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Social Media Measurement with Beth Kanter

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Nonprofits spend considerable time reaching out to supporters via Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks. But most groups aren’t properly measuring whether these efforts are worth the time and cost. And it can seem like a daunting task to put together an effective strategy for collecting and analyzing data about your social-media efforts. Beth Kanter shares tips for how to measure your social media efforts.

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Social Media Measurement with Beth Kanter

  1. 1. Measurement: How Do I Love Thee, Let Me Count the Ways HubspotBeth Kanter, Beth’s Blog – February 14, 2013
  2. 2. Beth Kanter: Master Trainer, Blogger, Author, Speaker
  3. 3. Meet Keo SavonI’m donating my author royalties to the Sharing Foundation’s Education Program to send her to college!
  4. 4. Agenda AGENDA OUTCOMES5 Stages of Leave webinar readyMeasurement to take a small step toLove improve how you measure and learn to improve your socialTales of Romance media strategy!Nonprofit MeasurementStoriesHow To Fall In LoveWith Measurement in 7 • Interactive: Ask Questions, Use ChatEasy Steps
  5. 5. Maturity of Practice Framework: Measure Progress If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”
  6. 6. Where to focus … CRAWL WALK RUN FLY Linking Social with Ladder of Network BuildingCommunications Results and EngagementStrategy Networks Many Free Agents work forDevelopment Content Strategy you Pilot: Focus oneCulture Change program or channel Best Practices Multi-Channel Engagement, with measurement Content, and Measurement Measurement and Incremental Capacity learning in all above Reflection and Continuous Improvement
  7. 7. Maturity of Practice: Crawl-Walk-Run-Fly CRAWL -1 WALK-2 RUN-3 FLY-4Categories Practices ScoreCULTURE Networked Mindset 1.14 Institutional Support 1.62CAPACITY Staffing 1.24 Communications Strategy 1.38MEASUREMENT Analysis 1.14 Tools 1.52 Adjustment 1.67LISTENING Brand Monitoring 1.19 Influencer Research 1.19CONTENT Integration and Optimization 1.29ENGAGEMENT Ladder of Engagement 1.14 NETWORK Champions/Aligned Partners 1.10 Relationship Mapping 1.29
  8. 8. 5 Stages of Nonprofit Measurement Love
  9. 9. Denial I don’t have the time to measure.
  10. 10. Fear What if my strategy or program doesn’t show success?
  11. 11. Confusion I know I should measure our social media and network, but not sure what or how?
  12. 12. Delight Hey check out these cool charts and graphics!
  13. 13. Data Informed = Love Successful networks and social media start with measurement
  14. 14. Nonprofit Measurement Love Story
  15. 15. Data-Informed Culture: It starts from the top! Do
  16. 16. Tear down those silos and walls around data …
  17. 17. More time think about that the data, then collect it
  18. 18. Video
  19. 19. Why did it fail?What did we learn?What insights canuse next timearound?DoSomething.Org’s Fail Fest
  20. 20. CWRF: Becoming Data Informed: What Does It look like? Crawl Walk Run Fly Lacks consistent data Data collection Data from multiple Org Wide KPIs collection consistent but not sources shared No reporting or Data not linked to System and structure for Organizational synthesis results, could be wrong data collection Dashboard with data different views, sharing Decisions based on gut Rarely makes decisions Discussed at staff Data visualization, real- to improve meetings, decisions time reporting, formal made using it reflection process Analysis Tools Sense-Making
  21. 21. Type Your Reflection Into the Chat! Where is your organization’s measurement practice? What do you need to do to get to the next level?
  22. 22. How To Fall In Love: 7 Steps
  23. 23. The 7 Simple Steps of Measurement Goal Insight Audience Tool KPI/Metric Benchmark Cost
  24. 24. Define Success, Pick The Right Data Point
  25. 25. Results Value/Cost MetricIncrease donations More efficient fund raising % reduction in cost per dollar raisedIncrease donor base More revenue from a more diverse % increase in new donors baseIncrease number of volunteers More gets done, % increase in volunteers Less burden on existing volunteers or staffIncrease awareness Increase donors/volunteers % increase in awareness, Change in behavior % increase in visibility/prominence, Positive correlation between increase in donors vs. visibilityImprove relationships with existing Better management, more stable % improvement in relationshipdonors/volunteers finances scores, % increase in donation from existing donorsImprove engagement with Better feedback and ideas for % increase in engagementstakeholders innovation (comments on YouTube, shares on Better understanding of attitudes Facebook, comments on blog, etc. and perceptions of stakeholdersChange in behavior Achieve the mission % decrease in bad behavior, % increase in good behaviorChange in attitude about your % likely to volunteer or donate % increase in trust score ororganization increases relationship scoreIncrease in skills and knowledge of Improved results from intangible to Increase in revenue per employee,staff Learning tangible % employees understanding their Using best practices, saving time roles and organizational mission
  26. 26. KPI:Actions taken, donations made, and customerservice winsCelebration Campaign for fans to engage andparticipate in funCounting Metrics:# Photo submissions # shares # tab viewsQualitative Data: Positive responses/Screencapture
  27. 27. Metrics Should Ladder Up To Your GoalsGoal: Grow the Movement MomsRising is building a strong multicultural movement of people who care about family economic security and well-being. Need To Know KPI How fast are we adding Increased New Members members? Are we losing members? Decreased Lapsed Members Are we diversifying Number of Collaborations membership? with multicultural orgs
  28. 28. Growing the Movement: Web Site and Email Metrics Website Metrics Google Analytics & CMS Analytics
  29. 29. Growing the Movement: Social Media Metrics Social Media Metrics Twitter Facebook Twitalyzer Klout
  30. 30. Qualitative DataQualitative Feedback
  31. 31. Measurement Is A Comparative Science"The greatest danger for most of us is not that ouraim is too high and we miss it but that it is too lowand we reach it." Michelangelo
  32. 32. Measurement Is A Comparable Science
  33. 33. Benchmark: Peer Organization THEM US Followers Average RT per Tweet
  34. 34. Don’t Get Distracted With Too Much Data or Tools
  35. 35. The Right Tool for the Job • SentimentContent • ThemesAnalysis • Messaging Survey • Attitudes • PreferencesResearch • Behavior • ReachAnalytics • Engagement • Action
  36. 36. gristastic ladder ‘o engagement policy level discussions/calls personal calls to to action action stories of people making change fun on-rampsgrist sets the agenda by showing how green is reshaping our world. we cut through the noise and empower a new generation to make change.
  37. 37. GRIST.ORGKPI: Footprint: The reach of their activities, both online and offlineViewsGoogle AnalyticsKPI: Engagement: Readers engage with their contentComments, Virility, RetweetsChart BeatFacebook InsightsTwitter CrowdKPI: Individual Behavior Change: Impact on users behaviors, purchase decisions,and daily lives that are in line with sustainabilityQuestions about habitsSurvey MonkeyKPI: Societal Change: Impact on society, policy discussions, and conversations thatadvance sustainable practices.Anecdotal stories
  38. 38. Use Your Data For Decision-Making
  39. 39. Specific Time for Reflection and Improvement Step 7 – Analyze ResultsJoyful Funerals Metrics Mondays
  40. 40. If your nonprofit loves measurement …1. You visualizes success and failure2. Spend more time identifying what you want tomeasure, not how to measure it3. Measure in context – don’t ever collect data unless you can connect it to your goals4. Don’t wait until the end to collect data5. Don’t ever just shovel data over the fence andonto the executive director’s desk6. Less is more7. Uses measurement pilots to create a habit of collecting and apply data
  41. 41. Type Your Reflection Into the Chat! What is one idea that you can put into practice?
  42. 42. Thank you! on Twitter