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Lead Generation and Conversion in Inbound Marketing and Social Media

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You have fans – so NOW what? Conversion, Landing Pages, Offers

The offer and landing page are important parts of any lead generation marketing campaign. This is where the conversion takes place to fill the top of the sales funnel. You work really hard on all your blogging and social media efforts, but without attractive offers and optimized landing pages, all that effort goes to waste. There is a lot that goes into a successful landing page from the offer to the call-to-action, to the landing page layout. This session will cover all the basics of how to convert more of your traffic into leads and sales and actually make something worthwhile out of all your inbound marketing effort.

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  • Thanks for the post; although, not sure I agree with slide 6. Outbound marketing is no longer difficult. And you certainly don't have to pick up the phone. We currently use a real-time lead gen service called - this helps us find email addresses of our targeted prospects. Not sure if anyone else has used and can share their thoughts?
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Lead Generation and Conversion in Inbound Marketing and Social Media

  1. Lead Generation & Conversion TipsThe BIG Conference - October 2009 – Portland, ME<br />Mike Volpe<br />VP Marketing @HubSpot<br />Twitter: @mvolpe<br />
  2. What’s HubSpot?<br /><ul><li>Marketing software for SMBs
  3. Over 1,800 customers in 3 years
  4. 99employees, lots of MIT grads</li></li></ul><li>Marketing is Changing<br />1950 - 2000<br />2000 - 2050<br />
  5. Outbound Marketing<br />
  6. Outbound Marketing is Harder<br />800-555-1234<br />Annoying<br />Salesperson<br />
  7. The Good News…<br />
  8. Inbound Marketing<br />
  9. But… Visitors are Not Customers!<br />Flickr: Refracted Moments<br />
  10. The Great News…<br /><br />
  11. How can inbound marketing generate leads and sales?<br />
  12. Death to “Social Media Communists”!<br />
  13. Inbound Lead Generation<br />Publish<br />Promote<br />Optimize<br />Convert<br />
  14. Lead Generation w/ Inbound Marketing<br /> Create great offers<br /> Use tons of calls to action<br />Optimize your landing pages<br />Nurture your leads<br />
  15. Offers<br />
  16. Offers<br />
  17. Great Offers<br /> Free products, free trials<br /> Very useful info – tips, how to, data<br />Gifts or promotions<br /> Value must be greater than the cost…<br />
  18. Calls to Action<br />
  19. Calls to Action – Blog Posts<br />
  20. Calls to Action – Twitter Grader<br />
  21. Calls to Action – Website Grader<br />
  22. Never let the user guess<br />what to do next.<br />
  23. Great Calls to Action<br /> Use LOTS of them, everywhere<br /> Test to find the best<br />Colors, text, size, place<br />Make the next step obvious<br />
  24. Landing Pages<br />
  25. Go Naked<br />
  26. How Naked is Up to You…<br />
  27. Graphics Matter<br />
  28. Keep It Simple<br />
  29. Keep It Short<br />53% Conversion<br />32% Conversion<br />
  30. Don’t Put Form Below the Fold<br />
  31. Don’t – Ask for Really Private Info<br />
  32. Don’t – Use a Clear / Cancel Button<br />
  33. Track Your Conversion Rate<br />
  34. Testing<br />
  35. Free Tool in Alpha/Beta<br /><br />
  36. Final Rule? Nothing is Set in Stone!<br />
  37. Great Landing Pages<br /> Limit distractions (navigation / links)<br /> Keep it short and simple<br /> Track your conversion %<br /> Test to find the best<br />
  38. Analysis and Measurement<br />Flickr: akisra<br />
  39. Traffic<br />
  40. Leads<br />
  41. Sales<br />
  42. …By Channel or Source<br />Visitors<br />Leads<br />Sales<br />SEO<br />Social<br />Media<br />
  43. Thank You!<br />Next Step? Free Trial of HubSpot:<br /><br />Mike Volpe<br />VP Marketing @HubSpot<br />Twitter: @mvolpe<br />
  44. Additional Resources<br />FacebookMarketing eBook<br /><br />Twitter Marketing eBook<br /><br />Social Media Marketing Kit<br /><br />Blog:<br />