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Key Takeaways from INBOUND 2014

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#INBOUND14 speaker highlights

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Key Takeaways from INBOUND 2014

  1. in review 2014
  2. INBOUND 2014 brought us togethe! and inspired* us.
  3. INBOUND 2014 brought us togethe! and inspired* us. *Especially the speakers.
  4. Here are a few takeaways from our INBOUND keynotes (and beyond) that are sure to help us all become even more remarkable thinkers.
  5. GUY KAWASAKI @guykawasaki
  6. “Changing your mind is a sign of intelligence, not a mistake.”
  7. “Have a standard that you hire better than you in your functional area - A players hire A+ players.”
  8. SIMON SINEK @simonsinek
  9. “Great leaders would sacrifice the numbers to save the people. When push come to shove, numbers never come to your rescue — people do.”
  10. “When we look out for each other, those we look out for will look out for us.”
  11. MARTHA STEWART @marthastewart
  12. “Successful people have pa"ion and a curiosity to learn.”
  13. "I think of the brand as an insertion of value, to give it substance and meaning."
  14. MALCOLM GLADWELL @gladwell
  15. “When you look at successful attempts at transformation you will see an act of reframing the problem that makes the revolution possible.”
  16. “What set Steve Jobs apart over and over and over in his career is that burning desire to get something done.”
  17. SHIZA SHAHID @shiza
  18. “Look within yourself, find what’s holding you back, and remind yourself that you are stronger than anything you are afraid of.”
  19. “There are no superheroes. There’s just us.”
  20. “Instead of selling, you educate and inform.” David Meerman Scott @dmscott
  21. "Products are no longer sold, they are actually bought." Stacey Bishop, Scale Venture Partners @StaceyCurry
  22. “We need to stop thinking about retaining clients for the sake of keeping them, and instead think about providing them with services that transform their business.” Peter Caputa VP Sales, HubSpot @pc4media
  23. “Be more human and make everything we do about relationships. Let’s stop the storytelling and start the storymaking.” David Berkowitz CMO, MRY
  24. “It’s hard to get anything across unless you d# something bold.” Brooke Hammerling Founder, Brew Media Relations @brooke
  25. "Now, more than ever, it's imperative that CMOs stay externally focused and know what your competition is doing." Lorrie Norrington Executive Board, Lead Edge Capital
  26. "The amount of information marketers can take advantage of and use — much less like a creative occupation and much more like an engineering occupation." Larry Bohn General Catalyst Partners
  27. "Our goal isn't to shove content into inboxes, it's providing something worth reading.” Anum Hussain, HubSpot
  28. What was your favorite takeaway from INBOUND? Tell us at #INBOUND14 and don’t forget to mark your calendar for 2015! Sept. 8-11, 2015