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Blogging for eCommerce

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Successfully blogging for eCommerce businesses.

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    We Are an International Community of Entrepreneurs Looking for New Leaders to Increase the Synergy of our Qualified Team. Come Join Us, Let’s Do this Together!!


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Blogging for eCommerce

  1. 1. Blogging for eCommerceAttracting qualified visitors that generate leads and sales Mike Redbord & Mike Ewing Ecommerce Directors @HubSpot Twitter: @redbord & @inboundcommerce
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda Blog Definitions Optimizing Content For Traffic Improving Product Visibility Engaging Your Audience Growing Conversion Rates2
  3. 3. A New Era for eCommerce:Writing Content that Attracts BuyersBlogging for eCommerce
  4. 4. What is a blog? Part of a website which can be regularly updated with content4
  5. 5. What is in a blog? Articles • Educational & Informative • How To Product Guides Video Images Contests Industry News & Updates Event Coverage5
  6. 6. Why should I blog?
  7. 7. Drive Qualified Traffic!
  8. 8. Optimizing Your Blog Posts:On-page SEOBlogging for eCommerce
  9. 9. Plotting Your Course – Choosing Your Keyword
  10. 10. Visualizing The Long Tail • Less Difficult • More Qualified Visitors • Limitless Opportunity
  11. 11. On-page SEO Elements Page Title Page URL Headings (H1) Meta Description Images Alt text File Name
  12. 12. Enhancing Your Product Pages:Internal LinkingeCommerce and Inbound Marketing
  13. 13. Linking the blog and product pages
  14. 14. Why?14
  15. 15. How do I position products in a blog? Anchor text15
  16. 16. Where should I place product links?16
  17. 17. Increasing your site’s authority:Attracting Quality Inbound LinkseCommerce and Inbound Marketing
  18. 18. How do inbound links affect rankings? Inbound links act as a vote or a reference. Some inbound links are more or less valuable than others. Total authority is split equally amongst all outbound links on a page.18
  19. 19. Which would you rather link to? vs19
  20. 20. Growing Reach:Keeping Your Audience EngagedeCommerce and Inbound Marketing
  21. 21. Engage via FREE product DO: run giveaways, contests, and give away product Do NOT: expect visitors to engage without incentive Source: community.ronayers.com21
  22. 22. Provide relevant tips and guides DO: share guides and interesting tips related to your products Do NOT: write something that under 50% of your audience would read Source: blog.shopodyssa.com22
  23. 23. Strut your product expertise DO: use your product expertise to promote your products Do NOT: expect repeat visitors if your content is boring or not in-depth Source: blog.andythornal.com23
  24. 24. Provide industry-insider views DO: use your industry expertise to educate your audience Do NOT: engage in too much industry-chatter unless you see demand Source: blog.gillespieflorists.com24
  25. 25. So you’ve got content – now what? Site Traffic (search, direct, email, social, etc.) Link from homepage to blog Remarkable Blog Content (giveaways, contests, news, expertise) Blog & landing pages capture emails New blog posts update subscribers via email25
  26. 26. Result: Traffic and engaged subscribers See their case study on Website-Increases-Online-Sales-by-40-Percent-With-HubSpot26
  27. 27. Offers to keep visitors engaged Contests Ebooks Coupons Checklists Quizzes Printable coupons Giveaways Buyer’s guides Bundled deals Calculators Event-related Surveys In-store coupons Webinars27
  28. 28. Enhancing Your Conversion Rate:Converting Visitors into Emails & SaleseCommerce and Inbound Marketing
  29. 29. Holy Blog! Sales & Email Collection Done Right29 Source:
  30. 30. Experiment with different offers! Surveys with attached coupons net you valuable information and keep your customers happy30 Source:
  31. 31. Direct Visitors to Products!31
  32. 32. Direct Visitors to Products!32
  33. 33. Segmented email marketing As you learn more about your customers and future customers through their site interactions, you can do more and more segmented email marketing33
  34. 34. HubSpot Can Help Make It HappenInbound Marketing WorkseCommerce and Inbound Marketing
  35. 35. eCommerce Live Software Demo Register at to learn how to the HubSpot software can help you: • Generate more qualified traffic • Turn that traffic into leads and customers • Analyze your sales and marketing efforts35