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13 elements your homepage must have

Is it time to do a redesign of your homepage?

You might consider how you can make a redesign of your homepage so you can generate more leads than you do now. There are a lot of critical elements you need to incorporate into your homepage.

You need to tell your customers about their benefits from buying your product. But most of the people on the internet will only spend up to 10 second on a homepage before going to another page. So you will have a very simple and clean design.

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13 elements your homepage must have

  1. 1. 10 secondsYou need to tell your customers about their benefitsfrom buying yourproduct.But most of the people on the internet will only spend up to 10second on a homepage before going to another page.So you will have to create a very simple and clean design.
  2. 2. Make aGoalDon’t make a homepage without agoal. Do you want to sellsomething? Or do you want peopleto sign up for your newsletter?I think around 80 percent of all thehomepage I have seen don’t haveany call to action.What is the benefit for them to buyyour product? What are thefeatures of the product?Remember you don’t have a longtime to persuade your customer.
  3. 3. What is yourkeywordRemember your audience is people – so don’t write for theSEO. But don’t forget the SEO either. So before writing your text – I wouldwrite my main keyword down on a piece of paper.Remember to use this keyword in your headline, subtext, image tag… Butremember to let the text flow. Don’t overuse the word.When I do a page I would have a main keyword but also a second keyword. Sothe main keyword could be “used car” but the second one could be “exclusiveused cars”But I will use maximum 2 keywords or keywords phrases on a page.
  4. 4. Do peopletrust you?Maybe the people who have found your site don’t know your company and theydon’t know your product – so how can they trust you?Well – remember to tell them that – “you are not alone”. Maybe12.000 people have bought the product the last 5 years. Tell them.Write down your physical address.It will show your customers that you are serious.
  5. 5. No standard picturesNever use standard pictures. We allhate standard office pictures (wellmost of us).Show the real faces of thepeople working in your company. Getan accept from some of yourcustomers and take pictures of them.This will tell your potential customerthat you are a real and they can trustyour website.
  6. 6. Your company is yourdesignIf people don’t know you or yourcompany – they will only know youfrom the website.So if you made a cluttered websitepeople will think that your businessis messy. Can you really manageyour products?
  7. 7. Homepage as thelanding page?You should always use a specific page as thelanding page – and not the homepage.But your homepage is your front door, sono matter what you do a lot of people will meetyour company on your homepage.
  8. 8. 13 critical elements everyhomepagemust have1. Headline2. Sub-headline3. Benefits4. Primary Calls-to-Action5. Features6. Customer Proof7. Success Indicators8. Navigation9. Supporting image10. Content offer11. Resources12. Secondary calls –to-action13. Social network buttons
  9. 9. Read much more atwww.SeoCustomer.comSEOSEMSocial Media TrafficLink Building