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How Has Hiring Evolved? A Decade of Data

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In this infographic, you will learn:

- How many candidates – even at the highest levels – routinely lie on their resume? And what they lie about?
- The reasons that companies do not rescreen their employees, even though people change over time?
- Why it is that companies don’t adopt a global screening policy, when doing so is prudent and safe?

The number of companies that, in spite of constant changes in states’ laws regarding use of medical marijuana, have not modified their policies to accommodate new regulations?

Based on our 10th Anniversary edition of HireRight’s 2017 Annual Employment Screening Benchmark Report this new infographic gives a snapshot of how organizations’ attitudes, practices and policies on background checks have evolved over the decade HireRight has been conducting our surveys. The data may astound you.

And to get an even more extensive picture, download the entire 2017 Employment Screening Benchmark Report at:

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How Has Hiring Evolved? A Decade of Data

  1. 1. HIRING EVOLVED? HOW of those that rescreen only do so when employees are promoted/change roles 48% improvement from 2012 5% of employers do screen these employees in 2017. (In 2012, only 41% did) 86% of employers rescreen these employees 10% of the workforce consists of contingent/nontraditional employees 40% did not have a marijuana policy 79% 2012 report no plans to change their existing drug policy A decade of hiring trends shows how the workforce has evolved. To find and retain top talent, it’s essential that employers meet this evolution with a stronger screening program – or risk falling behind the curve. 78% 2017 One way to uncover fabrications is by rescreening post-hire… but most employers don’t. of employers cited talent management as a top challenge 29% say it’s their top challenge 66% Talent acquisition and retention is a bigger challenge than ever in 2017. verify U.S. backgrounds 15% screen international employees (6% less than last year) 13% International employees? Increasing, but few organizations have a global screening policy. IN 2009 IN 2017 Can proper screening practices help? of employers uncovered a lie/misrepresentation on a resume66% of employers uncovered a lie/misrepresentation on a resume85% 20172008 Did you know candidates still regularly fabricate their resumes? And what about contingent/nontraditional employees? What about drug policies? Are they evolving? NOPE. Not even with the new marijuana legislation. All featured data originates from 2008 – 2017 HireRight Benchmark reports. Copyright © 2017 HireRight, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction of this publication in any form without prior written permission is prohibited. Distribution of this publication in its original form is permitted. HIRING EVOLVED? HOW HASHAS A D E C A D E O F D A T A