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Pilot phase Award Ceremony - INFN Introduction and welcome

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Luca dell’Agnello, Gaetano Maron
Helix Nebula Science Cloud Pilot Phase, 6 February 2018, Bologna, Italy

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Pilot phase Award Ceremony - INFN Introduction and welcome

  1. 1. INFN Tier-1 Luca dell’Agnello, Gaetano Maron Feb 6 2018
  2. 2. INFN n National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN) is funded by Italian government n Main mission is the research and the study of elementary particles and physics laws of the Universe n Composed by several units ¨ 20 divisions (+ 11 smaller groups) dislocated at the main Italian University Physics Departments ¨ 4 Laboratories ¨ 3 National Centers dedicated to specific tasks Feb 6, 2018HNSciCloud 2
  3. 3. INFN computing infrastructure n INFN operates a Tier-1 and 9 Tier-2’s for WLCG n INFN (and particularly CNAF) is also involved in several EU projects for the development and exploitation of Cloud (not only HNSciCloud!) ¨ Indigo Data Cloud ¨ EOSC-hub ¨ eXtreme Data Cloud ¨ DEEP-Hybrid Data Cloud n All these projects should help (and possibly drive) the evolution of INFN computing infrastructure to cope with requirements of HL-LHC and other future generation HNSciCloud Feb 6, 2018 3
  4. 4. CNAF n History of the INFN National Center CNAF dates back to more than 50 years ago ¨ In a previous incarnation, when I joined INFN, CNAF was deeply involved into the development and startup of GARR network (~1990-2000) n Nowadays, since ~Y2K, CNAF is dedicated to computing applications ¨ Supporting the scientific computing of experimental and theoretical INFN groups and related international collaborations (mainly WLCG and Astro-particles) n i.e. the Tier-1 ¨ Innovation and development activities, mainly on distributed systems (grid and cloud), study of new technologies (processors, storage systems, new architectures, etc.), software developments according to the needs of the experiments (e.g. offline components, online data flow, etc.) n e.g. participation to EU projects ¨ Technology transfer HNSciCloud Feb 6, 2018 4
  5. 5. The Tier-1 at INFN-CNAF ● The first prototype of Tier-1 was launched in 2003 supporting BABAR, CDF, Virgo and the tests for the LHC experiments ● Then evolved as WLCG site ● Nowadays provides services and resources to more than 30 other scientific collaborations ● ~1.000 WNs , ~21.500 computing slots, ~250 kHS06 ● Also small (~33 TFlops) HPC cluster available with IBA ● 26 PB on disk, 48 PB on tape ● Dedicated network channel (60 à 100 Gb/s) for LHC OPN + LHC ONE ● Currently recovering from a severe flood (Nov 9 2017) ● Farm and tape library in operation ● Storage partially still to be recovered (late delivery of replacement components) Feb 6, 2018HNSciCloud 5
  6. 6. Remote extensions • Besides participation to HNSciCloud project • ~13% of CPU resources pledged to WLCG experiments are located in Bari-RECAS data center • Transparent access for WLCG experiments • Similar to CERN/Wigner extension • 20 Gbps VPN • Disk cache provided via GPFS-AFM • Tests of opportunistic computing on a commercial cloud provider (Aruba) • In 2018 ~170 kHS06 will be provided by CINECA • Setup on going • 500 Gbps (à 1.2 Tbps) VPN ready • No disk cache, direct access to CNAF storage • Quasi-LAN situation Distance:~600Km RTT:~10m s 216 WNs from Marconi A1 partition CNAF Tier-1 Data Center Core switch Core switch Data Center CINECA CNAF Router LHC dedicated Network Dark fiber – 500 Gbps Cineca Router General IP Network CINECA CNAF Feb 6, 2018HNSciCloud 6
  7. 7. Pictures from the flood HNSciCloud Feb 6, 2018 7
  8. 8. Summary n Participation to HNSciCloud crucial ¨Technical aspects of using commercial cloud resources ¨Practical issues of computing power procurement n We hope you enjoy your staying here in Bologna and we wish you a good work! HNSciCloud Feb 6, 2018 8