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Two years ago DMA Solutions could build a social network following in a flash and create beautiful websites in a heartbeat, yet they were at a crossroads. They were an established agency but facing marginal revenue growth, stagnation in service offerings and a lack of measurement capabilities. They knew something needed to change. Enter inbound marketing. After adopting Hubspot and practicing inbound marketing, they made the shift to become more effective and successful marketers. In this session DMA Solutions will share their story about their accelerated path to reaching Gold within a year and their plans for future success. As an agency focused on the niche fresh fruit & vegetable industry, DMA’s FRESH and unique perspective will offer actionable advice to other agencies looking to create measurable results for their own business.

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  1. 1. #INBOUND14 Stagnate to Stunning Why We Adopted Inbound & How We Reinvented Our Agency Dan’l Mackey Almy President & CEO, DMA Solutions, Inc.
  2. 2. “The internet is going to change marketing before it changes almost anything else, and old marketing will die in its path.” #INBOUND14 @WhyNotFresh — Seth Godin, Permission Marketing
  3. 3. #INBOUND14 @WhyNotFresh 10 YEARS AGO
  4. 4. #INBOUND14 @WhyNotFresh 10 YEARS AGO
  5. 5. #INBOUND14 @WhyNotFresh 10 YEARS AGO
  6. 6. #INBOUND14 @WhyNotFresh 10 YEARS AGO
  7. 7. #INBOUND14 @WhyNotFresh 10 YEARS AGO
  8. 8. #INBOUND14 @WhyNotFresh
  9. 9. #INBOUND14 @WhyNotFresh 10 YEARS AGO
  10. 10. #INBOUND14 @WhyNotFresh FAST FOOD h a d this
  11. 11. #INBOUND14 @WhyNotFresh AND this
  12. 12. #INBOUND14 @WhyNotFresh PROCESSED FOOD h a d this
  13. 13. #INBOUND14 @WhyNotFresh AND this
  14. 14. #INBOUND14 @WhyNotFresh AND let’s not forget about this
  15. 15. #INBOUND14 @WhyNotFresh Problem…
  16. 16. #INBOUND14 @WhyNotFresh But there was a hero being born.
  17. 17. #INBOUND14 @WhyNotFresh Game changer.
  18. 18. #INBOUND14 @WhyNotFresh Game changer. Game changer.
  19. 19. #INBOUND14 @WhyNotFresh 10 YEARS AGO
  20. 20. Per capita consumption of fresh fruit in the U.S. #INBOUND14 @WhyNotFresh
  21. 21. “Imagine how cool Pop Tarts would be if the brand manager was the sort of person who ate them for dinner.” #INBOUND14 @WhyNotFresh — Seth Godin, The Purple Cow (2003)
  22. 22. #INBOUND14 @WhyNotFresh
  23. 23. #INBOUND14 @WhyNotFresh
  24. 24. #INBOUND14 @WhyNotFresh
  25. 25. #INBOUND14 @WhyNotFresh
  26. 26. Our services Brand Development Website/Blog Creation Creative Design & Ideation Copywriting & Content Creation Social Media Management Inbound Marketing Services Advertising Design & Management Tradeshows & Events Public Relations #INBOUND14 @WhyNotFresh GOALS MARKETING CREATIVE DESIGN PUBLIC RELATIONS RESULTS
  27. 27. #INBOUND14 Stable. Stagnant. Stunning. @WhyNotFresh
  28. 28. Stable: Years 1 – 6 ü We were growing ü Healthy number of #INBOUND14 @WhyNotFresh clients seeking our services ü Digital was the primary source of new business
  29. 29. Stagnant: Years 7 – 8: ü Growth with current #INBOUND14 @WhyNotFresh clients plateaued ü New business leads thinned ü Internal growth continued, with no plan ü Reached “Conscious Crossroads”
  30. 30. What changed, and how did we transform? #INBOUND14 @WhyNotFresh
  31. 31. Approach – Helpful (Inbound) – Measurable #INBOUND14 @WhyNotFresh (HubSpot) People – Right Fit – Right Number
  32. 32. Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 #INBOUND14 @WhyNotFresh DMA Revenue Results 2010-2014
  33. 33. #INBOUND14 @WhyNotFresh DMA Case Study HubSpot 2x Increase in Inbound Client Base after 1st Year 40% Increase in Revenue in 1st Year 2x Increase in Online Traffic in 2 Years
  34. 34. #INBOUND14 "The goal is to out-think, rather than outspend, the competition." @WhyNotFresh — Paul Roetzer, The Marketing Performance Blueprint
  35. 35. 1. Grow business with current clients. #INBOUND14 @WhyNotFresh
  36. 36. 1. Grow business with current clients. 2. Attract new clients while you sleep. #INBOUND14 @WhyNotFresh
  37. 37. 1. Grow business with #INBOUND14 @WhyNotFresh current clients 2. Attract new clients while you sleep 3. Repeat.
  38. 38. SMART GOALS: q Grow client’s #INBOUND14 @WhyNotFresh qualified databases to 500M in 2015 q Achieve Platinum status in 2015 q Double the size of our agency by EOY 2016
  39. 39. INTERNAL STRATEGIES: q Develop #INBOUND14 @WhyNotFresh Management Team q Diversify agency q Form Partnerships
  40. 40. EXTERNAL STRATEGIES: q Elevate client’s #INBOUND14 @WhyNotFresh brands q Encourage & Motivate industry q Inspire consumers
  41. 41. #INBOUND14 @WhyNotFresh OUR FUTURE SUCCESS
  42. 42. #INBOUND14 THANK YOU! @WhyNotFresh
  43. 43. Dan’l Mackey Almy @WhyNotFresh