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Virtual Reality And The Evoloution of Emotive Communications

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A slide show on the evolution of emotive and experiential communications and a glimpse into the serious applications of virtual reality. Useful for inspiration for any marketers considering virtual reality.

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Virtual Reality And The Evoloution of Emotive Communications

  1. 1. @brownbare John Brown Dad to Freddie Husband to Lois Global Director at Hotwire
  2. 2. Equipped with his five senses man explore the universe around him Edwin Hubble
  3. 3. Technological advancements are driven by our pursuit for mimicking human interaction and experience John Brown
  4. 4. Our earliest forms of communications wanted to get across our experience of the world
  5. 5. The purpose of our communications hasn’t evolved much
  6. 6. But our ability to communicate an experience has
  7. 7. VR is the next chapter in experiential communications
  8. 8. Poll: What do you think will make VR pervasive?
  9. 9. Experience open heart surgery
  10. 10. Experience open warfare
  11. 11. Experience a terrorist attack
  12. 12. What can marketers learn?
  13. 13. Experience sponsorship
  14. 14. Experience a refugee crisis
  15. 15. Experience your hotel
  16. 16. VR is definitely open for business but be careful of the pitfalls
  17. 17. Do you need to experience the story you’re telling? Are you relying on the technology? Could this be done better face to face?
  18. 18. Thank you