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Pitching & Presentation - 3 minutes, 1 impression

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You have only 3 minutes to make 1 impression. On your costumers, your investor, your partners and your audience. You better prepare. Prepare your pitch, your performance, your appearance and your content. How to do that? This presentation prepares you for just all that!

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Author: Eva Hukshorn, EFactor

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Pitching & Presentation - 3 minutes, 1 impression

  1. 1. Pitching  &  Presenta.on  3  minutes,  1  impression  Author:  Eva  Hukshorn   1  
  2. 2. EFactor:  An  introduc6on  •  Founders  Adrie  Reinders,  Marion  Freijsen,  Roeland  Reinders  •  Started  OHM  Inc.  in  2004:  Business  Development  for  Fortune  2000  •  Serving  (mainly)  technology  companies  around  the  globe  •  Goal:  assist  emerging  technology  companies  in  selling  their  product  to  Corporates  •  In  2007  they  wrote  a  book:  The  N-­‐Factor   -  How  efficient  networking  can  change  the  dynamics  of  your  business   -  Huge  success:  no  theory,  but  hands-­‐on  6ps  &  tricks  •  Result:  EFactor  -­‐  a  social  plaUorm  for  entrepreneurs   -  Strategic  business  networking  impacts  the  future  of  your  business   -  Goal:  share  knowledge,  increase  sales,  decrease  costs,  find  capital   -  Mission:  increase  success  of  entrepreneurs  to  start-­‐up  or  accelerate  their  organiza6on   -  In  2012  the  new  book  was  launched:  The  E-­‐Factor:  Entrepreneurship  in  the  Social  Media  Age     EFACTOR,          THE  WORLD’S  LARGEST  ONLINE  NETWORK  FOR  ENTREPRENEURS  ON  EARTH       An  online  community  offering  you  a  network,  knowledge,  events,  and  every  business  resources  you  need  to   succeed   2  
  3. 3. Eva  Hukshorn:  An  introduc6on  •  Work  Experience   -  Current:    Partner  EFactor        Board  of  Advisory:  TreFoil  Energy  /  CleanDrinks  /          Global  Thinkers  /  ShowLinq            Coach  Startup:  Bootcamp  Amsterdam  /  New  Venture  McKinsey   -  2009  –  2010:  Dutch  Bou6que  –  Marktlink  Mergers  &  Acquisi6ons,  Amsterdam   -  2007  –  2009:    Royal  Bank  of  Scotland  –  Corporate  Finance,  Amsterdam   -  2004  –  2009:    ABN  AMRO  –  Corporate  Finance  New  York,  Amsterdam   -  2003  –  2004:    Accenture  –  Consul6ng  London,  Amsterdam  •  Educa.on   -  1997  –  2002:  MSc  Economics,  Finance  –  University  of  Groningen,  the  Netherlands   -  2003:      Interna6onal  &  Asian  Studies  –  Na6onal  Sun  Yat-­‐Sen  University,  Taiwan   -  2009  –  2011:    Cer6fied  Management  Accoun6ng  (CMA)  –  Ins6tute  of  Management  Accountants            (IMA),  United  States   -  2009  –  2001:    Colloquium  General  &  Modern  Art  –  Academy  for  History  of  Art,  the  Netherlands   -  2012:    Interna6onal  Financial  Report  Standards  (DipIFRS)  –  Associa6on  of  Chartered  Cer6fied          Accountants  (ACCA),  United  States   3      
  4. 4. FUNDING  TUESDAY,  EVERY  TUESDAY  So  what  can  you  expect  from  us  each  Funding  Tuesday?  1.  Webinars  on  EFactor  on  Finance  &  Funding  related  topics  in  the  EVENT   Sec6on  2.  Blogs  &  interviews  with  informal  investors  and  funded  entrepreneurs   with  6ps  &  tricks  in  the  BLOGS  sec6on  under  NOW  3.  Finance  &  Funding  related  ar6cles  on  NOW  feed  4.  In  the  Finance  &  Funding  GROUP  on  our  website  you  will  find  Q&As  of  the  webinars  under     NETWORK  5.  In  the  KNOWLEDGE  base  you  will  find  more  and  more  presenta6ons  on  Finance  &  Funding   related  topics,  including  the  webinar  presenta6ons  6.  And  if  you  become  a  VIP  MEMBER  you  will  personally  be  supported  on  your  Finance  &  Funding   related  ques6ons   4    
  5. 5. Webinar  Program  Overview  2012  June  19:    Business  Plan  Wri6ng  -­‐  A  Roadmap  to  Success  July  3:    Pitching  &  Presenta.on  -­‐  3  Minutes,  1  Impression  July  17:    Strategy  -­‐  A  Vision  for  the  Future,  A  Strategy  for  Geing  There  July  31:    Budge6ng  &  Forecas6ng  -­‐  Predic6ng  the  Outcome  Aug  14:    Working  Capital  -­‐  An  Unknown  Key  to  Success  Aug.  28:    Capital  Management  -­‐  Playing  with  Risk  Sept  11.:    Funding  &  Investments  -­‐  Some  Sources  are  More  Equal  then  Others  Sept.  25:    Valua6on  -­‐  Art  or  Science  Oct  9:      Exit  Strategy  -­‐  Nice  to  Have  or  Need  to  Have?  Oct.  23:    Bootstrapping  -­‐  An  Alterna6ve  Answer  to  Funding  Nov  6:    Crowdfunding  -­‐  The  Power  of  Friends,  Family  and  Fools  Nov.  20:    Networking  -­‐  Nice  You  have  3000  Friends,  I  have  30  Relevant  Connec6ons  Dec.  4:      Marke6ng  &  (Social)  Media  -­‐  Noise  or  Value?  Dec.  11:    No  Sales,  No  Glory  Dec.  18:    Most  Common  Mistakes  of  Entrepreneurs   5    
  6. 6. Some  basic  ingredients  to  start  a  successful  company     3  key  elements  of  life:  Ideas,  People  and  Money   6  
  7. 7. A  solid  business  plan  is  important:  Luck  is  for  the  unprepared!    Business  plan:  learn  to  Live  &  Breath  your  company,  market  and  customers    Business  plan  as  a  tool:  •  Systema6c  approach  for  mapping  your  idea  •  Focus  •  Entry  strategy  •  Iden6fying  gaps:  knowledge,  experience,  specialists  •  Checklist  of  resources  •  Communica6on  tool  •  Prac6ce  Business  plan  is  for  YOU  and  YOUR  SUCCESS!   Business  Plan  =  Guidebook  for  the  Founder   7  
  8. 8. Evolu6on  of  your  startup  life   YOUR  IDEA   1 •  6me  spend:  6-­‐9  months   •  describe  the  problem  you  are  solving  for  whom   •  test  for  outside  interest   YOUR  BUSINESS  PLAN   2 •  6me  spend:  2-­‐3  months   •  details  of  the  execu6on  process   •  5  years,  3  phases,  1st  phase  18  months  explicit    YOUR  COMPANY   3 •  6me  spend:  ?   •  structure  tasks,  weekly,  monthly   •  success  =  old  investors  out,  new  investors  in   9-­‐12  months  prepara.on  before  launch   8  
  9. 9. Take  a  different  approach,  become  your  own  investor  •  Your  own  investment  does  not  consist  only   of  6me  spend  •  Become  as  as  your  external   investors  would  be  •  Your  Team  is  as  important  as  your  idea  •  Money  is  the  end-­‐game  of  the  investor,  so   is  yours   You  are  the  biggest  investor  of  them  all!   9  
  10. 10. Some  things  to  keep  in  mind  while  searching  for  investments   Investment  is  about  TRUST   COURAGE  is  high  risk,  high  return   The  TEAM  will  make  it  happen   Manage  EXPECTATIONS   Solid  BUSINESS  PLAN   Social  CLICK  Searching  for  investment,  long,  LONG  process   An  informal  investor  is  NOT  A  HOLY  GRAIL   10  
  11. 11. Don’ts  for  entrepreneurs     1 Not  able  to  explain  yourself   2 Demand  with  no  return     3 Money  is  the  Holy  Grail     4 Unrealis6c  returns  &  hockey  s6cks     5 Claiming  there  is  no  failure  is  possible     6 Target  all  investors   11    
  12. 12. Warning  for  investors   1 Only  interested  in  returns   2 Demanding  majority  stake       3 Demanding  fees     4 Different  goals     5 Personal  guarantees     6 Making  you  pay   12    
  13. 13. To  know  by  heart  before  you  start   1 Problem  solved   2 Market,  compe6tors,  market  share       3 Team,  responsibili6es,  experience     4 Investment  and  return     •  Planning  &  milestones   5 •  Protec6on   •    Revenue  model   •  Strategic  alliances   13   •  Needs  in  knowledge  &  resources  
  14. 14. The  Elevator  Pitch:  3  minutes,  1  impression  EXAMPLE  1   “A  small  group  of  diabe6c  pa6ents  depends  on  con6nuous  intraperitoneal  insulin  infusion.   Advantages  compared  to  subcutaneous  administra6on  are  faster  glucose  response  and  lower   peripheral  insulin  concentra6ons.  I  am  modifying  the  insulin  which  reduces  the  incidence  of   insulin  aggregates,  development  will  take  up  to  5  years.”  EXAMPLE  2   “I  am  so  excited  about  my  new  idea,  it  is  a  customer-­‐friendly  fashion  webshop  with  enormous   poten6al.  It  has  an  easier  naviga6on  system,  beser  colors  and  I  am  planning  to  add  all  the  big   brandnames.  This  will  definitely  make  you  a  lot  of  money.”    EXAMPLE  3   “My  idea  offers  a  business  with  up  to  200  employees  cost  savings  of  5-­‐10%  by  improving  there   administra6on  system.  Ini6al  analysis  have  convinced  me  that  there  is  a  poten6al  margin  of  50%.   With  EFactor  and  Entrepreneur  Magazine,  I  have  access  to  my  target  group.  Distribu6on  will  be   done  through  direct  sales  and  retail.”   14    
  15. 15. Presen6ng  your  idea  in  another  5  minutes  1.  Watch  your  6me  2.  Pitch  solo  3.  Con6nue  when  things  go  wrong,  bring  examples  4.  Speak  calm  &  simple  5.  Introduce  yourself  6.  No  humor  or  funny  gimmicks  7.  Max  8  relevant  slide  and  3  topics  per  slide  8.  Tell  audience  what  they  are  going  to  see  9.  Visuals  &  bullet  points  10. Explain  experience  team  in  this  specific  field  11. No  technical  details  12. Touch  upon  marke6ng  &  sales  13. Milestones  &  funding  needed  14. Expect  obvious  ques6ons  15. Don’t  save  the  best  for  the  last,  but  end  strong!   15  
  16. 16. Impressing  without  words  SMILE   EYES   POSTURE   ATTITUDE  HANDS   VOICE   DRESS   ASSECOIRES   16  
  17. 17. Your  idea:  prepara6on   ü  Problem  to  be  solved   ü  Target  group   ü  Need  by  target  group   ü  Unique  selling  point   ü  Technical  details   ü  Comparable  products  compe6tors   ü  Superiority  of  your  product   ü  Duplicable   ü  Protec6on   ü  Costs  of  produc6on   17  
  18. 18. Content  to  cover  in  your  founder’s  guidebook   Content  overview   1.  Execu6ve  summary   2.  Idea  descrip6on   3.  Marke6ng  &  sales   4.  Management  team   5.  Organiza6on   6.  Finance   7.  Risk  analysis   8.  Funding   9.  Timeframe   18  
  19. 19. Conclusion  &  final  remarks  1.  Understand  you  business,  market  &  customers   Next  webinar  =  2.  Listen  to  the  investor   July  17:  A  Vision   for  the  Future,  3.  Act  as  equal  partner   A  Strategy  for  4.  Watch  your  body  language   Ge`ng  There  5.  Dress  equal  to  your  audience  6.  Bring  summary  of  presenta6on  &  examples  product  7.  Ask  for  the  next  step  8.  Investors  are  not  the  holy  grail  9.  You  and  your  team  are  the  key  to  success   PREPARE  YOUR  BUSINESS  PLAN.  PREPARE  YOUR  PRESENTATION.     PREPARE  FOR  YOUR  PITCH  AND  PREPARE  FOR  YOUR  INVESTOR.    JUST  PREPARE!   19  
  20. 20. Webinar  Program  Overview  2012  June  19:    Business  Plan  Wri6ng  -­‐  A  Roadmap  to  Success  July  3:      Pitching  &  Presenta6on  -­‐  3  Minutes,  1  Impression  July  17:    Strategy  -­‐  A  Vision  for  the  Future,  A  Strategy  for  Ge`ng  There  July  31:    Budge6ng  &  Forecas6ng  -­‐  Predic6ng  the  Outcome  Aug  14:    Working  Capital  -­‐  An  Unknown  Key  to  Success  Aug.  28:    Capital  Management  -­‐  Playing  with  Risk  Sept  11.:    Funding  &  Investments  -­‐  Some  Sources  are  More  Equal  then  Others  Sept.  25:    Valua6on  -­‐  Art  or  Science  Oct  9:      Exit  Strategy  -­‐  Nice  to  Have  or  Need  to  Have?  Oct.  23:    Bootstrapping  -­‐  An  Alterna6ve  Answer  to  Funding  Nov  6:    Crowdfunding  -­‐  The  Power  of  Friends,  Family  and  Fools  Nov.  20:    Networking  -­‐  Nice  You  have  3000  Friends,  I  have  30  Relevant  Connec6ons  Dec.  4:      Marke6ng  &  (Social)  Media  -­‐  Noise  or  Value?  Dec.  11:    No  Sales,  No  Glory  Dec.  18:    Most  Common  Mistakes  of  Entrepreneurs   20    
  21. 21. BECOME  A  VIP  MEMBER  WITHIN  1  WEEK  AND  GET  YOUR  PLAN  CHECKED!  1.  Increased  Business  Exposure  and  Social  Media  Integra.on  2.  Jay  Abrahams  Business  Maximizer  Manual  3.  Access  To  Exclusive  Expert  Events  Twice  A  Month  4.  "Special  Solu.on"  Ac.on-­‐Based  Reports,  at  least  twice  a  month    5.  VIP  Only  Discounts  6.  VIP  Weekly  Newsleger  7.  VIP  Inner  Circle  8.  eProducts  from  the  worlds  largest  library  9.  IN  ADDITION:  If  you  agended  this  workshop  AND  become  a  VIP  Member  of  EFactor  within   ONE  WEEK,  you  can  send  me  you  ques.ons  on  working  capital  and  I  will  provide  you  with   assistance:         HTTP://WWW.EFACTOR.COM/VIP     21  
  22. 22. Thank  you!    This  document  was  prepared  by  Eva  Hukshorn.  Several  people  and  organiza.ons  have  inspired  her  to  write  this  presenta.on,  amongst  which  are,  but  not  limited  to  the  Founders  of  EFactor,   McKinsey&Company/NewVenture,  Nebib,