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Member Solutions Doubles Organic Traffic with HubSpot

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Member management and billing solutions company uses HubSpot to double organic traffic and tremendously increase lead flow. For more information, visit

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Member Solutions Doubles Organic Traffic with HubSpot

  1. 1. Customer Case Study: Member Solutions Doubles Organic Traffic About Member Solutions Member Solutions provides fully-outsourced member billing and servicing, as well as a series of on-demand applications for front-desk management, online event registration, member communications, and more. All web-based applications are fully integrated with their proprietary, PCI compliant billing and servicing platform. Kristen Campbell and Eric Peterson, marketing specialists at Member Solutions, share how they have been using HubSpot to track their online marketing campaigns and measure performance. Results: Doubled Organic Traffic & Improved Marketing Efficiency • Doubled organic traffic in 6 months • Saved nearly $1600/monthly thanks to organic search • Captured nearly 300 leads in the past 6 months Challenge: Inability to Track Marketing Campaigns Successfully Though Member Solutions had a beautifully-branded website, they lacked metrics to make informed decisions about long-term marketing investments. “We were hungry for analytics as far as knowing who was coming to our site, what banner ads were working, what keywords people were using to find us,” said Kristen.
  2. 2. Member Solutions Doubles Organic Traffic Solution: Improved Tracking with HubSpot Lead Intelligence & Analytics Eric and Kristen use HubSpot’s Lead Intelligence tool on a regular basis to track incoming leads and conversions. This helps them evaluate what campaigns are working well and what types of offers they should prioritize. Thanks to HubSpot’s integration with Salesforce, Eric and Kristen have been able to easily create forms on landing pages. As Eric observed, they not only gained “complete control” over the formatting of the HTML and the information they were gathering, but could also efficiently monitor performance through HubSpot. HubSpot also enables Member Solutions to discover more social media engagement opportunities by tracking specific keywords. Eric and Kristen can now monitor industry-relevant conversations taking place in the blogosphere and social media. “It really gave us a new way of engaging, a new insight to engaging our current client base,” Eric said. There is no other tool out there that does everything that HubSpot does. The average HubSpot customer gets 4.2x more leads after 5 months of active use of HubSpot. To find out what type of increases in leads a company with your current lead volume could expect, check out HubSpot’s ROI study at HubSpot’s integrated marketing software gives you all the tools to implement a successful online marketing strategy from increasing the top of your funnel through conversion, sales alignment and analytics. To learn more, check out HubSpot’s free trial or request a customized demonstration.