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Evolution of the Database<br /> SEO Past Present and Future

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Evolution of the Database

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  • Hi Mike,
    Thanks for the detail research information that you have put up on the slide. I have a better idea the evolution of SEO based on the horizon you mentioned.
    It is interesting to see the migration of context based SEO before 2000, and added authority to the context between 2000 -2010 and the Inclusion of Personality ( social etc ) for beyond 2010. Looking at the trend, it seems to suggest that the SEO games has become more demanding with inclusion of ’something’ during the three horizon stated.
    I think at the end of the day, all boils down to whether a website give value to a visitor who landed on any website. The more value it provide, the more benefit a visitor would take home when he or she leave the site.
    These three scenarios also give any indication to me what to focus when I do SEO
    Great tips and slides
    Dr. L M Foong
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  • Let's talk about Social Search
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