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Webservices: connecting Joomla! with other programs.



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Webservices: connecting Joomla! with other programs.

  1. 1. Webservices connecting Joomla! with the rest Herman Peeren June 1st 2010
  2. 2. Webservice: • data-exchange with a webserver • often in XML-format
  3. 3. Alternative: ODBC directly calling the database from client-application “normal”, indirect call, e.g. via direct call to database, webpage or webservice: ODBC:
  4. 4. now: Webservices
  5. 5. Joomla! as a system on its own
  6. 6. connecting Joomla!
  7. 7. connecting Joomla!
  8. 8. connecting Joomla! to: • desktop applications (RIAs), Java, Flex, Delphi, VS, Titanium, MS Office, etc. • other webapplications: as a server or client • browser: Ajax, Flash • any other computer program...
  9. 9. Example uses: •connecting to multiple Joomla!- sites for backup and upgrading. (e.g.: Akeeba Remote) •using external services (e.g. Google Docs, Amazon S3, etc.) •bridges with other applications (e.g. MageBridge)
  10. 10. Protocols: •your own... •a binary protocol like AMF •using some XML or JSON (Ajax) •one way XML: feed (Atom/RSS) •XML-RPC } when we talk about webservices •SOAP we mostly talk about •REST those 3 ways
  11. 11. Remote Procedure Calls (XML-RPC and SOAP) •call a method on the server •DO something (procedure, verb) vs REST •get/put/post/delete a resource on the server •resource (object, noun)
  12. 12. XML-RPC •define I/O types •phpxmlrpc-library •in Joomla!: as a plugin... •better: use MVC •changed in J! 1.6
  13. 13. Webservice and MVC •model: is the “heart” of application (use same model for webservice) •controller decides what to do based on the input •view: renders the output
  14. 14. XML-RPC in Joomla! 1.6 •no plugin anymore •new JController (might use a strategy pattern?) •controllername.xmlrpc.php •idem: controllername.json.php •index.php?....&protocol=xmlrpc •
  15. 15. SOAP •evolved from XML-RPC •heavily used in .NET •meta-data: WSDL and SOAP-envellope •SOAP-header: a.o. for authentication •WSDL: description in XML-format
  16. 16. SOAP-envellope:
  17. 17. WSDL: •description of a webservice •automatic code generation! •easy to use in e.g. Delphi, Flex, etc.
  18. 18. sample SOAP-calls and WSDL
  19. 19. importing WSDL in Delphi 2010:
  20. 20. importing WSDL in Flex Builder 3:
  21. 21. SOAP in Joomla!, some possibilities: •JMSOAP and com_connector: J!1.0 (vBulletin-connection) •VM SOA: SOAP for VirtueMart •other PHP libraries and Frameworks: NuSoap, PearSoap, Zend, PHP5 SOAP module... $server = new soap_server; require_once(“nusoap.php”); •JSOAP coming soon! (based on PHP5-SOAP)
  22. 22. REST •“representational state transfer” •architecture, not a protocol •linking to recourses, not methods •resource = object + URI •stateless communication •uniform interface (CRUD) •using HTTP-headers and methods
  23. 23. REST in Nooku Framework: •KControllerBread + KRequest works out of the box! •authentication and http status messa- ges not yet 100% (planned for 0.9) Joomla! RESTful thoughts: • blogs/restful-api-for-joomla
  24. 24. Authentication/Authorization •with XML/RPC credentials are para- meters in the remote procedure call. •with SOAP credentials are in the SOAP-header. •with REST the credentials are in HTTP-headers.
  25. 25. SSL or other encrypting •SSL (https://) can be used to encrypt the credentials (and data) •or you can define encryption of cre- dentials (and data) yourself: - basic (base64: no real encryption) - digest - WSSE, OAuth, your own variation
  26. 26. Get Joomla! connected •providing standard, easy to use con- nections is essential for further deve- lopment of Joomla! •let’s provide XML/RPC, SOAP and REST within the MVC framework in a uniform way (Zend has it all, why not we too?)
  27. 27. let’s connect Joomla!
  28. 28. let’s connect Joomla!
  29. 29. Questions? Contact info: Herman Peeren