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By Tracy Byrne Break this year with my partner and two kids, through had become a different jurisdiction, a
aged 11 and 9....
Summer 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 2
Meet the news team
Co-Editors: Tracy Byrne, Rowena Locklin
Helen Cowley...
Summer 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 3
By Ben Isitt transportation projects, from major road enjoyment of resi...
Summer 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 4
CollectedbyShannon-ShyleneSchlackl the medium of comics. Last year I co...
Summer 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 5
The Hillside-Quadra Community Newsletter needs distribution volunteers....
Summer 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 6
By Shannon-Shylene Schlackl dozen public and semi-public labyrinths? To...
Summer 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 7
By Gillian Lawson, Vice-principal
ith the return of the fine weather
all down with a berry smoothie, a fair trade
coffee or an organic chai. Judging by the bustling
real feeling of affection ...
By Rowena Locklin
first started hearing about placemaking a
few years ago, usually in regard to Portland
IOregon and other...
Summer 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 10
By Cheryl Westergard lodge can be accessed at this website Treaty of K...
In each issue of the Hillside- hours to the organization as a
Quadra News we take the volunteer, Board Member and as a
Summer 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 12
Quadra Village Community Centre would like to
thank our many supporter...
Summer 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 13
Newsletter box locations:
! Fairway Market (at Quadra and Kings)
! Ita...
Summer 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 14
Hillside - Quadra Community Board
Parent & Tot Drop-In
Children 0-6 ye...
Summer 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 15
Other Community Events
Quadra Village Community Centre
Summer 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 16
By Ken Wong, Friends of Summit Park fawn lily, E. revolutum, can be fo...
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Hillside-Quadra Community News Summer 2014

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Our Summer 2014 edition featuring articles on a few of your favourite things about our neighbourhood, meet your creative neighbour Karen Gillmore, an idea to take back the poles and more.

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Hillside-Quadra Community News Summer 2014

  1. 1. By Tracy Byrne Break this year with my partner and two kids, through had become a different jurisdiction, a aged 11 and 9. We drove, taking the Coho ferry to distinct place. What a let down. I had imagined, I ortland. The name conjures up a Port Angeles and staying overnight in southern realized, that Portland would be free of such progressive paradise: free range, hand Washington State before crossing into Oregon sprawl. I had pictured an oasis of green, Pcrafted, locally owned … bookstores, and the City of Portland. We had three nights and crisscrossed by bike trails, in which nestled bicycles, green space, and food trucks … a the best part of four days ahead of us to explore quirky neighbourhoods – a compact city, people-centred haven, taking back the city. This the city and a hotel room in the Pearl District, the encircled by trees and disdaining concrete was my impression anyway, fuelled by episodes heart ofdowntown. overpasses, untamed freeways, and endless of the TV comedy show, “Portlandia” and all the My initial encounter with the city was sterile parking lots. Thiswas noAmsterdam – no talk of “placemaking”, a movement to recreate disappointing. At the river crossing that marks City of Oz – I was still in North America. the urban environment as a more livable, human- the border between Washington and Oregon, the But such unpropitious beginnings – the sized landscape, a movement of which Portland se mi -i nd us tr ia l su bu rb s of Vanco uv er shattering of a ridiculously unrealistic ideal – is consideredtobeatthecuttingedge. (Washington)meet the boundaries of Portland.A gave way over the course of our short visit to a And so it was with high expectations that I “City of Portland” sign was the only clue that the made my first visit to Portland during Spring indistinguishable sprawl that we were driving Summer 2014 Plant neighbours at Wark Street Commons Story on Pg. 12 Taking Back the Poles See page 8 Inside This Edition... A Few of Your Favourite Things about our neighbourhood See page 3 Meet Your Creative Neighbour See page 4 (Continued on page 8) Perceptions of Placemaking - A Local Resident in Portland Creating community in Portland and Hillside-Quadra (photos by Tracy Byrne, Helen Cowley and Teresa Cowley)
  2. 2. Summer 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 2 Meet the news team Co-Editors: Tracy Byrne, Rowena Locklin Helen Cowley T Committee Members: Kelly Greenwell, Assistant Editor: Advertising: Shannon Shylene Schlackl Design & Layout: eresa Cowley Shannon Shylene Schlackl The Hillside-Quadra Community News is a forum and information source about projects, issues, meetings, events, history and people in Hillside-Quadra and surrounding neighbourhoods. WHY ADVERTISE? Advertising in the Hillside-Quadra Community News is a great way to target thousands of potential clients within walking distance, people who value all things local and want you to succeed. Remind your neighbours what you have to offer them. Let them know your latest promotion, why you are unique, why they should visit you again. You can place a small reminder ad for the whole year for just $105; or for the same price as a small ad in other publications, you can get a prominent full page ad outlining your services in detail. Don't miss this opportunity to shine for your most important patrons -- your neighbours. Email to discuss: Kelly Greenwell at or call 250 388 7696 ext.221 HQ News online: Website: Twitter: @QuadraVillage I The deadline for articles and ads in the Summer 2014 edition of the Hillside - Quadra Community News is Wednesday August 27, 2014. INTERESTED IN GETTING PUBLISHED IN H - Q NEWS? We are looking for story ideas, articles, photos, poems, etc. If you have something you would like to see in an upcoming issue, please e- mail Kelly at LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Do you have any comments on articles or H - Q community news? Are you concerned about something in our area? We’d love to hear from you! Send a letter to the Editor: 901 Kings Rd. Victoria B.C. V8T 1W5 or e-mail Kelly at We work together to nurture community well-being by providing services and programs to meet social, educational, health, employment, environmental and recreational needs of the people in our neighbourhood in a safe and welcoming environment. 3000 copies of the Hillside-Quadra Community News are published quarterly through Quadra Village Community Centre Full colour $150 per issue Publication dates: Spring/Summer//fall/winter Norwegian Dancers at Quadra Village Day 2014 (Photo by Helen Cowley)
  3. 3. Summer 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 3 By Ben Isitt transportation projects, from major road enjoyment of residents through traffic calming, rehabilitation to the installation of new bike to improved health outcomes by encouraging t’s time to update the Neighbourhood lanes to crosswalk improvements. These increased walking and cycling. The creation of Transportation Plan for Hillside-Quadra and projects are informed by the condition of new greenspace is another benefit of IotherneighbourhoodsintheCityofVictoria. specific infrastructure, such as deterioration of neighbourhood transportation planning (as The Hillside-Quadra NeighbourhoodTraffic pavement, as well as city-wide plans such as the pavement is narrowed or removed, for example Management Plan was adopted by the City in Pedestrian Master Plan and the Cycling Master where Kings Road was closed at Blackwood and 1995 – “to develop a strategy and Plan(whichis currentlybeingupdated). along the section of Fifth Street that was implementation plan for managing local At the same time, residents in Hillside- transformed into the playground for Ecole transportation issues” – part of a process of Quadra continue to express concern over high QuadraSchool). collaborative planning that saw transportation traffic volumes and speed, particularly on the The City of Vancouver is a leader in this area plans adopted in all Victoria neighbourhoods in arterial roads that cut through the with its GreenStreets program, encouraging the1990s. neighbourhood. These concerns are similar to residents to make improvements to their streets The process in Hillside-Quadra was those expressed by residents elsewhere in with natural plantings, boulevard gardens and s p e a r h e a d e d b y a N e i g h b o u r h o o d Victoria. otherfeatures. Transportation Steering Committee of local The 1995plan notedthis concern:“Regional I am hopeful that citizens can pressure their residents, supported by consultants and city and intercommunity traffic does impact the area City Council to commit to the updating of staff. Public input was invited through a through its use of the major routes on Blanshard, Neighbourhood Transportation Plans in neighbourhood “walk-about,” open houses, and Quadra, Cook, Bay, Hillside and Finlayson.” Hillside-Quadra and throughout the City, to a community questionnaire delivered to every Currently, neighbourhood transportation make our community better while ensuring that household and in which 92 per cent of Hillside- issues are addressed on an ad hoc, case-by-case taxdollarsareinvestedwiselyintheyearsahead. Quadra residents who responded indicated their basis, rather than through a proper planning You can share your views on this issue by support for the draft transportation plan. process. Community pressure convinced the writing to all City Councillors at Consultation focused on identifying City to implement safety improvements to the and working with the transportation issues, evaluating their severity, crosswalk at Hillside and Blackwood (with the Hillside-Quadra Neighbourhood Action Group formulating possible solutions, and installation of an island for pedestrians in the on neighbourhood transportation and land-use recommendingthemostdesirablesolutions. middle of the wide road), and a speed zone was issues. City Council allocated a budget to installed at George Jay Elementary School as a Ben Isitt is the Victoria City Council implement the plan’s recommendations, which resultoflobbyingbyparents. liaison to the Hillside- Quadra included the partial closure of Fifth Street to But it has been nearly two decades since the neighbourhood. He lives in the through-traffic at Kings Road, the installation of City has worked with Hillside-Quadra residents neighbourhood and holds an open office overhead lighting on the crosswalk at Bay and to undertake a proper analysis of transportation on the second Wednesday of each month Graham Streets, and other measures. problems and solutions in the neighbourhood. at 4:30pm at Café Fantastico on Kings Fast-forward 20 years. The City continues to Neighbourhood transportation planning has Road off Quadra. Ben can also be invest millions of dollars annually on so many benefits, from improving the safety and reached by email at ben@isitt.caor by Ben’s City Councillor’s Update: Let’s update Neighbourhood Transportation Plans In Quadra Village Hillside and Cook; ! Making the path around the reservoir at Several people said they would like to see a SummitParkmoreaccessible; bakery, hardware store and a bank or credit ! Planting Community Gardens in the area union in the Village.Also on people’s wish lists beside EvergreenTerraceat 955Hillside; were art programs at the Community Centre, ! Undertaking intersection repair more art studios for artist to work in, and slower (placemaking) atKings andQuadra; cars through the neighbourhood (especially on ! Increasing activity on the playing field at SJ Hillside). WillisSchool; ! Installing a kids zip line, and art park and an ImprovementsforWalkingandCycling exercisecircuitatTopazPark; ! Generally adding to the neighbourhood’s Many comments pertained to opportunities to urban gardens and green space. improve safety for walking and cycling. Theset Quadra Village Day this year, people included: SocialSafetyandWellbeingstaffing the Neighbourhood Action AGroup table asked community members ! Crosswalk and traffic calming at Vista and Several suggestions that relate to enhancingto identify their favourite places in the Cook; public safety and social wellbeing in theneighbourhood.Thesearetheresults: ! CyclecrossingonHillsideandCook; neighbourhoodweresubmitted.Theseincluded: ! Improved safety of the crosswalks all alongTop3places: Hillside, including the addition of flashing ! More lights at the community centre to lights; discouragecampingandsubstanceuse;! SummitPark ! Speed bumps on Jackson St. north of ! More “sharps” boxes for the safe disposal of! CaffeFantastico/WarkStreetcommons Finlayson, and on Wark St. between Bay and needles;! TopazPark Kings; ! Improvements to the social housing in the ! Morebicycleinfrastructureandlanes; ne ig hb ou rh oo d, in cl ud in g pa in ti ng ,Otherfavouritespots: ! Walking-streets with no sidewalks (e.g. increasing density, and improving Montrose) streetscapeforbettersafety;and! QuadraSchool ! SlowtheHillsideHighway! ! Ways to address disparity (poverty) in the! JacksonSt.Park neighbourhood.! HighviewPark ParksandPublicSpace! Fairways OtherComments:! CascadiaLiquorStore Public recreational and green space is clearly an! HillsidePark issue that is close to many residents’ hearts. ! Densification has taken place without good! BlueBridgeTheatre Suggestions were: design. Development should enhance the! QuadraVillageCommunityCentre neighbourhoodforallneighbours.! SJWillis ! Reclaiming the Fairways parking lot (or ! Is there a way to make people responsible for! ItalianBakery some of it) as a public square with art, water the proper disposal of unwanted household features, seating, etc; articles (i.e. instead of leaving them out onResidents were also asked, “What additions or ! Installing a creative tire park, skate park or theboulevards)?changes would you like to see in the art park in the unused former gas station atneighbourhood?”Here’swhattheysaid: A Few of Your Favourite Things … About Our Neighbourhood Wark Street Park on Quadra Village day (photo by Teresa Cowley)
  4. 4. Summer 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 4 CollectedbyShannon-ShyleneSchlackl the medium of comics. Last year I completed the trace them through a lightbox in ink on better Comics and Graphic Novels program at paper (I’m a messy sketcher!) or on good paper 1)Tellusabitaboutyourself. Camosun College and have been continuing my so I can ink directly over them. Then it’s back to studies through a private mentorship this past the beginning again for the colour — I mostly I’m an almost-sixty (and-can’t-believe-it) comic year with teachers Ken and Joan Steacy. I feel work in watercolour for this. By the time it’s book artist and illustrator. Making art is my day like I’ve finally found what I want to do when I done I’ve been through thestory five times! job and I moonlight by making music. I grew up grow up! Everything I’ve done up until this point in the States and moved to Canada for romance Currently I’m just finishing up a graphic novel,feeds into this medium: the synthesis of years of — I’m married to a wonderful guy who plays written by science fiction/fantasy authorillustration, landscapes, figure drawing, design guitar and electric bass and does all my tech Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, about a catwork, wildlife art, dabbling in writing stories — support. Our handsome tuxedo cat, Mak, detective named Spam, who meets up with ait’s all proven useful in what I’m doing now. I featuresinsomeofmycomics. Sasquatch. I always have enjoyed her stories,have never felt so inspired, even driven, in my and getting to participate in one in this way is alife —ideas for stories are everywhere, and they 2) Why did you move to this area of Victoria? lot of fun. After this, I’ll be back at work on myareallbeggingtobetoldincomics! Whatmadeyouchoosethisneighbourhood? own webcomic story about a girl who runs away As for my music, I am a folk musician to the core to sea and finds herself in over her head, quite Some good friends of ours, one of whom was a — I started out doing folk revival stuff in the literally —inacityfull of mer-people! band mate, invited us to come and check out a sixties as a kid, went through various phases of suite that had just come available in their lovely 5) Are there any projects or ideas you areBritish folk, Celtic, Medieval, and songwriting, craftsman-era house. It was tiny, and we were working on that you want to share with yourand am still doing some of all of those in two living in a huge house in Gordon Head, but the neighboursatthistime?bands,Rig-a-JigandtheRabbleBerries. location appealed to us, as well as the shared situation (mutual cat sitters!). It also made band Besides the above-mentioned projects, I have an4) Please tell a bit more about your art and what rehearsals very convenient. We liked the idea of ongoing idea for continuing a project I started inyouarecurrentlyworkingon. being able to walk to Quadra Village and school, when I did a comic about Cougar Annie. downtown, the convenience of the bus lines, and Making comics uses a combination of skills. It will be called West Coast Tales, and will my studio at Xchanges was nearby as well. The Storytelling, the ability to convey a series of collect short historical stories of Vancouver older neighbourhood also felt more like home actions in a fashion that the reader can follow, is Island history, mostly focusing on biographical than the suburban environment we had been central to it, even over and above the ability to vignettes. I’m also blogging on Wordpress (just livingin,andwelovealltheGarryOaks. draw — but fortunately I can do that too! Making Google Karen GillmoreArt), which has proved a a comic or graphic novel involves intense creative outlet in itself, and I put lots of what I 3) Can you tell us about your creative outlet and concentration in a series of steps. For me, the have learned in teaching art classes into it, along whatinspiresyou? first step is a script, which I like to be fairly with updates on myprojects. detailed, so I plot out all the page actions and My main creative outlet, visual arts, has also dialogue in written form. Then comes The best place for people to find out about my been my job for my entire adult life — “thumbnails”, tiny sketches that help me plan work is myblog: sometimes not very lucrative but always out the action panel by panel and work out some rewarding in other ways! Currently I’m I also have a Facebook artist page:of the compositions. After that I do pencil exploring a new career that is an outgrowth of at full size, either on thin paper so I can my illustration work — telling stories through Meet Our Creative Neighbour Karen Gillmore In the studio with Karen Gillmore (Photo by Ron Gillmore)
  5. 5. Summer 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 5 The Hillside-Quadra Community Newsletter needs distribution volunteers. Participation involves 30-45 minutes once every three months delivering newsletters door to door in your local neighbourhood. Please email Kelly at Meet people and support your community! DrawingsbyKarenGillmore
  6. 6. Summer 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 6 By Shannon-Shylene Schlackl dozen public and semi-public labyrinths? To see some of the many labyrinths in B.C., check out alk this way and then walk that way, the local book by Aryana Rayne Labyrinths of fast or slow, it really doesn't matter British Columbia: A Guide for Your Journey. Wwhere. Today there are so many ways On May 2nd I celebrated World Labyrinth to get in a few good steps during your day. It’s Day. This year people walked their labyrinths easy to use the stairs, walk to work or school, around the world at the same time. Here in park further away in a parking lot on the way to Victoria we gathered at the Irving Street the market, use a tread mill or walk your dog labyrinth in James Bay. It was a beautiful spring around the neighbourhood. We all know that day filled with the magic of pink cherry blossom walkingissogoodforyou. in the air and sprinkling the trails, creating a Walking is known to calm and relax the mind fragrant and romantic setting to walk in and help us to unwind. You can even do a meditation. Children and elders alike walked walking meditation. While taking a simple throughthelargecommunitylabyrinth. neighbourhood stroll, add a mantra or prayer to Did you also know that in our your walk and you increase the benefits. neighbourhood we are privileged to have three Walking is an underrated form of exercise and labyrinths? There is one public labyrinth – a stress reduction. Walking can lower blood painted 7-circuit, at George Jay Elementary. Anddedicated to the labyrinth and its many benefits. pressure and increase cardiovascular health. It there are two semi-public labyrinths – one atIn the book, The Spirituality of Mazes and can lower stress hormones and increase your Summit Garden (a five-circuit classical) – andLabyrinths by Gailand MacQueen, the author body's ability to flush, clean and renew. It the other is OUR Curbside Labyrinth, a tinystates, "The labyrinth is a symbol of our journey recharges you and builds up your immunity, and three-circuit, at the Future UniTea House onthrough life... its lack of complexity allows so the health benefits increase with the amount of Hillside Ave. All three are open from dawn tomany people to use it as a meditative or walking you do. Intentional pathways and dusk for neighbours and visitors to meander indevotional tool... we can clear our minds, routes can increase the benefits of the walk. By andshare!cleanseoursoulsandcelebrateourbodies.” walking a familiar route, your mind is able to I always imagine that when people noticeI first started learning about labyrinths and relax further, while the body simply walks. Add someone walking in OUR (tiny) Curbsidetheir healing properties about ten years ago when elements such as gardens, trees, birds, aromatic Labyrinth on Hillside that the person may lookmy aunt, an RN who specialized in palliative flowers, water features and places to rest, and rather crazy making what appears to be randomcare, shared an article she was reading you have deepened the value of this walk. This directional changes in the postage stamp sized“Labyrinths: A Pathway to Reflection and is why there are famous parks and public areas yard. So maybe walking is also a bit of laughterContemplation” in the Clinical Journal of around the globe that attract visitors and locals to too, which can't be bad for you.Oncology Nursing. This three-page article visit a space again and again. The body feels My invitation to you is walk this way andclearly laid out the multiple benefits of using a good and the mind is both stimulated and walk that way! Let it simply be a walkinglabyrinth in the care of cancer patients. My aunt rejuvenated by the cleansing and healing meditation through our ’hood or take an extra tenand I would go on to discuss our hopes of properties of a good and proper walk about. minutes and use one of our transformationalinstalling such labyrinths at our places of work, One of the oldest and best know forms of an spaces within the labyrinth, while enjoying theon our properties and future lands. We could see intentional walking space is the labyrinth. It is a simplicity of the path. Namaste!the value and benefits of the labyrinth. healing pathway known to humanity since For those who would like to read article,Since that time I have begun to learn about ancient times. We are in a revival of the use of “Labyrinths: A Pathway to Reflection andlocal and distant labyrinths, about labyrinth labyrinths in our communities. There are many Contemplation”, it can be found ifacilitation, building, study and practice. Did books, websites and organizations around today you know that in the CRD there are more than a n The Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing, vol. 6, number 5. Walk this way By Kelly Greenwell taken the same kind of initiative, but is this the right thing Hillside-Quadra? Do we re you getting tired of signature prefer our creativity more contained? Are tagging and other random and we not artistic types? Maybe we want to Aunattractive paint and ink making come at the problem of tagging in some the neighbourhood harder to look at? otherway? While we are fortunate to have some The benefits of pole painting are notable public art in our ’hood, many definitely worth considering. According to people are frustrated that tagging appears, “The Fernwood Pole to be gaining an upper hand on attempts to Painting Project has helped to slow traffic, paint over it or to make something more curb signature tagging and create a warm, creative. Elaborate graffiti art tends to be friendly, and beautiful public appreciated by most, though we don’t have environment.” All of this with salvaged much of that in our community. paint and a huge variety of approaches to Community murals, mosaics and pole painting an adopted pole. Pole painting painting are also popular additions to the isn’t the magic bullet where unwanted urban environment. With these ideas in graffiti is concerned. A pole can still be mind, many Hillside-Quadra residents are tagged and it might be necessary to touch wondering how we could get a large group up or even repaint a pole. One thing is clear of folks active in some kind of alternative though, when you go through Fernwood, and solution to tagging. Clearly, this is not the painted poles are much more noticeable a job for just one or two committed than any tagging that is going on. activists. Personally, I have my faves that I look for Let’s consider pole painting as an when I am in Fernwood. They draw me in option. Pole painting has sprung up here withtheircolouranddiversity. and there in the neighbourhood but so far it You can let us know what you think. hasn’t taken a firm hold either in Hillside- Would you be interested in meeting with Quadra or nearby North Park. Why is this? other residents to come up with a truly Is pole painting something that is so unique Hillside-Quadra way to cover up unmistakably Fernwood that it can’t be tagging and beautify the ’hood? Would established elsewhere? This is unlikely. you like to take a role in organizing our first Many communities in North America have large-scale pole painting event? Or do you want to adopt and paint a pole or a fence as an individual? Please send any ideas to I would love tohearfromyouforthegoodofthe’hood! George Jay Elementary (photo from Fernwood NRG website) labyrinth Take Back the Poles? A painted poll in Fernwood. Could this idea work here? (Photo by Kelly Greenwell)
  7. 7. Summer 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 7 By Gillian Lawson, Vice-principal ith the return of the fine weather comes the realization that this school Wyear is drawing to a close. Wow, that went fast! We have almost finished our time at our temporary location at Richmond School and we are eagerly awaiting our return to our permanent site at 3031 Quadra. Teachers had an opportunity to tour the seismically upgraded École Quadra School on May 16 and were impressed with the work done to make our school safe. Everything seems to be proceeding according to schedule and we are due to start the 2014/15 school year at our permanent site. We had our first load of moving boxes delivered to Richmond School recently. We know what that means– lots and lots of packing between now and the end of June in order to get everything readytogobacktoQuadra! A wonderful event at Quadra this year was the Book Showcase on May 7. The culmination of Writing and Reading Around Quadra (WRAQ), the Book Showcase featured books written by every student of École Quadra School. Each book proudly carried the WRAQ medal, embossed in gold paper. Students brought their parents and family members to the gym where every class, from Kindergarten to Grade Five,had their books displayed on a table. Congratulations to our community of writers! During the month of May, Quadra students playing, karate, magic, and even a theatrical their annual year-end trip to Bamberton and prepare for the event of the year: Quadra’s Got performance of the Witches scene from students in the English program spend a day at Talent! Parents from the PAC conducted Macbeth. Whatatalentedgroupofstudents! Willows Beach. June also includes Fun Day, auditions in April and students are working to June is the month in which we enjoy special and the Primary end of yearassembly. Lots of polish up their acts for the May 23 performance. activities connected with the end of the school memorable events with which to wrap up our This year’s performances include singing, piano year. French Immersion students participate in year atRichmond! News from École Quadra School Quadra student, Millie DelVillano (Grade 4) shares her original book with her mom, dad and brother Max (photo provided) By Leslie Lee, Principal (adapted by Erin Macklem). Cast, chorus, dancers, drummers, costume makers, set eorge Jay Elementary School is going designers, directors, producers, and artists of all places, literally. During the 2014-2015 ages have been busy at work preparing for our Gschool year GeorgeJay will be housed in debut performance. If creativity is in fact to be our temporary home at 2780 Richmond Road. the currency of the 21st century then, at George While our marvellous, heritage building Jay, we are greatly enriched by this experience. undergoes seismic upgrading, our 250 plus Many thanks go to all of the volunteers who are school population will ride the big, yellow helping to make this performance a triumph and school buses to their new home away from to the Belfry for donating the use of their theatre th home. It will be an adventure and, though an for our event. Tickets for our June 18 organizational challenge, one that we all look performance are available to the public th forwardto. beginningJune9 . Amongst planning and packing, we’ve had Last month, our students were treated to opportunity for myriad adventures throughout Find Your Trade Day, an event sponsored jointly the past several months. Thanks to Mrs. Annie by Coast Capital’s Community Youth Team, Shum and her community partners, sixty grade Camosun College and Vic High.Throughout the fourandfivestudentslearnedtoplaytheukulele. event, children experimented with electrical Twice each week, children, read, sing, strum and circuits (created by Vic High’s Mr. Wheeler), pick a variety of music from a variety of genres carpentry, hairdressing, baking, welding, auto (and decades). In February, they celebrated their mechanics, dress design, engineering and a learning by performing in a mass concert that variety of ‘maker’ opportunities. Children were included several other schools and the Island thrilled to ‘use their hands’ and participants were Ukelele Group. Performing in Vic High’s theatre equally excited to share their was an unforgettable highlight for these young passions. A special thank you musicians. goes to Gerry Eaton and Recently, another group of performers had Melissa Stolz whose Coast their time in the limelight. Under the direction of Capital Youth Team has shared Mrs. Leilani Roberts, a small but enthusiastic i t s e n e r g y, t i m e a n d group of dancers participated in the Victoria community spirit with George Dance Festival. Their adventure began with a Jay for the past three years. trip on public transit to the University of Victoria Youwillbemissed. where they had opportunity to watch other more “We must find time to stop seasoned dancers and finished with an excellent and thank the people who groupperformance. make a difference in our For several months now George Jay lives.” John F. Kennedy Students, under the guidance of PAC president Ms. Kate Wallace and YFC Ms. Leila Durzi, Right: Students have been preparing for a performance of their experimenting with electrical th circuits and auto mechanicsown. On June 18 , our school will present its during Find Your Trade Dayadapted version of The Flood, a graphic novel (photos provided)that explores the traditional aboriginal story George Jay Elementary Update
  8. 8. all down with a berry smoothie, a fair trade coffee or an organic chai. Judging by the bustling real feeling of affection for Portland, to a sense cafés and restaurants, this myriad of food trucks of connection with its self-conscious emergence wasn’t hurting the established eateries, it was as the placemaking leader of North America, its simplybringingmorepeopleintothedowntown. vibrancy, and its unpretentious pride in being The Project for Public Spaces defines known for being cool. Because downtown placemaking as “the art of creating public Portland is different from other cities on the west ‘places of the soul,’ that uplift and help us coast of this continent. Compared to Seattle and connect to each other”. As the somewhat lyrical Vancouver, for example, its buildings are nature of this article testifies, my soul was shorter, its city blocks smaller, the sidewalks indeed uplifted by the experience of Portland – at wider and generously dotted with works of art. least, the small downtown part of it that my And there are public spaces everywhere: every family and I explored during our short visit. And few blocks, a square or a green space. And these there was certainly a healthy amount of human things make Portland so much more person- connection going on, human beings in a human- friendly than the average North American city. sized urban environment, sharing food and Once arrived at our downtown hotel, my conversation, and gathering together in public family and I consigned our car to a parkade and living spaces. didn’t see it again until it was time to start the The subject of what the City of Victoria can journey back to Victoria.We walked everywhere learn from Portland is one that comes up from – the small city blocks more manageable, more time to time among our elected councillors. I inviting, bringing us, it seemed, more quickly to returned from Portland to my home in Hillside- our destination, leading us through a more varied Quadra thinking about what our small part of urban landscape. Without the looming high rise Victoria might have to learn from that city about towers of other major cities, the sunlight bathed placemaking and creating vibrantout and about on a midweek evening in early the Portland sidewalks. Our route was neighbourhoods. We have already made a startMarch. The bars and restaurants were heaving, punctuated by open public spaces – squares that here: the banners that line the streets and markthe sidewalks lively and the public squares offered somewhere to sit, art to admire, textures our identity, the community notice board whereliberally populated. Pioneer Square in particular and structures to explore. The kids didn’t we can tell each other what’s going on, thewas bustling – tourists and locals, sitting and complain about a 20 or 30-minute walk to community gardens on Kings St. where we growchatting and drinking a coffee, or taking a whichever café, store or market we were headed food together… And every year, at Quadrashortcut across the interlocking pavers, past the to. Village Day we participate in placemaking. Webuskers and weaving in and out of the little kids Downtown Portland was humming – vibrant create the neighbourhood in the act ofrunning frenzied about the square. at all times of day. Setting out for dinner, it was celebrating it.The food trucks – for which Portland is startling, and invigorating, to see so many people Each Quadra Village Day, my kids arefamous – created additional pockets of thrilled at being able to run along Kings St.,human activity and interaction across the closed to traffic (or liberated from it) and homedowntown. Every few blocks, a colourful instead to chalk drawings, plant sales,patchwork of vans, trucks and awnings, pedestrians and pancake breakfasts. Every year,offering the culinary flavours of the world my kids wish that Kings St. could always bein a single city block. For five or six bucks, closed to traffic. “And why not?” I wonder. Howwe could take our choice of buffalo burger, great would it be to have a public space in thesoba noodles, German sausage, Pad Thai, Village for meeting and greeting and connectingmomos or sushi. For a few bucks more, we all year round? Imagine the loyal coffee drinkerscould follow up with donuts, fresh fruit, of Caffe Fantastico spilling out into Kings St.frozen yogurt or brownies and then wash it (renamed Kings Square, perhaps?), their kids running around, people milling. What if the parking lot around Fairways were a “people lot”, with seating and a gazebo and public art? I’d be there, on a bright day, people watching, connecting. Making a place. Summer 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 8 Perceptions of Placemaking – A Local Resident in Portland (Continued from cover) The author's son engages with public art in Portland (photo by Tracy Byrne) Intersection repair creates community in a Portland neighbourhood (photo from the Portland City Repair website)
  9. 9. By Rowena Locklin first started hearing about placemaking a few years ago, usually in regard to Portland IOregon and other large American cities. So when I recently had an opportunity to attend a one-day workshop with Mark Lakeman of City Repair in Portland Oregon ( ), I jumped at the chance. The workshop was held at the O.U.R. Eco v i l l a g e i n S h a w n i g a n L a k e . ( If you haven’t had a chance to check out O.U.R. Ecovillage, a sustainable learning community and demonstration site, I urge you to do so the next timeyouaretravellingup-island. I caught a passenger van that ferried me and two other people from the Hudson Public Market to the workshop in Shawnigan Lake. I enjoyed interesting conversations and the travel passed quickly. Upon arrival, we were directed to a large rustic meeting room where the first part of the workshop was held. Awoodstove crackled in the corner on this still chilly, rainy April Saturday. About 40 people were gathered to hear Mark speak. He presented an historical overview of the “grid” system of roads, versus more traditional village centered road organisation as traffic calming, increasing pedestrian and being used to grow food and flowers. In addition, and the role of the public meeting place or cycling habitat, and lowering crime rates, that shared book boxes started popping up “piazza” in society. the City of Portland decided to support them. In everywhere. We have two that I know of in In North America these public meeting 2001 Portland created City Ordinance 175937 Hillside-Quadra: one on Vista and another right places are often absent from neighbourhoods that allows the modification of city intersections. on Hillside near Cook. Telephone poles are now and towns, replaced by private shopping malls This bylaw lets citizens change public spaces to sporting public art in a pole painting initiative and public spaces that do not welcome the benefittheirneighbourhoods. supported by the City of Victoria. We have the public. Today many folks live in isolation, lovely Wark Street Commons that Hillside Community Buildingdeparting from their parkade or driveway, Urban Farmers for Sustainability (HUFFS) running errands, going to work, driving kids to Back in the workshop, we ate a lunch of maintains. There have been community gardens school, never knowing the wonderful people delicious food grown at O.U.R. Eco village, and in many local neighbourhoods for decades in around them, and not realizing the potential had many interesting conversations about the PortlandOregon– why nothere? community that exists within 200 feet of their dreams for our communities. After lunch we As for the possibilities of intersection doorsteps. went through a 2-hour abbreviated community repair… Many of our intersections definitely building and design process. This process lack character. Perhaps you can picture someIntersection Repair represented what would occur over several changes that you might like to see on your own Placemaking is a process for rekindling meetings in an actual project. First we divided block? Something to slow down traffic so that community, creating welcoming places and intosmallergroups ofabout8-10people. kids can play, adults can chat and more solving some urban problems all at once. One We shared as individuals what we love about meaningful interactions can occur.A change that facet of placemaking is called intersection repair our community, and what we would like to see startsatyourdoorstepandradiatesoutward. and involves taking back local street change. Working in groups of 3-4 we intersections and creating a hub for came up with ideas to create that change. neighbourhood activities. Mark showed some As an example, if the issue were beautiful slides of projects that have been done neighbourhood food security, some ideas in Portland and then walked us through the might be planting nut trees in the community building process. boulevard, creating neighbourhood All of these projects were carried out at very allotment gardens, or setting up a kiosk low cost with volunteer labour. Simply painting for sharing produce. Then, using the huge designs on the intersection, and then time-honoured tools of coloured adding other elements formed the beginning of construction paper, scissors and glue, we many intersection repair projects. created small mock-ups of an intersection Some of my favourite items included a and added all of our ideas, no matter how gathering area with cob bench, a self-serve solar outlandish, to our paper intersection. (See tea station, community notice board, a produce centre photo above). This playful sharing kiosk, cob pizza oven and a shared tools approach, that allowed us to see our ideas space. What they all have in common is the use in 3D – was surprisingly gratifying. We of public space, such as boulevards and streets, then toured each group’s project and to bring neighbours together for fun and for listened to the fascinating ideas embodied sharing resources. in each model. I left the workshop So how does this occur? In Portland, quite inspired and heartened by possibilities of simply people got tired of waiting for the City to creating change through some simple take a proactive approach to improving ideas. neighbourhood livability. Some areas were Hillside Quadra Neigbourhoodexperiencing problems with traffic and crime, opportunitiesothers wanted to share more resources and build community. Initially these projects were done in So, enough about Portland. We live in contravention of existing bylaws that governed the Hillside-Quadra neighbourhood of public space. There were threats of fines, and Victoria – is placemaking and intersection orders to dismantle projects. However what repair this relevant here? The pace of happened next was very interesting. change in Victoria can seem very slow, but there are signs of a shift. Not long ago,PortlandIntersectionRepairBylaw boulevards in Victoria could only be The projects in Portland were so successful planted with grass, until some brave souls in building community, and were such an on Haultain Avenue started putting in economical way to create positive change such vegetables instead. Now boulevards are Summer 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 9 Our neighbourhood - placemaking opportunity? Eco Village workshop (photo by Jason Guille) Community participation at Quadra Village Day (photos by Teresa Cowley)
  10. 10. Summer 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 10 By Cheryl Westergard lodge can be accessed at this website Treaty of Kiel of January 1814, the Crown Prince of Denmark-Norway, Christian Frederik any of you have probably walked by In the month of May, the Eidsvold Lodge founded a Norwegian independence movement. the Norway House on Hillside near along with other lodges across North America His initiative was successful, and a national MGraham Street and wondered what is celebrated the Norwegian bicentenary, assembly at Eidsvoll was called. The Norway House? This article explores some of representing 200 hundred years since the signing constitution was ratified by the assembly on 16 the history ofthis group. of the Norwegian constitution. The Norwegian May and signed the following day, the latter date Norway House houses the local Sons of constitution was signed on May 17, 1814, and now celebrated as Norwegian Constitution Day. Norway group or Eidsvold lodge, which was laid the foundation for democratic development Today, celebrations in the capital Oslo involve a formed on May 24, 1946. The Sons of Norway in Norway. At the time it was considered to be children's flag parade that passes the Royal is a fraternal organization representing one of the most radically democratic Palace. A notable feature of Norwegian Norwegian heritage with the mandate to constitutions in the world. As Europe’s oldest Constitution Day is the virtual absence of any promote and preserve the heritage and culture of and the world’s second oldest prevailing military parades, the day being almost wholly a Norway. Originally it provided insurance and constitution, the Norwegian Constitution civiliancelebration. financial products to its members. Founded in ('Grunnlov'), is now a unifying symbol of The bicentenary is an opportunity to shed 1895 in Minneapolis Minnesota, originally freedom, independence and democracy. The light on Norway’s historical and international membership was only available to men, but by event that spurred the writing of the Norwegian role in the development of democracy and law. 1916 women were admitted to local groups. Constitution was the 1814 Treaty of Kiel. In addition, the Norwegian Constitution was Although many members have Norwegian roots Norway was at the time subjugated by Denmark, groundbreaking with respect to issues or affiliation, a number of members hail from but was to be given to Sweden because of the concerning human rights, freedom of speech, other ethnic backgrounds and membership is outcome of the NapoleonicWars. and gender equality. In spite of several revisions, open to anyone with an interest in Norwegian Following the defeat of Napoleon's troops at the original document is still largely in use today. culture. Additional information about the local the Battle of Leipzig in October 1813 and the What is the Norway House? By the Quadra Village Day Planning Committee a hundred volunteers staffing the event, recognizable by their yellow shirts. Not only undreds of community members that, community tables featuring non-profit chatting, chilling and checking out all groups bring dozens of their own volunteers who Hthe fun. Once again this was an event host activities and share beneficial community that had everyone smiling and talking to their information at their tables. Beyond the plain fun neighbours. Kids made clay bees, bounced, that people have, Quadra Village Day allows for played games, sang on stage and made nice ideas and information to be shared at the largest things for Mother’s Day. Birdhouses, real bees, gathering of the year in Hillside-Quadra. This police cars, fire trucks and even a famous farmer year people shared their vision for the made an appearance. You could swing a community with Youth In Action and gave some hammer, take a wrist shot, look like a Viking, initial feedback about the proposed development dance to live music, hug a marmot, get tattooed of the old Blanshard Elementary School fields and even have pancakes with an apple followed (955Hillside). management, media work, securing event by an ice cream cone chaser! The real question At 1pm take down begins with the last equipment, organizing child and youth iswhatcouldn’tyoudoatQuadraVillageDay? volunteers leaving well after 4pm. As one activities, booking bands, stage management, This 100% free event continues to be a feel committee member said, “It’s hard to believe volunteer recruitment, colouring contest, table good story in the neighbourhood. It starts that it’s real. We work on this for months, you bookings, food preparation and more. behind the scenes with a hard working volunteer blink and then it’s over.” The great news is it was Thousands of hours are spent by this group to Quadra Village Day Planning Committee that not a dream, it was a fantastic reality and it’s make Quadra Village Day possible and to shape meets over 20 times a year and takes on a wide something that can happen perpetually if we the focus of the event to maximize the benefit to range of tasks including fundraising, site keepworkingtogether! the community. On the day itself the first volunteers Interested in being a part of the Quadra Village Day Planning Committee orstart rolling in just after 5am and by 6 am assisting in some other way? Let usthings are hopping. The event kicks off at knowatquadravillageday@gmail.comfull speed around 9:30 am. There are almost Quadra Village Day Offers a Little Something For Everyone What’s next at Blue Bridge at the Roxy? Next for Blue Bridge at the Roxy will delighted you in BBRT’s productions be Judy! The life story of Judy of Little Shop of Horrors and Patsy Garland- playing from July 15th to Cline and is currently wowing July 27th. Vancouver audiences in the Arts Club production of Mary Poppins), Judy! eaturing such perennial draws upon the talents of a trio of favourites as Swanee, Puttin On Victoria’s musicians as it weaves its FThe Ritz and Somewhere Over way into the hearts and minds of its The Rainbow, Judy! tells the story of audience. one of the 20th century’s most famous Blue Bridge Repertory Theatre has singers and actors, Judy Garland. also announced its 2014/15 season line Following the story of her phenomenal up. For the seventh season, Blue Bridge rise as a child star, through her struggles Repertory Theatre will be returning to with alcohol and drugs, Judy! ends the approach that established their triumphantly in her landmark artistic reputation over the first six performance at Carnegie Hall near the years of existence. For more end of her remarkable career. information visit our website Starring Sara Jeanne-Hosie (who Do you have any comments on articles or H - Q Community News? Concerned about something in our neighbourhood? Share your thoughts with us in a letter to the Editor: 901 Kings Rd. Victoria B.C. V8T 1W5 or email: We’d love to hear from you!
  11. 11. In each issue of the Hillside- hours to the organization as a Quadra News we take the volunteer, Board Member and as a opportunity to focus on former Executive Director. She volunteers with the Quadra has always been a great people Village Community Centre and person and embodies the other community volunteers. philosophy that the answers to individual and community ince the early 1970s both problems reside in the community David Turner and Leni and its individuals. Like David SHoover have been active in Turner, Leni has drawn huge the neighbourhood and with what inspiration from the Hillside- officially became the Downtown Quadra residents who access the Blanshard Advisory Committee Community Centre as well as (DBAC) in 1974. Both were from the neighbourhood as a recently honoured for over 40 whole. She is nearly brought to years of service to the tears when she recalls the moms organization at the general who lobbied City Hall for the meeting held at Quadra Village Community Centre, with their CommunityCentre. babies in tow, and helped to D a v i d T u r n e r w a s ensure access to programs and David always believed that they held theinstrumental, particularly in the 1970s, in services that most of us now take for granted. possibility for a better life. David was a drivingreaching youth and helping to reduce the number Leni is very much responsible for the nature force behind bringing a Community Centre toof youth in the community who were on and feel of the current Community Centre, from the neighbourhood and, currently, he serves onprobation. Always an innovator, David – former the layout of the building to the person-centred, the Board of Directors for the Quadra VillageProbation Officer, Mayor and University of unassuming philosophy it has today. Leni is an Community Centre.Victoria School of Social Work Professor – was Honorary Citizen of the City of Victoria and a Leni Hoover has long been an influentialalso a key part of innovative programs that recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Golden contributor to DBAC and the community inhelped youth to pursue their interests channel Jubilee Medal. Currently, she is Treasurer of general. Her signature is on the original DBACtheir energies in positive ways. Instead of seeing Quadra Village Community Centre and constitution. Leni has given many hundreds ofyouth on probation as problem individuals, volunteers in archives and community outreach. Summer 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 11 Submitted by Janis La Couvée, on behalf of the facilities and will comprise 310 beds of Caffè Fantastico Expansion Hillside-Quadra Neighbourhood Action Group residential care for seniors with complex needs. Renovations are underway and will be Because the land already has the zoning completed soon. he Hillside Quadra Neighbourhood required, the property will not be going through Action Group (NAG) is a group of a rezoning or public hearing. The actual building Developments on the borders of our Tvolunteers that works on issues related to is likely to be 6 storeys and may be similar to the neighbourhood land use, transportation, and parks in our current facility being built on Carey Road From time to time we are advised of neighbourhood. Anyone with a connection to (Mount View Heights [260 beds] – a developments that are either in a bordering our neighbourhood is welcome to come to replacement for Mt Edwards and Central Care Victoria (North Park, Burnside Gorge) or meetings or join our email list. We meet at the Homes). Saanich (Quadra – Cedar Hill) neighbourhood. Quadra Village Community Centre at 7:00 PM In the spring, NAG asked the Downtown Recently two such developments have come to on the first Monday of each month from Blanshard Advisory Committee (who run the our attention. For these developments, NAG September to June, or the second Monday of the Quadra Village Community Centre) to name an has no official role. month when the first Monday is a holiday. advisory committee for the 955 Hillside project (as requested by Island Health and the Capital Cottage Grove Manor 3207-3223 Quadra Transportation Concerns Regional Hospital District). Initial meetings of Street (near Tolmie) The NAG Transportation Survey was all parties have been held. Both IH and CRHD Cottage Grove, a seniors supported housing collated, and a recent meeting focussed on attended Quadra Village Day to engage the project of the Victoria Cool Aid Society, has transportation priority setting. The top two public. The request for proposal is likely to be been approved. Estimates are for construction concerns that NAG will focus on this year are the issued by the fall. to start in fall 2014 with 14 months of speed of traffic on Hillside, and cut-through 2560 Quadra, formerly known as The SETO construction. traffic in the neighbourhood. In April, members of the Hillside Quadra This property has been sold. The original BC Liquor Store proposed re-location nd development permit lapsed. The current owners (Blanshard Square)NAG attended a 2 Safe Streets and Active attended a preliminary meeting with NAG inTransportation meeting hosted by the Rockland The BC Liquor Store located in Blanshard April and a community meeting (under theand Downtown Residents Associations. There is Square is proposing a move to the former CALUC guidelines) was scheduled for Maycurrently an on-going discussion about Jordan’s Furniture Store. City council isnd reforming the Victoria Community Associations 22 . The current proposal is for a rental building awaiting a report from staff in May. Network (VCAN) in order to work on initiatives comprised of 18 units on 4 stories with 11 How You Can Get Involvedtogether,includingtraffic. parking spaces. Access to parking would be off the back lane. The ground floor would include a If you would like to know more or beHigh-Profile Development Proposals in retailcomponent. involved in any neighbourhood land use orHillside-QuadraNeighbourhood transportation matters, please contact NAG at1120 Hillside (The Root Cellar, formerly Much Our group has been designated by the City as the number shown below. NAG is currentlyMoreGrocery) the contact for developers proposing changes recruiting volunteers to help with community that require the City to change the zoning for the The owners received permits for the parking meetings held as part of the rezoning process. property involved. We host meetings to which lot and the addition of siding along the upper If you’re interested in land use issues, and can the neighbours and any other interested persons portion of the building. Other licences and help out on an occasional basis, we’d love to are invited to hear about the proposal and permits are expected shortly. The City of hear from you. provide their comments. After that the project Victoria is working on city drainage on the lot. Contact:goes through a formal review process at City An opening datehas not been scheduled. Hall. Ultimately, City Council holds a public Keith Macgowan, Chair988 Topaz hearing before any approvals are given or Email: denied. A development application has been Phone: (250) 388-7696 x 301received for a home on a lot that was created by a 955 Hillside Website: of the property at the northwest quadra-neighbourhood-action-group955 Hillside is a replacement for the current corner ofTopazand Quadra. Oak Bay Lodge and Mount Tolmie Hospital Hillside Quadra Neighbourhood Action Group Spotlight on Village Volunteers Honouring community volunteers David Turner and Leni Hoover (Photo provided)
  12. 12. Summer 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 12 Quadra Village Community Centre would like to thank our many supporters. The help of generous funders, sponsors, donors and volunteers means we can accomplish so much more! Major Program Funders City of Victoria, Government of Canada, Greater Victoria School District, Province of British Columbia. United Way Program Funders BC Housing, Farmer Construction, Get Youth Working, Gordon Head Lions, The Most Worshipful Free Lodge of Free andAccepted Masons of BC & Yukon,VictoriaHarboursideRotary Sponsors Blanshard Square Liquor Store, CDI, Cold Star Freight, Farmer Construction, Horner Foundation, Il Terrazzo, Media Net, T.L.C. Fund for Kids, 7-Eleven Donors Anawim House, Art Box, Bootlegger, Cleo’s, Clothesline Clothing Company, COBS Bread, Esquimalt Kiwanis, Fairway Market, Island Farms, Kaboodles, Living Edge, Mustard Seed, Ricki’s, Sysco, Thrifty Foods, Tim Horton’s and our generousindividualcommunitydonors Sponsored by Shop in Your Neighbourhood & Support Quadra Village Community Centre Phone: (250) 388-7696 Website: itizens’ Counselling offers quality, meditation halfway through, then more affordable individual, couples and discussion and homework for the next Cgroup counselling to over 1,200 adults session. By following the counsellors' lead, each year. Our core groups are mindfulness we were better able to support other members' based for anxiety and depression (these are disclosures, and to trust the group’s very popular), exploring anger, stress, anxiety supporting of our own stories. We were and depression, and self-esteem. Last year we encouraged to stay with the group, even if a offered a self-discovery group for women lifecrisisorcommitmentscameup. over the age of 55 – a call to celebrate aging. The group process supported each one of Here’saparticipant’saccountofthisgroup. us to 'come out' as a strong older woman. We were asked to profile the many strong women By D.B., a participant who had come before us, among our families At 63, I am officially retired. My last close and friends. We were invited to ‘open the friend had recently moved away to live closer gates of wisdom’, to redefine ourselves and to her grandchildren. I felt isolated and our life purpose, to become our authentic marginalized. I suspected it was an age thing – selves, not just the many roles and tasks that as a young woman I was busy doing childcare, are put onto us as women in today's world. working onromantic relationships,helping in Aging, we learned, is not simply decline, the community and trying to define myself but a going inward and a complete redefining with some type of work. Now all that has of our lives and all our relationships. It is a changed. I neededto redefine ‘me’and mylife chance to be who we deeply are at last. "Don't and the Celebrating Aging group at Citizens’, see this as the second half of life," said one of just for women over 55, seemed a good place the counsellors, "but as a whole new life!" tostart. When I spoke I could feel everyone's strong I had just completed 10 very productive support all around my edges, and I was sessions with one of their counsellors heartened to speak of my fondest hopes and so I trusted the Centre, although I mysaddestlosses. initially felt cynical about a group The group ended far too quickly for me. A named ‘celebrating aging’. I feared it week after it ended I suddenly realized that I would be superficial, just platitudes had formerly been fearful of my physical and busy work. I also knew it would decline – with some hearing loss and a bad fall provide company, great counsellors, last year. But since the group, I have realized maybe lists of community resources – that physical decline and even death are Imightevenmakeafriend. natural processes, and could be dealt with Our group met on a sunny gently and humanly. I trusted that our shared afternoon in late October. We were humanity and emotional strength would carry seven women, in our late 50s to early us through. 70s. I was in the midst of the pack. We I no longer felt isolated. were a good mix of introverts and extraverts, all eager to explore this Citizens’ groups run in the Fall, stage of life. The group process was W i n t e r a n d S p r i n g . S e e very structured; check-in and for more discussion, a 10-minute guided info Citizen’s Counselling in our Community
  13. 13. Summer 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 13 Newsletter box locations: ! Fairway Market (at Quadra and Kings) ! Italian Bakery ! Blanshard Community Centre ! Crystal Pool (inside facility) ! Bahr’s Peoples Drug Mart ! Rob Fleming MLA Constituency Office ! McGavin’s Bread Basket ! Mixer Food Mart Find us online at: PANDORA AVE COOKST QUADRAST BLANSHARDST DOUGLASST BAY ST KINGS RD HILLSIDE AVE FINLAYSON ST CLOVERDALE AVE Distribution Area Interested in writing for us? Perhaps you would write one article or maybe you are interested in contributing more regularly. We publish 4X per year and general guidelines are 500-800 words with a tie in to the neighbourhood. C o n t a c t T r a c y a n d R o w e n a a t : Camp Blanshard: Summer Fun Lives Here! As a leader at Camp Blanshard in 2013, I had the opportunity to be a part of one of the best places on earth. The leaders at Camp Blanshard strive to provide opportunities for fun, excitement, adventure, and new experiences for children who may not otherwise have the chance. A safe, supportive, and judgment-free environment is created to foster personal growth and healthy lifestyles for the junior members of our community. I am returning to Camp Blanshard as the Senior Camp Leader because I have a huge passion for working with children, and I want to continue to foster unique environments where they can feel comfortable being themselves. Throughout the summer, camp participants can expect to be involved in many forms of games, sports, arts and crafts. As well, there will be exciting out-trips to beaches, water-parks, special events and many other adventures. Sign your children up for awesome and affordable summer experiences! Patrick Boyd, Senior Camp Leader Camp Blanshard runs weekdays from June 30 through August 22 this year. Please call Shawna or Patrick for camp registration at 250 388 7696 or For more camp information please visit our website We couldn’t have done it without you! With your support, the Cloverdale Traditional School Parent Advisory Council has raised enough money to replace two playground structures at the school. The brand new equipment meets the growing needs of the students and surrounding community. Come check them out! Thank you from Cloverdale Traditional School ~ Parent Advisory Council Thank You Hillside-Quadra Community!
  14. 14. Summer 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 14 Hillside - Quadra Community Board Parent & Tot Drop-In Children 0-6 years and their parents/caregivers are invited to join in an atmosphere of creativity and play. Activities include crafts, story time, special guests and songs. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 9-11:30 am. Please call Gillian at 250-388-7696 (ext.225) for more information. Best Babies A pre- and post-natal program, in co-operation with Victoria Best Babies and the Vancouver Island HealthAuthority, that aims to optimize nutrition and health in expectant new parents and families. Weekly meetings on Tuesdays from 11 am-1:30 pm, one-to-one support, plus dietician, public health nurse and dental hygienist services. Please call Helene at 250- 388-7696 (ext. 226) for more information (registration required). All Quadra Village Community Centre Programs listed are free of charge except for Little Ones Music Sing-Along (low fee with bursaries available), Hot Lunch Program (exceptional value), Camp Blanshard (bursaries available) and Out-of-School Care (full subsidy available). Youth Drop-In (Ages 10-18) A safe, fun place for boys and girls to hang out. Activities include: pool, ping pong, board games, air hockey, hoops and internet. Please call Jennifer at 250-388-7696, or visit us at for current dates and times. Music with Joie Children 0-5 years, with parents/caregivers, are invited to this creative and playful drop-in music program. Join us Fridays from 10 am-11:30 am. Little Ones Music Sing-Along Come along to our sing–along, rhyme–along sessions in our fun play space. Children 0–6, with parent/caregiver, are invited to this creative and playful music program. Register for Thursdays 1pm-2pm. Child, Youth and Family Worker Assists children and families in areas such as support, mediation, advocacy, mentoring, goal setting, life skills, coping, safety planning, parenting strategies, healthy relationships and referrals. Call Helene at 250-388-7696 (ext.226). Quadra Village Community Centre Quadra Village Community Centre Youth and Family Worker Offers support, mediation, advocacy, mentoring, goal setting, life skills, safety planning and referrals for youths 13-19 and their families. Parenting consultations also available. For residents of Hillside-Quadra and nearby neighbourhoods, contact Laurie at 250-388-7696 (ext.228). Quadra Village Community Out-of-School Care (Ages 6-12) A fun, safe environment for your children. This program provides care after school and full-time during Pro D days, as well as full-time during Christmas, Spring and Summer breaks. Activities include: in/outdoor games, music, arts, crafts, baking and day trips. The Out-of-School Care program picks up children from Quadra and George Jay Elementary Schools. Please contact Deirdre at 250-388-7696 (ext.232) for availability and further information. Family Night Join us for fun activities, crafts and snacks Tuesdays in the Teen Centre area from 6- 7:30 pm. For parents/caregivers with children of all ages. Call 250-388-7696 for more information. Youth and Family Counsellors School-based Youth and Family Counsellors provide support, counselling and advocacy for young people and their families at S.J. Willis, Vic High, Quadra, Cloverdale, Oaklands, Reynolds and Cedar Hill Schools. Sensational Seniors Seniors (50 and over) getting together for conversation, activities, information, good times and good company. Our facilitators follow group input to plan each week’s activities. Coffee, Tea and snack provided. Tuesdays 11am to 12pm. Knowhow Do you want to know how to do something really useful that can make a difference in your life? This daytime group for adults will help show you how to do what you need to whether it’s sewing, cooking, budgeting, fun activities for less, canning, tasty recipes, basic sign language or other things you really could use. Participants share ideas with each other and help make the plans for the group too. Our facilitators help pull everything together. One thing is for sure, you will leave this group with more knowhow than you had before you started (and the group will learn from you too!) . Wednesdays 12:30-2pm. Startdate to be finalized. Contact Gillian at 250-388-7696 ext.225 for more details. Seniors Cards Group For 50 years & over. Cards, games, workshops, crafts and low-cost monthly outings. Mondays 12:30-3 pm. Snacks, tea and coffee are provided. Internet Access Community members are welcome to use one of four computers, with access to printing. Available Monday to Friday, 9 am-3:45 pm, with the exception of Tuesday closures between 1:30-3:00 pm. Call 250-388-7696 or visit for details. Other Community Events The Hot Lunch Program You are cordially invited to join us at the Quadra Village (Blanshard) Community Centre for a hot lunch consisting of a main dish, salad, dessert and coffee or tea. Lunch is served every Thursday from noon-12:30 pm. Stay and socialize until 1 pm. Cost: Adults $3.00, Volunteers $1.00, Children $1.00. Step by Step Parenting Supportive discussion group for parents and caregivers based on Triple P, S.T.E.P. and other effective parenting strategies and information sources. Topics are based on feedback from parents who attend. Child-minding provided. Dates TBA. Contact Helene or Gillian for more information at 250-388-7696. Camp Blanshard Offering fun, affordable, exciting and creative outings in a safe, supportive, engaging and non-judgemental environment. There will be arts and crafts, games, sports, special trips to the beach and water parks, plus various local events around Victoria. Camp sessions are by the week starting June 30 and run from 9:30am to 3:30pm with before and after care available. 5 day camps are $80 per week with camp subsidy and bursary available based on need. For details or registration ask for Shawna at 250 388-7696. The Hillside Quadra Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG) is a group of volunteers that works on issues related to land use, transportation and parks in our neighbourhood. WemeetatBlanshardCommunityCentreat7pmthefirst Monday each month from September to June, except when the first Monday is a holiday. For more information, Hillside Urban Farmer For Sustainability (HUFFS) HUFFS is a community of people, interested in food gardening, who live in or near the Hillside-Quadra, NorthPark, Fernwood area. We come together to learn about urban food production by sharing information, success and challenges, seeds, seedlings and tasty food. One of our goals is to foster community through food production (learn more on the about page). We try to organize a monthly event on varying topics such as soil fertility, backyard chickens, beekeeping, winter gardening, etc. For more info check out Hillside-Quadra Youth in Action Neighbourhood Celebration and Project Update A family event with free food, fun activities and great music! June 29, 2014 from noon to 2pm at 950 Kings Road (Rain or Shine) Help celebrate Hillside-Quadra, see what the Youth in Action team has discovered, and hear what they’re going to do next! Questions or feedback? Please contact Youth in Action Community Animator, Jordan Perr 50-220- 7363. The Youth in Action initiative in Hillside-Quadra is supported by United Way and Coast Capital Savings. ault, at or 2
  15. 15. Summer 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 15 Other Community Events ROOM RENTALS @ Quadra Village Community Centre Planning a special event? Require a meeting space? Just want a comfortable place to gather with a group? We’ve got the room for you, with 6 different rental spaces to suit almost any need. Bright, spacious rooms for private meetings or public presentations. Comfortable couches and chairs for more informal gatherings. Even an awesome Teen Centre to host that perfect birthday party. Washrooms, which are wheelchair accessible, are located on both floors in close proximity to allrooms.Affordablerates,easyaccessandplentyofoptionstochoosefrom. Call Shawna at 250-388-7696, or email for room sizes, on-hand equipment and availability. SJ Willis Education Centre Alternative Education serves students who have experienced difficulty in their school and their community. SJ WillisAlternative serves students 13- 18 years of age, and offers grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 curriculum. Pho Email: Continuing Education serves adults and school- aged students, 16 years and older, who wish to complete their 2004 or Adult Graduation Program, and/or upgrade their skills in Math, English, Social Studies and Science. Continuing Education also offers English as a Second Language and Numeracy and Literacy programs. To accommodate all learners courses are offered in the evening as well as in the day and as self-paced and teacher directed classes. Phone: ; Ema Home Learners’ Link (HLL) and The Linkis the K- 12 program for the Greater Victoria School District’s distributed learning (DL). HLL/The Link offers a full range of courses leading to graduation for students. HLL/The Link operates on a continuous-entry model, with students beginning courses at any time during the 11-month academic year (September 1–July 31). The school supports the achievement of learning outcomes through a combination of online and/or paper-based course options. At HLL/The Link, communication between students and teachers is ongoing and frequent; email, telephone and face-to-face meetings are used to provide learning support and information. Phone: ; Email: (Home Learners' Link) SJ Willis Education Centre students are able to access support from Youth and Family Counselors from Burnside Gorge and Quadra Village Community Centre. Deb Whitten is the Principal for all of the above academic programs. ne: 250-360-4300;; 250-360-4300 il:; 250-360-4300 or (The Link) Send a kid to summer day camp Are you able to help children whose families cannot afford summer activities? ! Donations of any amount will help ! $25.00 involves 3 children in a special event ! $80.00 sponsors 1 child for 1 week at camp ! $225 sponsors 1 child for a full 3-week camp Camp Blanshard offers exciting experiences: games, crafts, visits to parks and beaches. It encourages children to be active & engaged, to make new friends & treasured memories. Want more information? Call Kelly at 250-388-7696 or email Volunteer Mentors Needed 1Up Moms and Mentors program needs volunteer female mentors, ideally with parenting experience, to offer support and guidance to isolated single mothers of all ages. As a volunteer mentor, you will be matched with a single mom and her children for a one-on-one match. Matched pairs spend time discussing parenting issues, working on personal goals and enjoying fun activities together. If you are a good listener, interested in learning more about yourself and others and have a caring, non-judgmental approach, this volunteer role may be a good fit for you. For more information visit our 1Up website: 1- and click on the mentoring section. Or, contact Sanni Rosebrock, 1Up Moms and Mentors Program Coordinator at or 250-385-1114. 1Up Moms and Mentors is currently funded by United Way, the Province of BC and eWomen Network. JOIN THE CREW! Ages 13 - 19 Want Help Getting a Job You Love? ! Build up your resume with volunteerism & skill training. ! Gain work experience through fundraising events. ! Work on interview skills and much more. ! Exciting out trips to Colleges, Universities & cool job sites. ! Connect you to new opportunities and resources in your community. Want to Make New Friends? ! Chill environment to meet and hang out with other people your age. ! Parties, paint ball, movie trips, zip lining and other awesome events. ! Safe and welcoming- we are always looking for new people to join. Want to Make Change? ! The Crew believes in youth leadership & supporting the community. ! Learn about different kinds of causes and ways you can help make your community a better place. ! Complete your volunteer/work hours for graduation. ! You decide what you want to change, we help you decide. NO idea is crazy! Check Us Out or Stop By:Quadra Village Community Centre 901 Kings Rd.Victoria, BC V8T 1W5 (250) 388-7696 (Ask for Jennifer) Find us on Facebook: You Quadra Blanshard or check out our website: Meet New People. Try New Things. Get Involved.
  16. 16. Summer 2014 Hillside - Quadra Community NewsPage 16 By Ken Wong, Friends of Summit Park fawn lily, E. revolutum, can be found at Honeymoon Bay Wild Flower Reserve near Cowichan Lake or at the Government Housey the time you read this article, the garden. It blooms around the same time as theglory of the white fawn lilies, white fawn lily. The yellow glacier lily, E.BErythronium oregonum, on the north grandiflorum, can be found on the summit ofslopes at Summit Park will have long passed. Mt Prevost in Duncan in May or at highIn fact, most will have already set seed. In elevation in Strathcona Park (such as MarbleFebruary the leaves of mature lily plants Meadows) as snow melts, blooming well intoemerge in pairs on a single delicate stem. The August. The white avalanche lily, E.leaves are mottled in colour, like a fawn’s montanum, has non-mottled leaves. It is foundcoat. The mature lily usually has one flower only on San Juan Ridge above Jordan River.bud that blossoms around Easter. In contrast, In fresh clear cuts under the intense sun itimmature plants have a single leaf and may explodes crazily. I have counted one planttake five years to bloom! I have rescued scores with 17 flowers! Depending on snowof this lily from development sites in conditions, early June is the best time to see it.Langford, Saanich and View Royal and So if you have missed the Summit Park greatplanted them in my garden. It has spread display of white fawn lilies, just go to highernaturally, transforming my lawn into a elevations to catch the later shows of itsflowering meadow.This spring I had a happy cousins.surprise: one of my fawn lilies had three If you find a white fawn lily with four orflowers. It must be a very rare occurrence as more flowers, please let me know! Forthis is only the second triple that I have ever information about the Friends of Summitfound. Park, please Vancouver Island, there are three additional species of Erythronium. The pink White Fawn Lilies at Summit Park White fawn lilies at Summit Hill Park (photo by Ken Wong) A painted pole in Fernwood. Do you think this could work here? See the article on page 6 about the idea to Take Back the Poles in our neighbourhood