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  1. Hilal M Alfahmi Content analysis
  2. Content analysis is a term sometimes used to describe both quantitative and qualitative approaches to analyzing content.
  3. Cont… • Suppose, for example, we wish to perform a content analysis of three definitions of content analysis due to three authors as below: • Definition 1: Content analysis is a research technique for the objective, systematic, and quantitative description of the manifest content of the communication. • Definition 2: Content analysis is any research technique for making references by systematically and objectively identifying specified characteristics within the text. • Definition 3: We use the terms‘ content analysis’ and ‘coding’ interchangeably to refer to any symbolic behavior’s objective, systematic, and quantitative description.
  4. • Limitations of Content Analysis Method in Research: • Difficult to gain access to the records or reports required • Information may be incomplete • Information may be out of date • Definitions and methodologies may vary.
  5. The goals of contact analysis • To reduce large amounts of unstructured content. • To Identify and present important aspects of the content. • To focus on groups or individual intention. • To support some argument by understanding the characteristic of the content.
  6. What Are the Steps of Content Analysis? Step 1: Identify and Collect Data Step 2: Determine Coding Categories Step 3: Code the Content Step 4: Check Validity and Reliability Step 5: Analyze and Present Results
  7. Types of content analysis 1-Conceptual analysis 2-Relational analysis
  8. Advantages and Disadvantages of Content Analysis Disadvantages Advantages -can be extremely time consuming. -can allow for both quantitative and qualitative operations. -is inherently reductive, particularly when dealing with complex texts. -is an unobtrusive means of analyzing interactions. -tends too often to simply consist of word counts. -when done well, is considered as a relatively "exact" research method.