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Provides hands-on, practical insights and tools how to drive Key Account sales. is an Entrepreneur-driven advisory firm passionate to help Startups grow their top-line, raise money and build partnerships.

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  1. 1. Key Account Sales for Startups
  2. 2. We are passionate to help Entrepreneurs grow their top line, raise money and build partnerships.
  3. 3. o  Evaluate and get access to relevant prospects o  Shaping a great 1st customer meeting and 1st purchase order o  Take the relationship further and get more purchase orders Our focus for today
  4. 4. Broad global experience in growing profitable key account sales with large organizations, SMI and start-up in technology markets. Energy to execute laser focused growth. Roberto Magnifico Top Line Growth Expert Our guest speaker today
  5. 5. B2B market – Enterprise software perspective $88bn Apps Purchases $3700Bn Global IT Source: Sparksense, Building for the Enterprise, Aaron Levie
  6. 6. B2B industry structure Source: A.T. Kearney analysis
  7. 7. o  Return on Investment: increased profitable sales o  Deeper relationships with a small number of companies o  Person-to-Person selling across multiple stakeholders (*) o  Be patient: large accounts/big orgs have slower dynamics B2B sales is very different
  8. 8. o  Research customer organization and decision makers (*) o  Identify readiness to pay and seek early adopters o  Start with a solid, simple Value Proposition o  Address gaps in current solutions or create new needs o  Invest rapidly in demonstrator(s) (*) Pre-sales
  9. 9. o  Listen to customers … build what they need (*) o  Apply full human resources bandwidth to gain Key Account management trust (like with VCs) o  Focus on key contract items: scope, liability, IP ownership, termination terms and consider your right to say no (*) o  Seek for legal advice, Mind what you sign Sales
  10. 10. o  Use sales funnel i.e. o  Consider Key Account penetration plan (*) o  Do not be blindsided by the order on the table, prepare for the next sales opportunity o  Follow the journey of the buy decision (*) Post-sales
  11. 11. Q&A
  12. 12. o  Have a rock solid value proposition o  YOU is the key word in sales interactions o  Be genuinely curious, look beyond the order on the table One last thing: Never burn bridges with Key Accounts ! 3 takeaways
  13. 13. o  Strategic Selling| Robert Miller + Stephen Heiman o  Lean B2B| Etienne Garbugli o  Crossing the Chasm | Geoffrey Moore o  Building for the Entreprise | Aaron Levie Getting deeper
  14. 14. PARTNERS FOR GROWTH Contact us