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#Caring4NHSPeople - virtual wellbeing session 13 January 2021

Slides from the #Caring4NHSPeople - virtual wellbeing session 13 January 2021

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#Caring4NHSPeople - virtual wellbeing session 13 January 2021

  1. 1. Supporting Managers and team leaders to support each other through work and personal pressures Virtual Community Meeting 13th January 4pm #Caring4NHSpeople # ProjectM Welcome to our monthly national community event supporting the health and wellbeing of our NHS people during the Covid-19 response
  2. 2. Introduce yourself in the chat box Say: • Who you are • Where you are today • One thing you’re currently doing to look after yourself during this challenging time • Send to “all participants” To join the wellbeing community list, click on the link at
  3. 3. To join the mailing list of people who get the information about this community: #Caring4NHSpeople #ProjectM Staying in touch… To share what you’ve learnt or what’s inspired you during these sessions or even suggest new topics… Get in touch with Zoe! #Caring4NHSpeople #ProjectM All the national offers:
  4. 4. Supporting Managers and team leaders to support each other through work and personal pressures Virtual Community Meeting 13th January 4pm #Caring4NHSpeople #ProjectM Welcome to our monthly national community event supporting the health and wellbeing of our NHS people during the Covid-19 response
  5. 5. Aims of today’s national health and wellbeing community event… • Offer support, ideas, knowledge and wisdom to those with a role in supporting the health and wellbeing of our staff • Share the range of wellbeing support activities that are available • Connect with each other and collectively build our community of those who support the health and wellbeing of our staff #Caring4NHSpeople #ProjectM
  6. 6. • Welcome – John Drew • National wellbeing overview & quiz – Steve Lee & Ian Baines • #ProjectM – Alan Nobbs • Supporting teams & avoiding burnout – Dr Rachel Morris • Closing Remarks – Jacqueline Davies #Caring4NHSpeople #ProjectM
  7. 7. The team today Contributors Zoe Lord Facilitators Elizabeth Nyawade Chat box facilitators Social Media Kerry McGinty YouTube hosts Ramima Khanam Claire Shields Karen Dumain Paul Woodley Technical host #Caring4NHSpeople #ProjectM Ian Baines Dr Rachel Morris Jacqueline DaviesSteve Lee Alan NobbsJohn Drew Ian Baines Neil Owen
  8. 8. National Wellbeing Overview & Wellbeing Quiz #Caring4NHSpeople #ProjectM Steve Lee Interim Head of Health and Wellbeing NHS England and NHS Improvement Ian Baines Transformation Lead NHS Horizons
  9. 9. 9 |9 | The health and wellbeing of our NHS people is a key theme in the People Plan Overall outcome Pillars Themes for action in 2020/21 ✔ More people ✔ Working differently ✔ In a compassionate and inclusive culture . . . to support the delivery of the NHS Long Term Plan Looking after our people Belonging in the NHS Growing for the future We are safe, and physically and mentally healthy and well We work flexibly Expanding and developing our workforce Recruiting and retaining our people We are open and inclusive, and staff have a voice Leaders are compassionate and inclusive at all levels New ways of working and delivering care Making the most of the skills in our teams Educating and training our people for the future HWB update for Elective Task Force, 5 January 2021
  10. 10. 10 |10 | National HWB offers directly available to all staff have been accessed over half a million times through ▪163,391 app downloads ▪10,426 contacts with our dedicated helplines ▪442,947 website sessions ▪2,750 leadership circle ▪940 common room ▪1,292 coaching & mentoring ▪1,382 REACT participants ▪4,496 primary care coaching sessions ▪(+1,503 booked) ▪17,371 HWB webinar views ▪35m+ Twitter impressions ▪6,998 tweets HWB update for Elective Task Force, 5 January 2021
  11. 11. 11 | The Pulse Survey suggests that staff generally feel well supported - and that when they do, it reduces stress ▪ Throughout COVID, staff generally have felt well supported (64-69%) and well informed (80-85%) ▪ The combination of these two factors leads to measurably lower levels of anxiety (27% versus average of 34% for all NHS staff), as shown below; ▪ Staff report being more anxious about their immediate family and friends and those they care for than their own health ▪ The level of anxiety felt by staff has been rising in recent months, but remains below the level of the rest of the UK workforce (35%) Pulse survey –114 NHS employers registered, 33,819 respondents across all 8 waves so far
  12. 12. 12 | • We have engaged with and listened to our advisory groups • It is important that the health and wellbeing offer continues to evolve and our focus is turning to three main areas: • We need to ensure Health and Wellbeing Guardians are supported in their role and champion health and wellbeing consistently within organisations – we have developed a toolkit and identified senior health and wellbeing advocates who have offered to help us • We need to equip line managers and teams with the tools they need take ownership of health and wellbeing and that supportive, compassionate, conversations take place routinely • We need to continue to deploy evidence-based interventions on mental health that staff can access rapidly, while also promoting the current offer; and have a focus on Occupational Health becoming an integral part of a preventative health and wellbeing management system to help organisations develop and own interventions How do we see the programme evolving? Presentation title
  13. 13. 13 | ▪ Extending free access to health and wellbeing apps to NHS staff until the end March 2021, funded nationally ▪ Development of an accessible physical health offer in partnership with Invictus Games Foundation ▪ Financial wellbeing support in partnership with the Money and Pensions Service (MAPS) ▪ Violence reduction training and extending the pilot of body-worn cameras in the ambulance sector ▪ Implementing H&WB conversations for all NHS staff, including new joiners as detailed in the People Plan 20/21 ▪ Introducing ‘Leadership lifeguards’ to provide coaching and support to line managers ▪ Further development and research into the offer to BAME staff and networks, including working in partnership with faith groups ▪ Family and relationship support in partnership with specialist providers We continually refine the support offer to staff through winter with the additional challenges associated with COVID Secondary drivers related to COVID Underlying stressors, which are likely to have increased during COVID COVID illness The effectiveness and reach of the HWB support is tracked and evaluated week by week to refine and respond to what staff need and what they seem to value most highly HWB update for Elective Task Force, 5 January 2021
  14. 14. 14 |14 | HWB update for Elective Task Force, 5 January 2021 Be brave and ask for help if you need it
  15. 15. #ProjectM Offers & Top Tips #Caring4NHSpeople #ProjectM Alan Nobbs Head of Design and Development NHS Leadership Academy @Alannobbs
  16. 16. How to support your teams through the COVID crisis without burning out yourself #Caring4NHSpeople #ProjectM Dr Rachel Morris GP, Executive Coach and host of the ‘You Are Not A Frog’ podcast @DrRachelMorris
  17. 17. DR RACHEL MORRIS GP –20 years experience in the NHS Assistant Director of GP Studies for Cambridge University (2004 -15) Professionalism Lead for University of Cambridge (2011 – 2016) Red Whale GP Update Presenter: Co-author and presenter of Lead. Manage. Thrive! Course and Director of Leadership Courses Tutor for PGCert in Medical Education University of Cambridge Executive Coach and Trainer specializing in Resilience in the Workplace Founder of Wild Monday and Creator of the Shapes Toolkit – helping healthcare professionals thrive in the workplace Host of the You Are Not A Frog podcast
  18. 18. The stressors hexagon Getting out of the corner The zone of power The vortex The coaching pentagon The drama triangle The prioritisation grid
  19. 19. ”…decision fatigue, combined with the pressure we’re putting on ourselves to make smart, safe choices for ourselves, our families and our communities, can lead to pandemic-specific burnout. …the problem is that many of our usual coping mechanisms have vanished – think going to the gym or taking an art class – and trying to shoehorn in a new one might actually exacerbate burnout” Brian Lufkin, BBC Worklife ‘How to Avoid Burnout During a Pandemic’ COVID burnout
  20. 20. Reactive No plan Overidentifying Trying to fix it
  21. 21. 1 Mindset Shift & 3 Quick Tools Drama Triangle Zone of Power Stress curve ABC & check-in chat
  22. 22. Mindset shift #1 The drama triangle The Karpman Drama Triangle: Stephen B. Karpman MD Used with permission
  26. 26. Tool #1 The zone of power
  27. 27. This slide represents the whole of your life….. ….this circle represents the things you have control over, this is your zone of power MY ZONE OF POWER
  28. 28. What I can’t control = stressed What I can control = powerful & productive
  29. 29. Tool #2 The stress curve
  30. 30. 1 2 3 4
  31. 31. Tool #3 ABC and Check-in Chat
  32. 32. Active Breaks Connect How can you move more? Even for 5 minutes?? How can you connect in ways that increase your team’s wellbeing? How can rest, even for a short time to switch your brain to ‘diffuse’ mode?
  33. 33. 5-minute check-in chat 1) How are you? (Really?) 2) What are you worried about? 3) What’s going well? 4) What do you need? Don’t try to fix it!
  34. 34. 1 Mindset Shift & 3 Quick Tools Get out of the Drama Triangle Stay in your Zone of Power Use the Stress curve for better conversations Remember the ABC & check-in chats
  35. 35. RESOURCES AVAILABLE FREE DOWNLOADS Handouts and Worksheets available to download Stress curve, Zone of Power 2021 COVID-19 Team Wellbeing Toolkit resources pack ABC 5-minute check-in, 6 rules for coping with COVID Departmental wellbeing checklist Listen to the You Are Not A Frog podcast Get in touch! Twitter @DrRachelMorris LinkedIn @Dr-Rachel-Morris Resilience Training for Healthcare Professionals and their teams
  36. 36. Very helpfulNot helpful To what extent has today’s session been useful in your own role supporting staff health and wellbeing during and after Covid-19? POLL If you are on YouTube or the poll doesn’t work for you on Zoom, write your number in the chatbox