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Webinar: How to Have Success With a Remote Workforce

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In this on-demand webinar ( -- original recording July 16th, 2015) you'll learn:

-- How to recognize and build off advantages of working remotely
-- Processes and tools to reamin collaborative with your team
--How NOT to manage while you're out of the office
--Solutions to the 4 biggest disadvantages of working remotely

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Webinar: How to Have Success With a Remote Workforce

  1. 1. HOW TO HAVE SUCCESS WITH A REMOTE WORKFORCE Strategies on efficiency and collaboration as a remote manager and individual contributor #WorkRemote
  2. 2. • Yes! This webinar is being recorded • Expect the on-demand version with slides within 24 hours in an email • Ask questions on Twitter using #WorkRemote or the chat panel during the webinar • INBOUND 2015 25% discount before Q&A • Twitter Chat with @DropboxForBusiness next Thursday July 23rd at 1pm ET Housekeeping #WorkRemote#WorkRemote
  3. 3. #WorkRemote Presenters Rajan Kapoor Enterprise Solutions Architect Dan Tyre Sales Director
  4. 4. Agenda 1.Advantages 2.Disadvantages & Solutions 3.The Future of Remote 4.Q&A #WorkRemote
  5. 5. Remote Working Advantages #WorkRemote • Productivity • Getting ahead every morning • Time/money • Less stress
  6. 6. Disadvantages #WorkRemote • Not “turning off” for the day • Conflict • Unclear Communication • Less Culture
  7. 7. Disadvantage #1: Not “turning off” for the day #WorkRemote
  8. 8. How to turn off at the end of the day as a manager: There is an OFF button to tech Schedule time blocks for OUT Delegate a replacement Disadvantage #1: Not “turning off” for the day #WorkRemote
  9. 9. How to “turn off” at the end of the day as a remote individual contributor: Keep a schedule Block your calendar Practice self control Disadvantage #1: Not “turning off” for the day #WorkRemote
  10. 10. Disadvantage #2: Conflict Resolution #WorkRemote
  11. 11. Disadvantage #2: Conflict Resolution #WorkRemote Overcoming conflict resolution as a remote individual contributor Invest in relationships when onsite Be clear on what the issue is Pick up the phone (or Video Conf.)
  12. 12. Disadvantage #2: Conflict Resolution #WorkRemote Managing conflict resolution on your team remotely: Hyper-sensitivity to emotions Checking in 2x a week Facetime & Skype
  13. 13. Disadvantage #3: Communication #WorkRemote
  14. 14. #WorkRemote Disadvantage #3: Unclear Communication Overcoming unclear communication as a remote individual contributor: Embrace new ways to communicate Keep detailed notes Use email appropriately
  15. 15. #WorkRemote Disadvantage #3: Unclear Communication Managing unclear communication on your team remotely: Building Trust IM is your best friend Frequency of Interaction
  16. 16. Disadvantage #4: Less Office Culture #WorkRemote
  17. 17. #WorkRemote Disadvantage #4: Less Office Culture Managing lack of office/company culture on your team remotely: Use tech to your advantage Duplicate corp functions in the field F2F visits planned in advance
  18. 18. #WorkRemote Disadvantage #4: Less Office Culture Overcoming lack of office/company culture working remotely as an individual contributor: Be empowered Be thoughtful Communicate cross functionally Send office updates
  19. 19. The Future of “Remote” #WorkRemote Remote becomes a way of life Remote becomes “mobile” Managing remote becomes a competitive advantage for recruiting, attracting, and retaining the best employees “The Office is Flat”
  21. 21. Q&A #WorkRemote