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Expanded Password System (10-page)

Passwords should not be killed dead, but should be expanded

We are…
- The FIRST company to provide a password system expanded to enable people to make use of episodic image memories as well as any kind of visual objects
- The FIRST company to turn torturous logins into comforting ones
- The FIRST company to enable ID federation schemes to be deployed in decentralized formations
- The FIRST company to make multi-factor authentication schemes more practicable
- The FIRST company to make biometric schemes less insecure
- advocating that brute force attacks can be thwarted by smart use of picture passwords
- advocating that password systems can further be expanded to all kinds of sensations
- advocating that EPS could keep supporting the foundation of real/cyber-fused society so long as humans need cyber space.

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Expanded Password System (10-page)

  1. 1. - Reliable Identity Assurance - 7th January, 2016 Mnemonic Security, Inc., Japan Expass Assured Identities Ltd., UK (under way) Setting Up Global Headquarters in UK Version 3
  2. 2. Few people can recall more than several unique passwords due to the cognitive phenomenon called “Interference of Memory”. The password predicament can be largely mitigated by our that accepts images as well as conventional characters. Wait! Passwords should not be killed dead, but should be expanded
  3. 3. There are several known pictures in the matrix I can easily find all of them right away Only I can select all of them correctly Both images and characters being accepted, I now have broader choices. The prototype of EPS made its debut in early 2000 in Japan. Perhaps a bit too early and in a wrong place . Torturous login is history. Login is now comfortable, relaxing and healing.
  4. 4. Multi-factor authentications? - Dependent on a password as one of the factors ! Biometrics? - Dependent on a password in case of false rejection ! ID federations? - Single point of failure & dependent on a master- password ! World with passwords killed dead? - Life with no safe sleep. Nightmare! is unique in that it enables users to make use of “episodic/autobiographic” image memory that is the least susceptible to “interference of memory”
  5. 5. Congested with many competitions are the domains AROUND the password, i.e., biometrics, two/multi-factor schemes and ID federations (single-sign-on services and password management tools), all of which depend on the use or combined-use of the password either for security or convenience. No congestion is seen as yet IN the domain of the very successor to the head-aching character-based password. In this domain our Expanded Password System that accepts images as well as characters would be found outstanding as a pioneer. Simple picture passwords including emoji-PIN and pattern-on-grid methods can be deployed on the EPS platform.
  6. 6. Better security gained for users of password-managers and SSOservices thanks to more reliable master-passwords for decentralised deployment. Even better security gained for users of two/multi-factor authentication schemes thanks to a more reliable password as one of the factors. Less vulnerable security gained for users of biometric product operated with a fallback password thanks to a more reliable fallback password. Nothing lost for users who do not like the troubles of using images because they can keep using character-based passwords as before. Lost is a small extra trouble of getting images registered.
  7. 7. Who bear costs? •Governments •Businesses •Organisations •Identity-sensitive Individuals The project of re-launching Expanded Password System in UK is given the Greenlight Status as “technology of exceptional potential” under Global Entrepreneur Programme (GEP) of UK Trade & Investment. • Where? –PCs, Tablets, Phones, Wearables, Clouds –used Online & Offline, Indoor & Outdoor • What applications? –For Stand-alone, ID federations, –Two/Multi-factors, and With Biometrics • For Whom? –From the elderly –To the panicked soldiers
  8. 8. Client Software for Device Login Applications Login Image-to-Code Conversion Server Software for Online-Access Onetime Password Open ID Compatible Data Encryption Software with on-the-fly key generation Single & Distributed Authority Brand expass (globally) Mnemonic Guard (over 10 years in Japan)
  9. 9. Hitoshi Kokumai, Inventor of Expanded Password System “expass” “Mnemonic Guard” and Founder of Mnemonic Security, Inc. Japan and Expass Identity Assurance Limited, UK (under way). On Advisory Board will be Laurent Liscia, CEO of OASIS, with the message: "As the CEO of OASIS, a standards organization that has an established track record in identity management, security and privacy, I see the wisdom in the principles put forward by the Mnemonic Security team. Their approach may not be new-fangled or "hip", but it is rooted in a deep understanding of human needs in relation to security and authentication. The value proposition of their mnemonic software is quite clear in this ever-so-hot market, and I see potential in the consumer arena.“ Among the leading supporters are - Don Thibeau, Chairman of Open Identity Exchange and Executive Director of OpenID Foundation - Colonel (retired) Hiroshi Itoh, Founding Commander of Systems Defense Unit, Signal Brigade, Japanese Ground Self-Defense Forces.
  10. 10. We are in the middle of the decades-long game of having the finalist candidates chosen for the legitimate successor to centuries-old seals and signatures, which will make the basic foundation for the real/cyber-fused society. Please join us and support us for this nicely exciting enterprise. For more information, business scheme and profit planning, please contact Hitoshi Kokumai at Mail: Skype: kokumaiskype Tel: 81-90-5460-7350 (when staying in Japan) 44-7738-905032 (when staying in UK) 10 THANK YOU