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HxRefactored 2015: Mark Silverberg "The Open Health Data Landscape: Data Publishers, Consumers, and Use Cases"

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Mark Silverberg, a Health Data Solutions Architect for Socrata shares his views on how data is transforming health.

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HxRefactored 2015: Mark Silverberg "The Open Health Data Landscape: Data Publishers, Consumers, and Use Cases"

  1. 1. The Open Health Data Landscape: Data Publishers, Consumers, and Use Cases Mark Silverberg, Health Data Solutions Architect @Skram
  2. 2. Socrata Unleashing the power of data to improve the world around us Data ConsumersData Publishers Data By providing several ways for publishers to set data free and giving analysts, developers, and consumers multiple ways to use the data through online UXs, APIs, and integrations
  3. 3. CitiesFederal Counties ML/ NGO StatesAcademia The Flow of Open Health Data Data Traditional Media Issue Activist Researcher Staffer / Analyst Informed Citizen Civic Hacker / Developer GIS Analyst Sr. Program Manager
  4. 4. Traditional Media Issue Activist Researcher Staffer / Analyst Informed Citizen Civic Hacker / Developer GIS Analyst Sr. Program Manager Desired Granularity Disaggregated DataSummary Data DataSophistication DataViz/ Dashboards RawData/ APIs Data Consumers Investigative Journalist
  5. 5. Epidemiologica l Clinical Personal QualityClaims Environmental Socio-Economic The Changing Health Data Landscape More Closed More Open Behaviors
  6. 6. Examples of Open Health Data (the free kind!) Healthcare Facilities Farmer’s Markets Air Quality Police & Fire Incidents Parks & Public Facilities Traffic Collisions Food Inspection Data Crime Data County Services StateCityCounty Federal ML/NGO Provider Cost & Quality Approved Drugs Food Recalls Behavioral Surveys Population Statistics Biomedical Research Loans and Project Financing Country Epi Profiles Development & Health Indicators Population Statistics Millenniums Development Goals
  7. 7. Improving Data Discovery with Machine Learning
  8. 8. How Data is Transforming Health Improving price transparency Driving quality improvements Improving population health Informing clinical decision-making Fueling research and innovation Guiding public health investments Informing and improving health policy Identifying and serving vulnerable populations
  9. 9. Epidemiological Clinical Personal Quality Claims Environmental Socio-Economic Behaviors Which Provider Should I Choose?
  10. 10. Epidemiological Clinical Personal Quality Claims Environmental Socio-Economic Behaviors Which Treatment is Most Effective?
  11. 11. Epidemiological Clinical Personal Quality Claims Environmental Socio-Economic Behaviors Why Are Some Populations Healthier?
  12. 12. Chicago Uses APIs to Unlock the Value of Community
  13. 13. HealthPocket & HealthScout get Data to Consumers & Patients
  14. 14. It Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated
  15. 15. Thanks! Mark Silverberg Health Data Solutions Architect, Socrata @Skram
  16. 16. Number of Use Cases Value ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? Maximizing Value for the Long Tail of Health Data
  17. 17. Rapid Development of Mission Critical Data Apps at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services The Challenge: CMS has embarked on an ambitious strategy to harness the power of data to guide decisions, reduce fraud, increase transparency, and improve services. They needed an enterprise approach to deliver mission-critical data applications and support a wide array of disparate data initiatives. The Solution: CMS uses Socrata to rapidly prototype, develop, and deploy data-driven applications on mission-critical activities such and other CMS sites. Data owners and programs across the organization use Socrata to release public data and share data much more effectively with researchers, industry, policy-makers, and others. "I just wanted to send a short note thanking you for all the incredible work you guys did building out the Socrata data platform for the physician data. In particular I think the look-up tool is fabulous and a great advertisement for agile development and productive collaboration between contractors and the federal government." Niall Brennan Director - Office of Enterprise Management Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services The Impact: •  CMS has vastly increased the reach and impact of their data with over 50 million views and downloads of CMS data. •  CMS APIs have served over 35 million API requests. •  CMS has saved time and money through an agile, API- driven approach to app development and deployment.
  18. 18. Medicaid Uses Agile Approach to Data-Driven Performance Management The Impact: •  Performance data is collected from states in a consistent format. •  Senior staff can answer questions quickly for themselves rather than make one-off data requests to staff. •  CMS saved hundreds of thousands of dollars versus using a traditional approach to developing a one-off custom solution. The Challenge: Medicaid needed a solution to collect, track and report performance measures from all 50 states, and they needed it up and running in less than six weeks. They called Socrata. The Solution: Socrata worked with the Medicaid team to rapidly develop and prototype a simple form based system for collecting monthly reports of performance indicator data from the states. The team implemented an intuitive dashboard that provides senior Medicaid officials with an “at-a- glance” view of key indicators to track progress, make decisions, and report impact.
  19. 19. 2014 Top Dataset Resources U.S. States Unemployment & Employment Statistics !  Missouri Monthly Unemployment by Industry !  Maryland Employment Figures !  New York State Current Employment Statistics !  Washington State Unemployment Rates by County Business Registrations & Licenses !  Oregon New Businesses Registered !  New York State Active Corporations !  New York State Liquor Authority Active Licenses !  Missouri Active Alcohol License Data Expenditures & Spending !  Missouri 2011 State Expenditures !  Vermont Accounts Payable Payments Traffic Volume !  New York State Annual Average Daily Traffic !  Maryland ICC Vehicle Volume Data !  Illinois IDOT Average Annual Daily Traffic 2010 Campaign Finances !  Hawaii Campaign Contributions Healthcare Facilities !  New York State Health Care Facility Information !  Illinois IDPH Hospital Directory !  California Health Care Facilities Farmer’s Markets !  New York State Farmers Markets !  Hawaii Farmer’s Markets Weather Warning Systems !  Hawaii State Civil Defense Hurricane Shelters !  Missouri Local Severe Weather Warning Systems Signed Bills or Laws !  Oregon ills Signed by Governor Kitzhaber 2012 !  Colorado Signed Bills 2012 Air Quality !  Montana DEQ Ambient Air Quality Monitoring !  Maryland Ozone Exceedance Days
  20. 20. 2014 Top Dataset Resources U.S. Cities Crime !  Baltimore BPD Arrests !  Boston Crime Incident Reports !  Chicago Crimes (2001 to Present) 311 Service Requests !  San Francisco Case Data 311 (SF311) !  New York City 311 Service Requests (2010 to Present) !  Austin 311 Unified Data !  Baltimore 311 Customer Service Requests !  Boston Constituent Requests for City Services !  Chicago 311 Service Requests Permits & Licenses !  Raleigh Building Permits with Parcel ID !  New York City Building Permits !  Austin Economic Development Compliance !  Baltimore Real Property Taxes !  Boston Approved Building Permits Businesses !  Baltimore Restaurant Listing !  Los Angeles Listing of Active Businesses Police & Fire Incidents !  Hartford Current Year Fire Incidents !  Raleigh Police Incident Data (2013) !  San Francisco Police Dept. Incidents (Previous 3-Months) !  Austin Police Dept. Incident Extract YTD City Payroll !  Los Angeles Payroll !  Baltimore City Employee Salaries (FY2013) !  Boston Employee Earnings Report (2012) !  Cambridge Budget Salaries (FY2015) !  Chicago Current Employee Names, Salaries, & Position Titles Emergency Shelter & Evacuation !  San Francisco HSA 90 Day Emergency Shelter Wait List !  New York City Fire Department Firehouse Listing !  Kansas City Local Severe Weather Warning System Parks & Public Facilities !  Los Angeles Dept. of Recreation & Parks Facility & Park Information !  Chicago Library Information Adopted Budget & Expenditures !  Raleigh FY13 Adopted & FY14 Proposed Budget !  Cambridge Adopted Budget By Department (FY12) Traffic Collisions !  New York City Police Dept. Motor Vehicle Collisions !  Los Angeles Police Dept. Crime & Collision Raw Data (2014)
  21. 21. 2014 Top Dataset Resources U.S. Counties Food Inspection Data !  Montgomery County Food Inspection !  Alameda County Restaurant Inspections !  King County Food Establishment Inspection Data Crime Data !  Prince George’s County Crime Incidents !  Alameda County Sheriff Crime Reports 311 Requests !  Montgomery County MC311 Service Requests !  Prince George’s County Click 311 Budget & Expenditures !  King County General Fund & Proposed Expenditures (2011) !  Montgomery County Fiscal Year Budget (2013) Election Data !  San Mateo County California Gubernatorial General Election Turnout SMC (2011) !  King County Election Results General Election (November 2, 2010) !  Montgomery County Election Polling Places (2012) Foreclosures !  Prince George’s County Foreclosures !  Cook County Foreclosures (January 1st-August 9th, 2012) Census Data !  Alameda County Census Raw Data (2012) !  San Mateo County Population by Race by Census Tract (2010) Contracts !  Cook County Awarded Contracts !  Montgomery County Contracts County Services !  Prince George’s County Fires Stations !  Prince George’s County Recreation Centers !  Alameda County Parks !  Montgomery County Public Schools Residential & Commercial Permits !  Montgomery County Commercial Permits !  Montgomery County Residential Permits !  Prince George’s County Residential & Commercial Permits
  22. 22. Agenda !  Socrata = democratizing data from publishers and empowering consumers to use it (publishers => consumers) --- don’t have to rely on techies and data nerds to get at data and solve problems !  Graphical representation w/ pub/con archetypes !  Dive into available data sources and data sets !  S/L, Fed, NGO, + (commercial, QS, everyone) !  Dive into users and use cases !  Show examples of full-on websites but also API-enabled data viz !  Quick ways to get data from publisher to end users (patient, decision maker, policy maker)
  23. 23. •  Dept of Health: Should we invest in X or Y in Z? Consumer: What doctor should I pick for my knee replacement? Clinician: What drug should I prescribe? Nonprofit: Which community will benefit most from this grant award? Data sources and types of data in blobs all around the question !  Data sources " data intermediaries " application/analyst " end user
  24. 24. Apps !  Show examples of full-on websites but also API-enabled data viz ! Quick ways to get data from publisher to end users (patient, decision maker, policy maker) !  Chicago Health Atlas !  High Charts / d3 / leaflet