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The Whole Trick to SUCCESS in the SEO BUSINESS is..

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Chris, a guy who has sold SEO to thousands of clients, is going to tell the secrets to his success, when you come to the webinar on June 25th at 3 PM EDT.
Chris is absolutely fearless in going after new business. He’s passionate about what he does. You can’t help but be inspired by Chris’ story, from his days as national sales director for, to his foray into SEO when he and his team landed huge clients (like Home Depot and Walgreens) to now when he is so busy, he barely has time to do this webinar!

Chris will inspire you to go out and do better! He’ll tell you about:
- Resources you can tap into locally and creative ways to use those resources to make yourself the SEO expert - in your local community.
- The big problems he’s run into with the big money accounts and why he prefers working with small, local businesses.
- How to identify which local businesses you should approach.
- Why it’s important to have a strong infrastructure in place so you can stay in “sales mode.”
- What he knows about selling SEO that makes potential clients come to him.

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The Whole Trick to SUCCESS in the SEO BUSINESS is..

  1. 1. Ask a Reseller: Chris June 25, 2015
  2. 2. Shift from Yellow Pages ● Before 2005 - National sales director for Traveled to train how to sell the Internet and ● 2005-2006 - Yellowpages was bought by Bell South and AT&T. The only position was premise sales - print was dying and wasn’t great fit for small businesses. ● 2006 - Chris and partner started your agency
  3. 3. Initial Focus on Large Accounts ● 2006-2009 - Focused on large accounts ○ Walgreens, Home Depot ○ Initial focus was showing big brands how to contact vendors to build events in store locations. ○ Everything was working fine but they realized there were too many decision makers. ● 2010 Pivot - Decided to put their 15-20 years of experience with SMB to work
  4. 4. Pros and Cons of big accounts Pros ● Bigger budgets. Monthly retainers were $10k or more. Cons ● Long sales cycles ● Too many decision makers ● Hard to get stuff done
  5. 5. You never thought of this idea ● Started off by hanging out at Lowes ● Would look for contractors who didn’t have websites on their trucks ● He was confident about his product and would strike up a conversation - fearless
  6. 6. Other ways to start lead gen ● Start your own weekly / biweekly meeting at a local restaurant / bar ● Camp out at starbucks and see people making sales presentation ● Be an educator before you get the business ● ○ Don’t start the meetup trying to sell. ○ Once you explain SEO and Internet marketing… they will often start asking questions.
  7. 7. Continue lead gen Next thing ● Pick a vertical (category) ● Service industry person ○ Focused on people that worked on homes ○ Get as many clients as possible ● Plenty of money if you aren’t greedy ● You got to have the infrastructure to scale when you are going after smaller clients
  8. 8. Sales Techniques ● Chris to review sales techniques
  9. 9. Questions 1. How many internal staff and sales reps do you have working for you? 2. What types of businesses are the most appropriate for SEO programs in your opinion? 3. What is the best selling point? 4. What are your best conversion tools you use to get clients to sign up? 5. How long do you make them commit to for the program? 6. How do you pare down your service offerings and price to be able to work with a small business that has little money to spend on SEO? 7. Need a great way to explain to a customer the value of this type of investment... I have reports but would like to quantify it better if possible. 10. What is the key to close a sale? 11. How do find the best success prospecting? Cold calling? Door to door? Networking events? Seminars/Conferences?