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Tweetinar on Neck pain by Dr. Abhay Nene of Hinduja Hospital

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Hinduja hospital conducts regular webinars and tweetinars for online users where they can seek advice from expert doctors of hinduja hospital for free. Above is the tweetinar conducted by hinduja hospital on neck pain where issues like neck pain remedies, neck pain relief, neck pain exercises, pillow for neck pain, pillow for neck pain were discussed successfully.
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Tweetinar on Neck pain by Dr. Abhay Nene of Hinduja Hospital

  1. 1. Neck pain Twetinar: Q and A session at Hinduja hospital.A question and answer session was held during the Tweetinar on Neck pain,conducted on 19th March 2013. It was a lively discussion by Dr. Abhay Nene,Consultant Orthopedic and Spine Surgeon at Hinduja Hospital.Purpose: To preserve life, prevent further disease and promote recovery. Topics discussedQ1. Who gets postural neck pain?Ans. Persons who are involved in jobs needing prolonged sitting postures, especiallylooking into a laptop screen, bending over papers or driving, are most likely to sufferfrom poor posture related neck pains.Q2. Are all neck pains muscular?Ans. Muscle spasm is usually a manifestation of an underlying injury and not theproblem itself.Q3. What are the red flags for neck pain?Ans. Any pain traveling down the arm, and tingling / pins and needles / numbness inthe hand, and any neck pain not responding to routine treatment over a week shouldbe shown to a specialist.Q4. Can I free my neck with release maneuvers when I have a neck spasm?Ans. No, the neck spasm is usually a protective reaction of the body to keep nervecompression at bay, and any release maneuvers usually worsen the problem.Q5. What sort of a pillow should I use?Ans. If sleeping on the back- a thin / soft pillow and if on the sides – a tall pillow thatfills up the space between the head and the bed should be used, so that the head doesnot tilt.Q6. Acute neck spasm! Hot packs or ice?Ans. Unlike most areas, in acute neck spasm, hot packs help best.Q7. My X-ray shows cervical spondylosis. Should I be worried?Ans. Cervical spondylosis is wear and tear of the discs, joints and bones of the neckand need not always be symptomatic. X-rays of most patients after 45 would reportcervical spondylosis and is not a worrisome finding if not accompanied by neck pain /red flags.
  2. 2. Q8. Should I undergo physiotherapy or take traction in acute pain?Ans. Both exercises and traction or manipulation should be avoided at the height ofpain. While traction has no scientific role in treatment, exercises remain thecornerstone of treatment once acute pain is over.Q9. Should I wear a collar in acute pain?Ans. Yes, if comfortable. However, at times a collar can worsen pain because it isoversized, so wear only if comfortable in one.Q10. Do I need to undergo an X-ray or MRI?Ans. X-ray is a cursory investigation that shows bone changes, which are usuallyunrelated to acute pain (unless in accidents). MRI shows the exact cause of acutepain, but is expensive and need not be done when pain is of a few days duration andthere are no red flags.Stay connected with us on:Facebook : : : :