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  1. 1. Sam Winters +61 466 887 212 Having Problems Organizing your Household Work? An increasing problem with most households in Western Australia is leaving your own household work behind because you are very busy at work. When you come home all you need is to relax and do nothing much. You warm up a TV dinner (or eat out), have a zip (or a little more) wine, watch some TV, log on to Face book, and fall asleep on Face book. Sounds familiar? If you are a parent it may be a little different. You are tired when you finish preparing the dinner and get the homework of your kids done. Your household work is as equally important as your office work because this is where you LIVE. You need to organize how you do the following rather than doing it sporadically: - Cooking - Laundry - Tiding up - Kids‟ homework - Effective record keeping of Utility bills, correspondence etc - Allocating entertainment time - Grocery shopping habits - Washing times and habits - Gardening Don‟t confuse my work for merely a tiding up service. Yes I can certainly tidy up your home to make it look like a display home. But the question is how long will it stay that way? A week? A few days perhaps? My job is to help you keep your display home with a perfect mechanism for all household work including your paperwork FOREVER. Did it ever occur to you why you are so good at your job but your household work is not as good? One reason is because at work you are trained to do what you do. The other is that at home there is no one to check your work (you work as you want because you are your own boss). Self-discipline is very important.
  2. 2. Sam Winters +61 466 887 212 Have you ever been through a situation where you have been somewhat (or very) embarrassed when you brought a visitor or a date to home because your home is a disaster? Well, this is not that uncommon. Most of us dress neatly and sharp. But it does not reflect how we keep our homes. What you ALWAYS need to remember is that your home is where you live. That is your kingdom. If your kingdom is not organized, you are vulnerable for attack by many forces such as, utility bills that were not paid, pest, psychological irritation, restlessness, and many more. This contributes very positively on your children. They will learn how to be organized, how to be efficient, and how to handle chores in household. This will give them a sense of independence and leadership. Why don’t web pages, blogs, YouTube or books don’t work? Many of my clients have tried the „household organizing tips‟ from many sources. But none of them seem to have work. In fact this is one of the questions I ask my new clients. “Have you tried any books, web sites, You Tube, etc..” I know the answer beforehand but I ask this anyway just for fun. The answer is always “Yes I did, but no they don‟t work”. The explanation is simple. You need physical follow up. That is where I come into the picture and that is why my approach is 100% successful. The other reason why the above does not work is because none of them know who you are. They haven‟t seen your home, they don‟t know how you work, they don‟t know what your day is like, or very simply, they don‟t know you. These media advice is generic. It is not custom made for you. Without having a chat with you, seeing your household, making a custom made plan, and doing follow up how do you expect them to work. I will spend a reasonable amount of time with you at your convenience to get to know what you expect to achieve. I don‟t charge late night fees or weekend rates. I work around your time table. I will give you a perfect plan custom made for you. This will not look like a strict military plan. It will be enjoyable for you and everyone who lives there allowing you to have your TV time and Face book time. My work doesn‟t end there. I will follow up with you until you get adjusted to the mechanism. A little bit about me I am, by nature, very organized and neat. From my school days I have helped my messy friends to keep their rooms neat.
  3. 3. Sam Winters +61 466 887 212 I have a business degree from New York. My house mates in New York (all were working and I was the only student) placed me in charge of the house because I was neat and organized. Following the Degree I worked in many fields such as Insurance, Real Estate, government service in London, Tourism (again government service), and health care. All the roles were middle to top management. I am highly organized in office environment as well. That has saved me from a lot of trouble. At a certain point in my life it came to me that I should do this for a living. So I started. One by one my clientele grew to a point that I could make a living out of it. I don‟t take too many clients if I cannot give them the attention they require. This is a “Quality over Quantity” type of a job. With my help many couples, single parents, bachelors and bachelorettes have improved the quality of their lives. They have been able to eliminate home related stress. My service is 100% confidential. My name is Sam and my phone number is 0466 887212. My e-mail is Image credit: Google Images