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Queen Margrethe's Style

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Great Lady I like her very much .

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Queen Margrethe's Style

  1. 1. Queen Margrethe is a fascinating lady. She is quite possibly the most intellectual sovereign currently reigning (she was educated at Cambridge University and the Sorbonne among other institutions, and speaks 5 languages), and is certainly the most creative. Born just a week after Hitler invaded Denmark in 1940, she's lived through great change in her country.
  2. 2. Queen Margrethe Young Style
  3. 3. Danish Queen Margrethe Alexandrine Thorhildur I ngrid Oldenburg Copenhagen - April 16, 1940 Spouse: Henrik ( Prince Consort of Denmark (1967–present) The Queen and The Prince Consort have two children and eight grandchildren
  4. 4. Queen Margrethe Color Style
  5. 5. Queen Margrethe Hat Style
  6. 6. For several years, Queen Margrethe of Denmark has devoted herself to Hans Christian Andersen’s literary works. She has dramatized, animated and created illustrations to his fairy tales
  7. 7. Queen Margrethe Luxe Style
  8. 8. Queen Margrethe Theatrical Style
  9. 9. Queen Margrethe Sleeve Style
  10. 10. Prinz Henri de Laborde de Monpezat
  11. 11. Queen Margrethe dimond floral Tiara
  12. 12. Music : Beethoven's Tempest Sonata 3