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A Roadmap to Inbound Marketing in the Enterprise

This year, 48% of marketers plan to increase their inbound marketing spending – the third year in a row that inbound budgets are increasing at a near 50% pace. This shift is happening for good reason. Inbound marketing consistently delivers 54% more leads into the funnel at a lower cost compared to traditional tactics.

Contrary to belief, inbound is not just for small business. Larger organizations such as Salesforce, NEC, Thermo Fisher, and Tufts have implemented inbound marketing to improve demand generation, ROI, and lead quality. And during in this webinar, we're going show you how they did it.

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A Roadmap to Inbound Marketing in the Enterprise

  2. 2. Hi, I’mMikeCMO@mvolpeHi, I’mJessicaEnterprise Marketing@jessicameher#IMenterprise
  3. 3. #IMenterprise
  4. 4. Early BirdPricing EndsMay 31st!
  5. 5.
  6. 6. 60,000InboundLeads/Mo.8,500Customers278,000TwitterFollowers4.7 millionFree UsersTop 10Blog
  7. 7. Buying has changed.#IMenterprise
  8. 8. 88%of US internet users ages 14+browse or research products online.- US Digital Media Usage report, eMarketer#IMenterprise
  9. 9. You don’t find customers anymore.They find you.
  10. 10. NO ONE WAKES UPAND SAYS:“I want to see an ad.”#IMenterprise
  11. 11. SO WHY DO MARKETERSWAKE UP AND SAY:“Let’s make an ad”?#IMenterprise
  12. 12. 85% of consumers stilldon’t trust brands online.- Forrester Research, March 2013#IMenterprise
  13. 13. #IMenterprise
  14. 14. Marketing needs to change, too.The world has changed…#IMenterprise
  15. 15. The old marketing86%skip TV ads91%unsubscribefrom email200Mon theDo Not Call list44%of direct mail isnever openedBROKEN.playbook is#IMenterprise
  16. 16. vsvsCold CallingCold Emails (SPAM)Interruptive AdsMarketer - CentricSEOBloggingAttractionCustomer - CentricINBOUND(Permission)OUTBOUND(Interruption)#IMenterprise
  17. 17. Don’t interruptwhat people want toconsume.#IMenterprise
  18. 18. Be what theywant to consume.
  19. 19. Inbound marketing is about…Building trust, not skepticismBeing loved, not ignoredOut-smarting, not out-spending#IMenterprise
  20. 20. 48% of marketers plan toincrease inbound spending.#IMenterprise
  21. 21. WHAT YOU’LL LEARN TODAY:1. Enterprise marketing & branding in the inbound age2. Components of a best-in-class inbound strategy3. Hiring and organizing a team of inbound marketers4. Real-life case studies of inbound success5. Live Q&A#IMenterprise
  22. 22. Enterprise Marketingin the Inbound Age
  23. 23. Owned Media AttractsEarned Media.#IMenterprise
  24. 24. Where Does Inbound Fit In?Type Definition Examples The Role Benefits ChallengesOwned Media Channel abrand controlsWebsiteMobileBlogTwitterBuild for longer-termrelationships with existingand potential customersand earn mediaControlSost efficiencyLongevityVersatilityTakes to scalePaid Media Brand pays toleveragechannelPaid searchAdsSponsorshipsTo get immediate, short-term results from an under-utilized channelImmediacyScaleControlClutterDeclining responseratesPoor credibilityEarned Media Whencustomersbecome thechannelWord ofMouthBuzzListen and respond - oftenthe result of well-executedand well-coordinatedowned and paid mediaMost credibleTransparentNo controlScaleHard to measureCredit: Forrester Research
  25. 25. Thought Leadership isthe New Advertising.#IMenterprise
  26. 26. Consumers don’t want this…
  27. 27. …But this#IMenterprise
  28. 28. “Connecting used to be, ‘Here’ssome product, and here’s someadvertising. We hope you like it….Connecting today is aboutdialogue and education.”- Nike CEO Mark Parker#IMenterprise
  29. 29. Inbound marketing buildstrust, expertise, and authority.#IMenterprise
  30. 30. “The businesses that arethe best educators will bethe most successful.”- @MarkKilens
  31. 31. Components of aBest-in-Class InboundStrategy
  32. 32. CustomerOffer Landing Page CTAsWebsite Blog Email Paid Press Co-Marketing Video SlideShare Mobile#IMenterprise
  33. 33. How Effective Enterprise Marketers Increase RevenueCreate blog content, search engine optimize (SEO)your content, and promote it on social media sites.Place calls-to-action throughout your website, blog, socialaccounts and email to drive visitors to landing pages with forms.Send leads targeted, automated emails to drive them along yourbuying cycle. Provide your sales team with lead intelligence so theycan make more effective sales calls.Analyze the success of your marketing campaigns, and determinewhich areas need further optimizations for future success.AnalyzeGetCustomersGet TrafficGet Leads#IMenterprise
  34. 34. Building an InboundTeam
  35. 35. DigitalAnalyticalReachContentSmartGSD
  36. 36. HubSpot’s Marketing TeamTop of FunnelMiddle ofFunnelProduct Mktg Brand & BuzzResults / Metrics• Website visitors• New contactsgeneratedActivity• Blog articles• Ebooks & webinars• Social engagement• Other contentResults / Metrics• Revenue pipeline $• Sales goal %Activity• Lead nurturing• Lead scoring• Sales coordinationResults / Metrics• Sales test scores• % sales sellingvarious features• User testingActivity• Product content• Sales and otherproduct trainingResults / Metrics• Event attendanceand survey feedback• PR hits, brand trafficActivity• Events• PR pitches• Videos & graphics
  37. 37. The Marketing SLALead Type Lead ValueWebinar $.07eBook $.05Free Trial $.45Demo Request $.95Owner Ollie Leads(1-100 Employees)Lead Type Lead ValueWebinar $.35eBook $.45Free Trial $2.10Demo Request $2.75Marketing Mary Leads(100-2,000 Employees)#IMenterprise
  38. 38. The Sales SLAAttempt #LTV/COCA#IMenterprise
  39. 39. Daily Accountability for Marketing & Sales#IMenterprise
  40. 40. Case Studies ofInbound MarketingSuccess
  41. 41. Ektron• To be completed
  42. 42. Results
  43. 43. How To Get Started with
  44. 44. thank you.