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HfS Webinar Slides: Unveiling the Digital OneOffice Premier League

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A digital organization has the ability to take all the cool social, mobile and interactive tech we use in our personal lives and create that experience for all the people in its environment: its employees, customers, and partners.

The Digital OneOffice™ Framework is all about creating the digital customer experience and an intelligent, single office to enable and support it. In a few months, we won’t be talking nearly as much about intelligent automation and digital technology as the critical “value levers” for operations, as they become an embedded part of the fabric of the future operations platform for new generation organizations. Instead, we will be talking about an integrated support operation having the digital prowess to enable its organization to meet customer demand - as and when that demand happens.

Everything about the digital organization is about engaging people by responding to their needs instantaneously, giving people their choice of medium to interact with it, be it voice, chat box, text, Facebook messenger, email, virtual agent, etc.

The OneOffice™ Framework is wrapped around the needs of the people in its environment, where automation is completely native and decisions can be made on predicting events, not merely reacting to historical data archives.

- Phil Fersht, CEO and Chief Analyst
- Melissa O'Brien, Research Director for Contact Center and Omnichannel Operations and BPO

We’ll discuss the following:
- Why the Digital OneOffice™ Framework is the Future of Outsourcing
- How the new generation of enterprises are leveraging digital technologies to link the customer experience with the supporting operations
- New dynamics we’re seeing in the market that point to a Digital OneOffice™ future, based on 450 enterprise interviews

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HfS Webinar Slides: Unveiling the Digital OneOffice Premier League

  1. 1. The Services Research Company Unveiling the 2017 Digital OneOfficeTM Premier League Phil Fersht, HfS Research Melissa O’Brien, HfS Research
  2. 2. © 2017 HfS Research Ltd. Phil Fersht, Chief Analyst and CEO @pfersht My Research Prac:ce Areas for 2017 §  IT Services Strategy and ConsulCng §  Finance & AccounCng OperaConal Strategies and the CFO’s challenges §  As-a-Service and Outcome-based Delivery Models §  The Digital OneOfficeTM Framework §  Change Management Strategies Blueprints for 2017 §  IT Services Strategy and ConsulCng §  Finance & AccounCng-as-a-Service §  IT Services by key verCcals Key Themes Impac:ng My Research Prac:ce in 2017 §  Engraining the Digital OneOffice into OperaCons and Outsourcing Strategy §  How Digital and CogniCve AutomaCon form the fabric of IT Services §  Understanding how to make RPA meaningful §  The future role of the finance professional in the face of As-a-Service §  The strategic response of IT and BPO service providers to revenue cannibalizaCon §  New buyer needs and evaluaCon criteria in selecCng operaConal service
  3. 3. © 2017 HfS Research Ltd. Melissa O’Brien, Research Director, Contact Center and OneOfficeTM Customer Experiences My Research Prac:ce Areas for 2017 §  VerCcal Specific Customer Engagement BPO: Retail and Travel/Hospitality §  Digital MarkeCng OperaCons §  Contact Center OperaCons and Omni-Channel Customer Experience Blueprints for 2017 §  Travel and Hospitality Services §  Digital OneOfficeTM Retail Services §  Virtual Agent Capability Key Themes Impac:ng My Research Prac:ce in 2017 §  Impact of automaCon and analyCcs on contact center operaCons and customer experience §  Changing talent needs as a result of consumer demands and automaCon §  Digital markeCng services and its role in customer experience §  Social media as a channel for customer engagement §  Customer experience related business outcomes driving connecCons between the front and back office @MelissaJaneOB
  4. 4. © 2017 HfS Research Ltd. Agenda •  Why the smoldering digital plaMorm has finally caught fire •  How opera:ons are the cri:cal enabler for the digital organiza:on •  Why the Digital OneOffice is the Future Outsourcing Framework •  Who are the emerging services leaders across the pillars of OneOffice •  Wrap Up
  5. 5. © 2017 HfS Research Ltd. B2B Digital Spend Could reach $2 Trillion in North America in 2020, as high as $7 Trillion Globally
  6. 6. © 2017 HfS Research Ltd. •  World’s largest taxi company owns no Taxis: •  Uber •  The most popular media owner creates no content: •  Facebook •  Largest accommodaCon provider owns no real estate: •  Airbnb •  Largest phone companies own no telecom infrastructure: •  Skype, WeChat •  World’s most valuable retailer has no inventory: •  Alibaba •  Fastest growing banks have no actual money: •  SocietyOne •  The world’s largest movie house owns no cinemas: •  NetFlix •  Largest so_ware vendors don’t write the apps: •  Google •  The most popular emerging research firm doesn’t sell research reports: •  HfS Data is Eating our World!
  7. 7. © 2017 HfS Research Ltd. Investment Banking Retail Banking Insurance Technology
  8. 8. © 2017 HfS Research Ltd. Changing Use of Offshoring – Outsourcing How will offshore use change in outsourcing and shared services over the next 2 years? (Net increase/decrease) HfS Research in Conjunction with KPMG, State of Industry 2014 N=312 Enterprise Buyers 22% 13% 18% 20% 23% 12% 15% 19% 15% -4% -3% 5% 12% 16% 7% 3% 3% 6% 2014 Today Increase Decrease
  9. 9. © 2017 HfS Research Ltd. All Outsourcing - Tradi:onal v As-a-Service 2015 – 2020 ($b) 59 70 81 92 105 121 136 310 308 306 302 298 295 290 369 378 386 394 404 415 426 $0 $50 $100 $150 $200 $250 $300 $350 $400 $450 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Tradi:onal Outsourcing AAS Outsourcing CAGR USD billion -1.2 % 14.2 % Source: HfS Research, 2017
  10. 10. © 2017 HfS Research Ltd. Value Levers of New Genera:on Governance Opera:ons Today is all about Integra:ng Capability Data Data Automation Process Digitzation, Cost- Cutting, Legacy Trade-offs, Change Management, Complex technology, Bot Farms Software Platforms Standardize Processes, Scale, Write Off / Ring- Fence Legacy Self Learning, Cognitive Continuous Improvement, Less Human Interaction for routine activities, Change Management Digital Business Holistic View of all Customer Engagement Cost, Expertise, Scale, Immigration Compliance Global Labor Shared Services, GICS Centralization/Efficiency/ Standardization
  11. 11. © 2017 HfS Research Ltd. C-Suite wants OneOffice integra:on, predic:ve real-:me data and speed to market – while aggressively driving down costs How cri<cal are the following C-Suite direc<ves to your opera<ons strategy? (SVPs and above) ) 20% 22% 24% 26% 29% 30% 31% 31% 42% 48% 46% 38% 55% 50% 45% 48% 48% 43% 19% 19% 17% 13% 17% 20% 15% 15% 8% 12% 12% 21% 5% 4% 5% 6% 6% 7% Invest in cognitive technologies and machine learning to reduce reliance on mid/high skilled labor Invest in process automation and robotics to reduce reliance on low-skilled labor Policies that restrict the hiring of people Improve the quality of operations talent Scalable / Flexible services Accelerate speed to market with new products Create real-time data that supports predictive, not reactive decisions Align middle/back office operations to improve customer experiences Drive down operating costs Mission Critical Increasingly Important Emerging Not a Directive Source: HfS Research in Conjunction with KPMG, “State of Operations and Outsourcing 2017” Sample: n=454 Enterprise Buyers
  12. 12. © 2017 HfS Research Ltd. C-Suite Direc:ves: Hi-tech most focused on change and growth How cri<cal are the following C-Suite direc<ves to your opera<ons strategy? (“Mission Cri<cal” responses – all buyers) 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% Drive down operating costs Accelerate speed to market with new products Create real- time data that supports predictive, not reactive decisions Align middle/ back office operations to improve customer experiences Improve the quality of operations talent Policies that restrict the hiring of people Invest in process automation and robotics to reduce reliance on low-skilled labor Invest in cognitive technologies and machine learning to reduce reliance on mid/high skilled labor BFSI Manufacturing Healthcare & Life Sciences Retail Sokware & Hi Tech Energy & U:li:es Source: HfS Research in Conjunction with KPMG, “State of Operations and Outsourcing 2017” Sample: n=454 Enterprise Buyers
  13. 13. © 2017 HfS Research Ltd. The Future of Opera:ons: The Digital OneOfficeTM Organiza:on • Source: HfS Research 2017
  14. 14. © 2017 HfS Research Ltd. Building the Digital OneOffice Service Provider Rankings We scored each service provider against the following five pillars and sub-categories: § The Digital Customer Engagement: Weigh<ng 25% § Design Thinking across the front/back office (Designing Digital Outcomes): Weigh<ng 15% § The Digital Underbelly (Includes Cloud Infrastructure) Weigh<ng 20% §  RPA and Hybrid Cloud Capability § Intelligent Digital Support FuncCons 20% §  F&A, HR SaaS, Salesforce Services, Procurement & SCM § Intelligent Digital Processes 20% §  Predic<ve Analy<cs, Cogni<ve Services, IoT Services § Analysts formulaCng the scores: Phil Fersht, Melissa O’Brien, Barbra McGann, Tom Reuner, ReeCka Joshi, Derk Erbé, Khalda De Souza and Steve Goldberg
  15. 15. © 2017 HfS Research Ltd.
  16. 16. © 2017 HfS Research Ltd. 2017 Ranking Service Provider Comments 1 IBM Very well aligned to OneOffice, demonstraCng proof points of design thinking for operaCons. Great consulCng and transformaCon capabiliCes parCcularly suited for the very largest of enterprises. Commitment to AI and a holisCc approach to automaCon. Belng big on digital and parCcularly cogniCve technology for support service delivery. 2 Accenture A holisCc strategy for Intelligent AutomaCon, strong customer experience design focus, and major investment and use of design thinking internally. Playing to its strengths in infrastructure by looking to be the consultant and advisor leveraging best in class infrastructure provision to deliver customers a managed service experience. 3 Cognizant HolisCc automaCon strategy and strong thought leadership. Very compelling and polished messaging around customer experience focus; forward thinking leadership and design oriented acquisiCons. 4 Deloile Strong provider with breadth and depth of skills. An early mover in RPA and the surrounding ecosystem. 5 Infosys Broad capabiliCes and increasing potenCal for integraCon with analyCcs assets of MANA plaporm. Making investments in design thinking and talent; needs more proven client case studies and outcomes. 6 Capgemini Unique investments in design thinking and evolving toward a holisCc automaCon strategy. Needs more focus and leadership strength. 7 Wipro (+Appirio) Recent acquisiCons bolster its digital porpolio, including strategic design experCse. Takes a consultaCve approach to BPO and RPA with its Enterprise OperaCons Framework. 8 TCS Diverse experCse and a forward thinking talent strategy are leading elements of the digital customer engagement. Technical strength and resources dominate the strength in infrastructure services, while an automaCon strategy leveraging assets like ignio is helping the move toward more holisCc automaCon. 9 Genpact Demonstrates training, partnerships and proof points with design thinking. 10 NTT DATA (+Dell Svs) A strong approach to IT automaCon and consulCng-led digital customer engagement focus. 11 Sutherland Has provided real clients and examples of outcomes for its design thinking pracCce, which is sCll small but expanding. 12 HPE (+ CSC+ Exchanging) Heavy focus on the “underbelly” element; a history of being very capable in infrastructure services, parCcularly with the very largest of deals. Talks of front end customer design but doesn’t have the client stories to show it. CSC merger will provide a much more holisCc approach to RPA, focused on large complex deals. PROPRIETARY – NOT FOR REDISTRIBUTION
  17. 17. © 2017 HfS Research Ltd. 2017 Ranking Service Provider Comments 13 HCL Leadership is emphasizing a strong focus on automaCon; needs to execute. The customer experience design and execuCon story is there, but needs stronger messaging. 14 EXL Strength in customer experience is primarily with analyCcs experCse. Exploring early stages of design thinking internally. 15 Conduent (Xerox) Aspiring to be a leader in digital customer engagement and has some strong thought leadership; needs customer proof points and a stronger messaging to pivot the rebrand. 16 Tech Mahindra AcceleraCng automaCon development with proprietary and third party tool strategy. Need to start leveraging and integraCng recent acquisiCons for greater moneCzaCon and innovaCon. Good appeCte for innovaCon and posiConing itself well in IoT services. 17 WNS (+Denali) A key strength is embedding analyCcs into support processes, which enable client organizaCons to become more intelligent. Denali acquisiCon adds strategic digital sourcing to its porpolio. 18 EY Strong automaCon capabiliCes and emerging digital transformaCon focus, but needs more scale to deliver a more holisCc suite of offerings across the pillars. 19 Hexaware Refreshing disrupCve approach, with an appealing automaCon focus and proven SaaS implementaCon capabiliCes, notably in the HR space. Needs to integrate new clients and prove it is here for the long haul. 20 HGS Approach to “Unified Customer Experience Strategy” combines elements of automaCon, analyCcs, and various communicaCon channels (chat, text, social), including a pivot to human staff, which also highlights a smart blend of talent and technology. Mainly playing in the digital customer engagement space. 21 Concentrix Strong digital customer engagement experCse and forward thinking approach to technology and partnerships as well as embracing the OneOffice concept; needs greater focus in messaging and idenCty moving forward. 22 Atos Tremendous sophisCcaCon and market penetraCon in IoT with good security competencies and increasingly end to end analyCcs credibility. 23 Syntel A pioneer of holisCc automaCon with Syntbots. Prowess in the banking sector, but limited to a handful of large banks. New CEO needs to lay out his roadmap and execute. 24 Teleperformance Heavy digital customer engagement provider; largest contact center in the industry and a great reputaCon for delivering on tradiConal and increasingly digital customer service. Challenged PROPRIETARY – NOT FOR REDISTRIBUTION
  18. 18. © 2017 HfS Research Ltd. Key Trends Impacting the Digital Customer Engagement Landscape • Ever-increasing channels for markeCng and engagement • TradiConal/analog touchpoints combined with digital Customer Channels/ Touch Points • Going much deeper than tradiConal customer segmentaCon • Impact on loyalty, return sales and advocacy PersonalizaCon • Experiences are not limited to the customer: Employee, enterprise, ecosystem are all a part of re- imagining experiences within a customer-centric paradigm Market DisrupCon: The Experience Economy
  19. 19. © 2017 HfS Research Ltd. Digital Customer Engagement: Carving out a value proposition UX Design Customer Journey Mapping Strategy/ Design CopywriCng Web Design SEO/SEM Social/ Mobile Engagement Design Development ExecuCon AnalyCcs and SegmentaCon Content CreaCon and Personali- zaCon
  20. 20. © 2017 HfS Research Ltd. The Service Providers will bifurcate into two groupings Digital Organiza:on Enablers Efficiency, Automa:on, Labor Arbitrage and Scalability Digital Business Designers Data Orchestra:on and Human Collabora:on
  21. 21. HfS Research is The Services Research Company™—the leading analyst authority and global community for business operations and IT services. The firm helps organizations validate and improve their global operations with world-class research, benchmarking and peer networking. HfS Research was named "Independent Analyst Firm of the Year for 2016" by the Institute of Industry Analyst Relations which voted on 170 other leading analysts. HfS Chief Analyst, Phil Fersht, was named Analyst of the Year in 2016 for the third time. HfS coined the terms "The As-a-Service Economy" and "OneOffice™", which describe HfS Research's vision for the future of global operations and the impact of cognitive automation and digital technologies. HfS' vision is centered on creating the digital customer experience and an intelligent, single office to enable and support it. HfS’ core mission is about helping clients achieve an integrated support operation that has the digital prowess to enable its organization to meet customer demand - as and when that demand happens. With specific practice areas focused on the Digitization of business processes and Design Thinking, Intelligent Automation and Outsourcing, HfS analysts apply industry knowledge in healthcare, life sciences, retail, manufacturing, energy, utilities, telecommunications and financial services to form a real viewpoint of the future of business operations. Read more at About HfS Research: The Services Research Company