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Are Enterprise Messaging Platforms à la Slack the Future Collaboration Platforms?

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A short presentation at the Enterprise Digital Summit 2016, Paris about the new paradigm of chat based collaboration platforms

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Are Enterprise Messaging Platforms à la Slack the Future Collaboration Platforms?

  1. 1. Social. Cloud. Analytics. Amplify your business PAGE 01 Lighteningtalkat #EntDigi Enterprise Digital Summit Paris, June 1st 2016 Are Enterprise Messaging Platforms à la Slack the Future Collaboration Platforms? Siegfried Lautenbacher @beaservices1
  2. 2. PAGE 2 Who has Hands-on Experience? Let’s check if there is experience with slack in the audience Who knows #slack from own hands-on experience? (tested, experimented, played with) Who uses #slack? productively in his/ her organisation (or just for some not so important external groups?)
  3. 3. PAGE 03 Why Do I Talk About This Topic Because Björn asked me. We have a long track record in High Performance Collaboration including hands-on experience in various platforms. With Slack in experimental phase. One (yes, “1”) commercial project in Latin America Short Company History • Beck et al. Services is an independent, entrepreneur- owned consulting company for IT projects and services. • Locations in Germany, Switzerland, Romania, Brazil and Singapore: we work internationally. • Since 1999, we act as a reliable partner for our customers. • Today, around 80 people are working for our customers worldwide • Only those who change remain. And such is the story of Beck et al. Services also a story of permanent change. @beaservices1
  4. 4. PAGE 4 A Reminder (to myself) „Tools are all just a reflection of the way you choose to communicate“.
  5. 5. Social. Cloud. Analytics. Amplify your business PAGE 05 Yes. They are „Are Enterprise Messaging Platforms à la Slack the Future Collaboration Platforms?“
  6. 6. PAGE 6 Why Slack is the next collaboration platform Learning from the Digitalistas Slack brings us back the freedom to communicate. Bild 1 Conversations, put to work 2 3 True ubiquity. Made for a mobile world Chat based collaboration connects people, tools, process, and automation into a transparent workflow. User experience is REALLY coherent in all different format/ cross device experience: mobile, website, apps Painless “office“ integrations Basic Doc mgmt functionalities, painless integration of apps like Quip 4 Seamless process integration Bots. Did we already talk about bots?The new Appstore without interface 5 Simplified entitlement Very easy very straight forward user management/ authentication, rights management (easy for 2 pizza teams - maybe not yet enterprise ready)
  7. 7. PAGE 07 No. They aren’t „Are Enterprise Messaging Platforms à la Slack the Future Collaboration Platforms?“
  8. 8. PAGE 8 „Group chat is like being in an all-day meeting with random participants and no agenda.“ Jason Fried Source: sweat-744659addf7d#.dvfwh2b8m
  9. 9. PAGE 9 Why Slack isn’t the next collaboration platform Bild 1 Just another vendor lock-in 2 3 For Digitalistas mainly Yes. Slack is an enterprise. They want your money. Slack et al. require a new (old) mind-set again. Not so self explaining. Maybe a challenge fore some of us. (US-)Cloud only Still an issue? 4 Feeling lost Where is the important stuff? What did I miss in the last days? To much noise… No tools to “densify” content 5 Fill in your own prejudices here ..
  10. 10. PAGE 010 Multimodal Collaboration
  11. 11. PAGE 11 Maybe The“One-Fits All” approach is wrong ? Especially for large enterprises ? Can we learn from the “bimodal IT” approach?. • Platforms/ Vendors come and go. Focus on the usage and the usage patterns instead of trying to find the holy grail platform. • The bot-pattern will remain: chat based collaboration enables new bot 2.0 possibilities (—› Intelligent, AI, NPL, Cognitive, Watson et al.) • Maybe Gartners “bimodal IT” concept is a good analogy: Source: glossary/bimodal/
  12. 12. PAGE 12 How do the Mode 1 Platform providers react? Their main problem: Complex legacy collaboration monoliths. Some Examples (rough & superficial) Today “Slack” reaction Microsoft Office 365 groups connectors Skype for business as a team messenger platform with bots framework as a slack competitor IBM Intelligent assistents in verse and connections Project Toscana as a completely new platform as a “enterprise ready slack” ? We built our own integration bot between Slack & CNX “harambot” MangoApps Integration V 1.0 done
  13. 13. Zielstattstr. 42, 81379 München @beaservices1 +49 89 5388630 Amplify your business Get in Touch
  14. 14. PAGE 14 Interesting Readings Slack/ Hipchat: General: chatbot-to-apply-for-jobs digitalen (in German)
  15. 15. PAGE 15 Open Source Alternatives to Slack & HipChat There are a lot of open-source Team Messengers Mattermost (also self-hosted) Zulip Rocket Chat And many others. Source (in German):
  16. 16. You want more ? @beaservices1 @ Beck et al. Services
  17. 17. BeaS DNA Social BeaS Group Cloud Facts Analytics Partner Support Services Principles Customer Beck et al. Sedcard Customer centricity Service Orientation Passion Collaboration Beck et al. Services GmbH Beck et al. Services Suisse Beck et al. Services Brazil Beck et al. Services Romania Foundation 1999 Employee 75 (45 in D) Revenue 2015 € 7 millions Shareholder & Managing Director Mr. Siegfried Lautenbacher • Human to human services • Thinking from the customer points • Cooperation for success • Serve the needs of the customers • Curiosity and passion are the most important prerequisites for success • Nothing is unchangeable • Take responsibility High Performance Collaboration Change & Enablement & Support Business & Processes Consulting Operation & Support Cloud Services Cloud Readiness Workshops Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Backend as a service Consulting Operation & Support Analytics IT Operations Analytics WorkplaceBenchmarking Social Analytics Consulting Operation & Support Support Service Service Desk IT – Maintenance Coaching & Training E-Learning