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Dental congress 2019 brochure-compressed



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Hilaris Conferences welcomes you to the “Dental Congress 2019” scheduled during June 26-27, 2019 in Dubai, UAE. The conference will witness a union of eminent speaker’s/ experts from various fields of Dental and Oral health research disciplines and is definitely going to serve as a global platform for the discussion of advancement in the field of Dental Science, Oral health and Medicine and related to the field of Clinical and Medical advancements in dentistry.
Theme: “Theme: Experience the forefront progresses in Dentistry and Oral Health”

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Dental congress 2019 brochure-compressed

  1. 1. Conferences JUNE Dubai 2019 DENTAL CONGRESS 2019 JUNE 26-27, 2019 | DUBAI, UAE BROCHURE Experience the forefront progresses in Dentistry and Oral Health +359-825-18874
  2. 2. JUNE Dubai 2019 Welcome to DENTAL CONGRESS 2019 Hilaris Conferences warmly invites you to the Dental Congress 2019 which center around the topic “Experience the forefront progresses in Dentistry and Oral Health”, which will be held from JUNE 26-27, 2019 at Dubai, UAE. It joins the noteworthy and generally speaking blend of dental expert, investigators, and pioneers from both the scholastic system and industry over the globe to trade their insight, understanding, and research to make a world class Dental and Oral Health Conference. The Dental Congress 2019 will be an extraordinary stage for trading new thoughts and research. This social affair will give organizing sessions to Scientists, Dental Professionals, Dental Nurses, Professors, Business Assistants, Students, and people from every dental gathering. It likewise helps in proceeding with training openings and quality data shared by Keynote Speakers, Symposium, hands-on workshops, and Exhibition. The Community Dental Health Services (CDS) group gives oral maladies preventive program called Dubai Smiles Healthy, to handle oral medical issues of kids through schools, wellbeing focuses and adding to a medicinal services work constrain fit for handling oral medical issues. Though we believe Dubai will serve as the Dental capital and Dental Congress team welcomes you to be a part of this journey. Organizing Committee Member Dental Congress 2019
  3. 3. JUNE Dubai 2019 Call For Submission IMPORTANT DATES • Dental and Oral Health • Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry • Tooth Discoloration & deterioration • Periodontitis and Cirrhosis • Prosthodontics and Endodontics • Dental and Oral Medicine • Dental Care in Pregnancy • Family, General & Emergency Dentistry • Biomaterial & Dental Implantology • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery • Dental Education and research • Dentistry and Ophthalmology • Diabetes and Dental care • Gene expression in Dental Science • Oral cancer & radiation therapy • Artificial Intelligence & Dental Industry • Dental Products and future trends • Clinical management of dental caries • Stem cell biology & Dental tissue engineering • Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontic treatment • Dental Hygiene, Prevention & Sedation dentistry • Aesthetics and Cosmetic Dentistry • Dental anatomy and Dental anesthesiology • Early Bird Registration: March 15, 2019 • Abstract Deadline: April 30, 2019 Online Abstract Submission: Online Registration:
  4. 4. JUNE Dubai 2019 Conferences are not just about discussion, but to connect people with people, people with ideas, and people with opportunities. The key motto of Hilaris Conferences is to unite the Energy of Like-Minded Individuals to mould the future of research which will shape the future of the world. Diverse and innovative Conferences with plethora of research topics will provide everyone a unique learning and career building opportunities. As the desire to learning will attract participants from all around the globe, Hilaris Congresses will provide a dedicated platform for the learners. Hilaris Meetings will provide a space to doyens of industry to connect with innovators, researchers and to set a B2B platform. Hilaris Conference will offer a unique opportunity to share your innovative ideas, evaluate your research works, and promote the collaborative work through its networking sessions for a brighter future. Hilaris Meetings will create a foundation for researchers, learners in the journey of their lifelong quest for knowledge. Hilaris Conferences with its effective and self-determined team promises to incorporate a healthier networking platform across the globe through its International Conferences, Technical sessions, Symposiums, Workshops, B2B Platform, Global Meetings & Expos. Hilaris conference will rewrite your brain with new and innovative ideas which will help you to boost your self-Esteem and confidence. “Let Nobel Thoughts comes from all direction....” about hilaris
  5. 5. JUNE Dubai 2019 What To Get From DENTAL CONGRESS 2019 RESEARCHERS Dental Congress 2019 Will provide a global platform for experts to share their innovative thoughts and will encourage international cooperation between industries & academia. DELEGATES Will provide Networking Opportunities to cultivate mutually benefited relationships and will be a platform where ideas and visions will be exchanged and enlightened. YOUNG INVESTIGATORS Will provide an opportunity to learners and young experts to share and discuss their vision with the experts. They can join as a learner and march forward as a leader. Best Poster Award Young Investigator Award Best Research Paper Award
  6. 6. JUNE Dubai 2019 our city Dubai Conference Venue Dubai is the largest and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Dubai is a global city and business hub of the Middle East. It is also a major global transport hub for passengers and cargo. Now a day, Dubai’s economy relies on revenues from trade, tourism, aviation, real estate, and financial services except only Oil. Dubai’s draw for voyagers depends essentially on shopping, yet in addition on its ownership of other ancient and modern attractions. Dubai got ranked 7th world’s most visited cities by international tourists that have visited Dubai according to a survey conducted by Euro monitor in 2009. Dubai has pulled in world consideration through vast development ventures and sports occasions, specifically the world’s tallest building, The Burj Khalifa. Organizations in Dubai, in the past have been condemned for human rights infringement against workers. As it is a major tourist destination throughout the Middle-East countries, the public transport system of Dubai is very robust and it includes the Underground, Buses, Trams, Taxis, Dubai Metro, Dockyards and Air. Because of the growing population, commuters in Dubai experience a high amount of traffic congestion. The city has become the most congested city in the Middle East. Dental Congress 2019 welcomes you to the Dream city Dubai, as we believe travel is the healthiest addiction. Dubai, UAE (Venue of the conference will be announced shortly)
  7. 7. JUNE Dubai 2019 Register Now Special Group Discounts registeronlne • 25% discount on registration for a group of >5 members • 35% discount for a group >10 members • Special discounts for Research Scholars & Developing country participants Academic Only Registration: €499 Combo A (Registration+2nightsAccommodation): €799 Combo B (registration+3nightsAccommodation): €999 Student StudentOnlyRegistration: €299 Combo A (Registration+2nightsAccommodation): €599 Combo B (registration+3nightsAccommodation): €799 Business Only Registration: €649 Combo A (Registration+2nightsAccommodation): €949 Combo B (registration+3nightsAccommodation): €1099
  8. 8. JUNE Dubai 2019 stay connected Debishree S Program Coordinator Dental Congress 2019 Hilaris Conferences 7012 Ruse, Bulgaria +359-825-18874