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How to write email for prof. abroad

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How to write email for a potential mentor or professor abroad to get a fellowship or research position

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How to write email for prof. abroad

  1. 1. Hussein Elkhayat, MD Cardiothoracic surgery dpt. Faculty of medicine, Assiut university, Egypt
  2. 2. Hay sir ,,, it is my pleasure to write to u this email . iam Hussein Elkhayat , Assistant lecture ( academic degree) of cardiothoracic surgery from Egypt . iam especially interested in minimal invasive surgery mainly VATS and i prepare my phD thesis about VATS therapeutic procedures for benign diseases. last year i had a good opportunity of clinical fellowship in turkey , Dr.suat seren chest disease and thoracic surgery research and training hospital in Izmir for a period of 4 months . i love turkey very much and i am looking forward to another clinical fellow in a more advanced center in turkey if i get the opportunity for that . i email u today sir to ask u if this oppertunity can be found at ur center as i hear a lot about u when i was in turkey  and i hope that I can work with u one day till now i do not have a fund for a fellowship but iam trying to a fund from the European association of thoracic surgery if i get an acceptance thank u for ur time HUSSEIN KHAIRY A. ELKHAYAT
  3. 3. What can I do to make the professor respond to my mail instead of ten dozen others lying in his/her inbox?
  4. 4. Write from your university email account ****** Spam emails: Most emails from unknown addresses are flagged as spam and don’t even reach the inbox. Professors also can’t be sure whether you are truly a student or a fake.
  5. 5.  Never email a professor during the weekends or Friday night; that might be a convenient time for you to email the professor but it is also the professor’s day off and your mail will get buried under the numerous other student’s applications.  Professors tend to check their mail during their office hours thus increasing chances of a reply if sent out at such a time.
  6. 6.  It is advisable not to contact more than one professor from the same department as, if found out, it will dampen your credibility in the eyes of both professors.
  7. 7. Urgent reply needed ! Hiiii I need your help to get a fund and fellowship 2018 potential fellow for VATS program
  8. 8.  (launching right into 'I want . . .' or 'Where is . . .' or 'Can I . . .') . . . is the quickest way to get deleted before he/she even read the body of the message,".  Some kind of greeting comes off as more friendly, polite, and professional.
  9. 9.  Come up with a simple, original and clear research proposal. It is no time to explain complicated ideas!  Avoid specialized acronyms or terminology.  He/she still have to read your proposal. Make it interesting to him/her !
  10. 10.  He/she is waiting that you demonstrate a sound knowledge about the topic  Do your homework  You are expected to figure out an original and interesting story as to why you are trying to get a fellowship and why he/she has to choose you from the list.
  11. 11.  Waste no time telling why you have no research experience. He/she knows you are young.  No need to dump a large list of publication or conference proceedings , but have something. Show that you are trying!  Avoid telling about your teaching experience. Not relevant.  Know why you are going to fellowship! Boring reasons include: learning more about your favorite field, finding your topic fascinating (why is it fascinating?), and so on.
  12. 12.  Academics tend to be very busy  It may take time for them to answer your email.  If you get no reply after a week or two, send a follow-up email.  If a first message followed by a reminder doesn't work, then you should start looking for an alternative person to approach.  It may be that this supervisor is not currently taking on students.
  13. 13.  The importance of a valediction in proper email etiquette,  Even if it's just a quick statement like "Thanks for your help!"  Your professor deserves some recognition of his/her time and trouble.
  14. 14.  Name  Position  Affiliation  Contact info. ( other than email of course)
  15. 15. Sir professor Martine Antoine, M.D. It a pleasure for me to write this email ,I am Hussein Elkhayat , assistant lecture(registrar) of cardiothoracic surgery at Assiut university hospitals in Egypt. I prepare now for my thesis to the doctoral degree in cardiothoracic surgery and looking forward to pursue my training in the field of adult cardiac surgery namely minimal invasive surgery. I read your last publication about “ port access mitral valve surgery” in Annuals journal and I really like the technique and I hope I can learn it to transfer it to my patients and spread it to my collogues . I wander if there is an opportunity for me to have a clinical fellowship to pursue my training and to collect the needed date for my thesis under your supervision .I will have a full funded fellowship from a program of fellowships between my country and Belgium for about 10 months . attached to the email my CV Hope that my request welcomed by you to be able to work with a well distinguished professor like you sir Best Regards, Hussein Elkhayat Assistant Lecture of Cardiothoracic Surgery Assiut Faculty of Medicine,Assiut,Egypt. P.Box 71515 Mobile : + 2 010 0 55 49 6 53 Work : + 2 088 241 37 73 Website:
  16. 16.  Write well.  Be interesting.  Be original. Thank you