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Tour Management System

Tour Management Web-based Application's Documentation

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Tour Management System

  1. 1. Page | 1 INTRODUCTION Tour is quite different word from travel; tour comprises travelling, lodging and food. Due to development of road, rail and air, tourism sector has gained momentum. People tour one place to another for business, job, recreation, etc. The frequency of tour of an individual is being multiplied day by day. Tour Management system is a dynamic website for tourism business. It is dynamic and responsive web design. It is also called travel technology solution foe agencies & tour operation. Nearly everyone goes on a vacation for this ‘A Tourism Management System’ would play a vital role in planning the perfect trip. The main purpose is to help tourism companies to manage customer and hotels etc. The system maintains centralized repository to make necessary travel arrangements and to retrieve information easily. The tourism management systems must include solutions for tracking visitors, analyzing trends, target market, and CRM. Tourists are more attractive for culture diversity of the world. Tourism was mainly been traditional in its early form. With the evolution of cultures, economics, and knowledge, tourism took a different form called sustainable tourism with the aspect of well-planned tour, well-studied destination, and conservation of destination. Travel for leisure purpose has evolved from an experience reserved for very few people into something enjoyed by many. Historically, the ability to travel was reserved for royalty and the upper classes. From ancient Roman times through to the 17th century, young men of high standing were encouraged to travel through Europe on a “grand tour”. The Environmental impacts of tourism can reach outside local areas and have an effect on the global ecosystem. Whether positive or negative, tourism is a force for change around the world, and the industry is transforming at a staggering rate.
  2. 2. Page | 2 FlightsLogic Tour Management System FlightsLogic develops Flight Booking Software which helps travel and tourism industry to get the airline reservation done easily also you can manage your inventory, agent control, bookings and ticket reservations all in one place. Our online booking software allows a potential customer to book and pay for an activity or service directly through your website. It enables you not only to sell notably more flight tickets but to promote various complementary travel products to increase your profit. We offer you the best online flight booking software that facilitates the search for flights all over the world. Our flight booking software is designed using globally acknowledged applications used for online flight reservations for B2B and B2C in various destinations across the globe. FlightsLogic is a specialized company in developing flight booking software with GDS integration such as Amadeus, Galileo, and Sabre. Our flight booking software is connected with GDS systems and offer better inventory and price to end customers and travel agencies. We understand the need for global travel companies and tour operators so we provide aesthetic flight booking engine design. Our airline booking engine provides better options for airline selection with the lowest airfares to end-users and travel agents. It helps your travel business increase sales while it automates processes and reduces the time and effort required to complete an airline booking. We design and develop innovative flight booking websites with robust booking and payment processing systems that allow users to quickly find the flights in order to book their desired destinations. We work on Flight Booking Engine and low-cost air carriers to provide our clients with a comprehensive flight booking system.
  3. 3. Page | 3 Corporate Self Booking Tool FlightsLogic is an award-winning provider of innovative and cost-effective travel management solutions to the corporate world. We understand your needs and offer solution to drive business growth with the most complete all-in-one travel booking and management software. We are developing travel management solutions to make your business travel simpler, faster and more efficient. One-Stop Global AirFare Management Solutions FlightsLogic offers end-to-end global airfare management solutions for Business Travel Management Companies and corporates across the globe. We provide Corporate Travel Management Software for international and domestic Travel. Our Travel Management System is fully customizable & flexible to meet your needs and help to manage your sales, bookings, tours, itineraries and track progress in real time. Custom Travel Tech Engineering for Your Business FlightsLogic provides web-based online flight booking solution for your travel management business to ensure hassle free travel bookings with user customizable features for flights. FlightsLogic’s Travel management solution standardizes your clients travel booking process to improve your business growth in travel industry. We work with online travel agencies, travel management solution providers, and travel tech startups to build custom software. Over 200+ worldwide business have chosen us as their technology consulting partner.
  4. 4. Page | 4 I. REQUIREMENT ANALYSIS Scope Tourism Management System is an integrated software developed for tour operating companies. The main aim of FlightsLogic is to help the tourism companies to manage their customers, vehicles, and agent. It makes all operation of the tour company easy and accurate. The standalone platform makes tourism management easy by handling agencies request and providing servers for the customers located at different parts of the various cities. Different modules have been incorporated in this project to handle different parts and sector of the tour management field. Objectives The objective of the FlightsLogic is to develop a system that automates the processes and activities of a travel and tourism agency. The system can also be used for both professional and business trips. The proposed system maintains centralized repository to make necessary travel arrangements and to retrieve information easily. The main purpose is to help tourism companies to manage customer and hotels etc.
  5. 5. Page | 5 FlightsLogic Outcomes  This System will provide to connect directly Customers and Agent through internet.  This System provide facilities to modify and delete tourist’s data as well as client data.  This System provide feedback mechanism for tourist.  This System provide some social media links.  This System maintain & Control the database of tourists’ information.  This System give a variety of travel services that will sure to match all your priorities.  This System help to make strong relationship with customers so that they can enjoy that holiday of their dreams.  This System also helps to develop tourism with different cultures so that they enrich the tourists experience and build pride.  This System will provide easy and efficient work for the agency. .
  6. 6. Page | 6 II. DEVELOPMENT PHASE:
  7. 7. Page | 7  ‘TOP NAVIGATION BAR’
  8. 8. Page | 8  Fare Zone Page:
  9. 9. Page | 9  Fare API Page:
  10. 10. Page | 10  Travel Management Companies Page:
  11. 11. Page | 11  Fare APPs Page:
  12. 12. Page | 12  OTAs and Travel Agencies Page:
  13. 13. Page | 13  Developer Page:
  14. 14. Page | 14  USER Login:
  15. 15. Page | 15  Contact Page:
  16. 16. Page | 16 Conclusion Tourism Management System proves to be robust that has followed all the commercial standards. Normalization is applied to all the tables and square measure found to be in 3NF. The useful dependencies square measure listed. It’ll be necessary to involve the travel agents during this feedback method, as end-users like they usually have several distinctive insights that may not occur to code developers or individuals concerned in management. This interchange can involve each data like this document and prototypes of our product. The top result is going to be a product that's useful, reliable and simple to be told and use.