16. 16. Only yesterday you were the pacifist, and now in your friend- list there are some militaries, you read attentively the military analysts and post videos with military machines? This is Ukraine.
  17. 17. You are learning hurriedly to analyze media and distinguish truth from the numerous lies and misinformation? This is Ukraine. The information has appeared one day earlier from the actual event.
  18. 18. If people don’t know, what they have to do, they sing the hymn? This is Ukraine.
  19. 19. There is a jam in the metro, and both streams of the passengers from the trains and rolling-stairs are singing „The Ukraine hasn’t died yet“ holding lighters in their hands? That is Ukraine for sure :-)
  20. 20. The parents together with their children are learning the words of the hymn and singing it in the public places? This is Ukraine. The children are collecting tyres, building the barricades and playing the Maidan? This is Ukraine.
  21. 21. Where is the only in the World legitimately expelled President of the Country? This is Ukraine.
  22. 22. Instead avoiding the Service in the Army thousands of men voluntarily enlist in military ranks? This is Ukraine.
  23. 23. Having heard that the soldiers are holding the border, you leave your mistress and run to the recruitment office? This is Ukraine. The old woman comes to the recruitment office eager to enrol claiming that she is an experienced nurse? This is Ukraine. The Russian occupiers persuading the Ukrainian soldier to join them hear: „Russians never give up!”? This is Ukraine. Having heard that „Berkut“ is storming Maidan you leave the half-naked beloved and run to barricades? This is Ukraine.
  24. 24. The cadets in the city of „Russian glory“, become the modal for the Army by taking may be the first independent decision in their lives, are singing the Ukrainian hymn at the doors of the barrack by the wide-open mouths of the Russian occupiers? This is Ukraine.
  25. 25. A little minesweeper, being blocked by four specially drowned vessels and surrounded by traitors and enemy ships, several days is trying again and again to burst through? This is Ukraine.
  26. 26. Young women are gathering money to buy the batteries for armoured troop-carriers? This is Ukraine. The church helps to arm the Army? This is Ukraine. The Jew oligarch refuels the military vehicles for his own money? This is Ukraine. Poor folk collects more that 85 million hryvnia during one week to support the Armed Forces? This is Ukraine.
  27. 27. All ultras consolidate to defend the freedom and peace of citizens? This is Ukraine.
  28. 28. The soldiers oppose the armed enemies singing the hymn and being armed only with flags? This is Ukraine. Who has created the UN „hundred“? This is Ukraine. „The UN Hundred“ has supported the Ukraine against the „Russian dozen“.
  29. 29. Lviv saves he russian-speaking crimeans from the Russian „liberators“? This is Ukraine.
  30. 30. People finance the state zoos in the times of crisis? This is Ukraine. Charkiv citizens save from starvation the zoo pets.
  31. 31. Russian producers change the barcodes for non-russian? This is Ukraine.
  32. 32. You understand, that the Chinese curse „Let you live in the times of changes!” is not a curse any more, but a wish for happiness? This is Ukraine.
  33. 33. You laugh not to cry? This is Ukraine
  34. 34. The bloomered national poet- prophet suddenly revives and becomes super-actual? This is Ukraine.
  35. 35. The first Constitution in the world (1710) This is Ukraine.
  36. 36. Idee fixe of Russia? This is Ukraine.