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Overhead Music & Announcements for Health and Fitness Centers

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How to use background music and overhead announcements to improve the overall experience for members of your health or fitness facility.

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Overhead Music & Announcements for Health and Fitness Centers

  1. 1. Holdcom | | info@holdcom.comOverhead Music • Is Flexible o Depending on your clientele and when they are active within your facility, you can adjust music accordingly. o You might consider one playlist for early bird corporate employees, another for daytime visits from moms or seniors, and another for a younger audience later at night.
  2. 2. Holdcom | | info@holdcom.comOverhead Music• Helps Members Stay more Fit o Music transforms the “chore” of exercising into a more pleasant experience. Using happy, upbeat, and energetic music can get members in the mood to work out harder. o Listening to music increases the amount of time people can run on a treadmill before perceived exhaustion, especially women and obese children (source) o Music can increase athletic performance up to 20% (source)
  3. 3. Holdcom | | info@holdcom.com60% of members report that they feel more loyalto a gym that plays music they like (source)
  4. 4. Holdcom | | info@holdcom.comOverhead Music • Emphasizes your brand o By choosing appropriate music, you can create a unique, branded “radio station” that adds interest to your overhead programming and allows you to dictate the “sound” of your brand. o Every business has a brand. It’s not about a logo or certain colors, it’s about others’ perceptions of you.
  5. 5. Holdcom | | info@holdcom.comOverhead Music • Ensures Staff is Alert o Working in silence all day can have a negative impact on your staff members o The environment your staff works in can directly impact members – how can they provide great customer service if they’re miserable?
  6. 6. Holdcom | | info@holdcom.comOverhead Announcements• Use pre-recorded announcements to create special events o Start a Work out “power hour.” Announce it overhead then play appropriate music to keep everyone working hard o Keep messages clear by using a professional voice
  7. 7. Holdcom | | info@holdcom.comOverhead Announcements • Grow your fitness class attendance o Inform members about different types of fitness classes available. o Promote your popular classes throughout the day.
  8. 8. Holdcom | | info@holdcom.comOverhead Announcements• You can also use announcements to encourage members to make purchases within your facility: Highlight promotions at your Juice and Snack Bars Let people know when merchandise, like branded t-shirts or duffel bags, go on sale
  9. 9. Click here for a FREE TRIAL of Holdcom’s Overhead Music Solution| | | 800.666.6465