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University Doubles Organic Traffic and Grows Lead Conversions with HubSpot

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Fresno Pacific University has used the HubSpot software to double its organic traffic and attract high-quality leads. With HubSpot's landing pages and lead intelligence, Fresno collects valuable data and closes the marketing loop.

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University Doubles Organic Traffic and Grows Lead Conversions with HubSpot

  1. 1. Fresno Pacific University<br />Case study<br />
  2. 2. Fresno Pacific University<br /> KEY RESULTS<br /><ul><li> Doubled Organic Traffic in 6 Months
  3. 3. Attracted Over 1,200 Leads in the Past 6 Months
  4. 4. Reached 100% Conversion Rate on 2 Landing Pages
  5. 5. Accumulated 6,000 links from over 1,300 domains</li></ul>ABOUT:Fresno Pacific University is an accredited Christian university located in the Central Valley, California. <br />
  6. 6. Fresno Pacific University<br />Challenge:Tracking Marketing Initiatives & Closing the Loop<br />Before HubSpot, Fresno faced a twofold challenge—measuring its marketing activities and closing the loop to deliver leads to recruiters. “We didn’t really know how to find or track our leads,” said Lisa Alvey, Fresno’s social media manager. <br />Though Fresno invested in radio, print and online ads, the university couldn’t get a grasp of the specific results of its marketing initiatives. “We didn’t really have any way to close the loop,” said Nick, Fresno’s associate director of interactive media. Nick and Lisa looked for a way to follow a lead from its site visit to its actual conversion.<br />
  7. 7. Fresno Pacific University<br />Solution:Easy-To-Use Landing Pages <br />Fresno uses HubSpot’s landing pages to address the issue of collecting lead data and closing the loop. This enables the university to gather information about its prospects and answer questions such as how much time potential students spend on the site and what information they are looking for. Lisa was impressed by the ease with which she could create these forms, modify them and plug them on the site. <br />Now Fresno holds special “landing page meetings” to discuss the precise format, content and purpose of each form. Thus, HubSpot introduced the university to a whole new thinking process and opened up another marketing avenue for capturing leads.<br />
  8. 8. Fresno Pacific University<br />Solution:Closed-Loop Marketing via Salesforce Integration<br />By implementing HubSpot’s closed loop marketing system, Fresno tracks which of its marketing channels are most efficient. Thanks to this data, the university can make informed decisions about allocation of resources between channels.<br />By using HubSpot’s lead nurturing tool, Fresno increases the chance of converting leads into customers. Nick especially likes the automatic email alerts they receive when a lead has visited the site. “That is just a prime opportunity that this person is ready to receive information; they are ready for communication with the business,” Nick said.<br />
  9. 9. Fresno Pacific University<br />Results:<br />Growth in Organic Traffic and Leads<br />Since it first started with HubSpot in September 2009, Fresno has doubled its organic traffic from 15,000visits to over 30,000in March 2010. Not only has Fresno increased its traffic, but it has also attracted thousands of new leads. Since September, the university has accumulated over 1,200 leads.<br />
  10. 10. Fresno Pacific University<br />Results:<br />High Conversion Rate of Landing Pages<br />A big part of this success can be attributed to Fresno’s use of landing pages and their high conversion rate: 2 of its 21 landing pages have a stunning 100% conversion.<br />
  11. 11. Fresno Pacific University<br />Results:<br />Doubled Referrals in 6 Months<br />Fresno’s referrals have also tremendously grown, from 3,000 in September to over 7,000 in March. The university has accumulated 6,000 links from over 1,300 domains.<br />
  12. 12. More about Fresno Pacific University:<br /><br />Sign up for a HubSpot demo:<br /><br />