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Henry IBM Final Presentation

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Henry IBM Final Presentation

  1. 1. Henry William Barker IBM Final Presentation 25t h May 2016 11 mont hs . IBM UP Scheme
  2. 2. IBM UP Scheme Agenda About Me Project Coordinator ImprovementsAchievements Outside My Job Role
  3. 3. IBM UP Scheme About Me
  4. 4. IBM UP Scheme Project Coordinator Assessment Leadership Brassring (ATS)
  5. 5. Achievements & Contribution
  6. 6. IBM UP Scheme “You worked on a long term government project . Entrusted in substituting a senior team member in managing a series of assessment centre requests in multiple locations in the country. You had to deal with adhoc requests whilst also organising the logistics and resourcing. In this time you had to work with a variety of stake holders –client/ internal & external consultants/ project manager and more.” Pavel’s Feedback
  7. 7. Placement Altimetry
  8. 8. IBM UP Scheme Paddington to Westbury
  9. 9. IBM UP Scheme Improvements & Lessons Learnt Body Languag e HR Knowledge ConfidenceIT Knowledge Networking Skills Presentation Style Communication Skills
  10. 10. IBM UP Scheme Six degrees of separation Karinthy 1929
  11. 11. IBM UP Scheme Outside of my Job Role BrassringKenexa Marketing Sales Shadowing Office Move Spoons
  12. 12. IBM UP Scheme Giveback
  13. 13. IBM UP Scheme Thank you for listening! Any questions are welcome
  14. 14. IBM UP Scheme Henry Barker Project Coordinator at IBM Smarter Workforce Studying - International Business with Marketing at Bournemouth University Previously worked at Argos for 4 years Would still like to do a Ski Season after University Interests Include – Everton FC & Skiing
  15. 15. IBM UP Scheme Job Overview Assessment Centres and Workshops Personal Objectives Improve confidence and take on more responsibility at work (EG; MOD) Work done for - Improve IT Skills and get more involved with the Brassring product Go back to Bournemouth University to promote IBM (Form of Giveback) Shadowing some people in Marketing and global sustainability (Take part in a project) To be seen as a Project Coordinator rather than just an intern…

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