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APPOLO webinar - Information about the Open Call

The project APPOLO, currently active in the Seventh Framework programme, launches an Open Call for assessment experiments with new laser processing equipment for emerging manufacturing technologies based on ultra-short pulse (sub-ns). The about two year running experiments aim at validation of the technologies needed for large and global markets. The equipment should be tested for the selected technological process in close-to industrial environment using the assessment service of laser application laboratories around Europe joined to APPOLO HUB. Validation will be performed in close collaboration between equipment supplier, end-user and an application laboratory connected to the APPOLO HUB. The new laser assessment experiments should provide business relevant technical investigations and demonstrate applicability of the new equipment for industrial applications.

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APPOLO webinar - Information about the Open Call

  1. 1. supported by [Partner Logo]  [Partner]  [Meeting Title]  30-Jan-15  p. 1  Hub of Application Laboratories for Equipment Assessment in Laser Based Manufacturing Supported by the European Commission [Partner Logo] Coordinator: Fizinių ir Technologijos Mokslų Centras Center for Physical Science and Technology Savanoriu Ave. 231, LT-02300 Vilnius, Lithuania WEBINAR on APPOLO open call High precision & speed processing with ultra-short (sub-ns) pulse lasers
  2. 2. supported by  FTMC  APPOLO webinar on Open call  27-JAN-15  p. 2  Your speakers  was rejecting messages until 20th of January  We fixed our mail server.  Please, resend your questions, as it is working well now. Gediminas Račiukaitis, APPOLO coordinator Gvidas Astromskas, APPOLO HUB manager
  3. 3. supported by  FTMC  APPOLO webinar on Open call  27-JAN-15  p. 3  APPOLO concept  focuses on emerging innovative laser technologies and processes, which need to be customised, tested and validated :  Customized – service of application labs for trials;  Tested – experiments at variable conditions;  Validated – reliability and process quality assessment in the close-to-manufacturing environment.  exploits the unique combination of distributed knowledge in  academic application labs,  equipment producers,  system integrators and  end-users to enable the development of innovative processes, products and machineries for industrial laser material processing applications.  have established and coordinate the Hub of laser application laboratories to provide the high-quality integrated services.
  4. 4. supported by  FTMC  APPOLO webinar on Open call  27-JAN-15  p. 4  APPOLO: idea and implementation Equipment assessment Assessment procedures Integration for process validation Validation with or at end-user The equipment in processing Industrial Advisory Board Report on equipment Final report Report on equipment In process Input form other assessment chains Hub of laser application laboratories the 8+ equipment assessment value chains: Core of the consortium - laser application laboratories:  around Europe;  connected to a virtual hub, in order to  accumulate knowledge and infrastructure  promote the easy-to-access environment  develop and validate of laser-based technologies in
  5. 5. supported by  FTMC  APPOLO webinar on Open call  27-JAN-15  p. 5  APPOLO: the consortium along the value chain MATERIALS:  Eidgenössische Materialprüfungs- und Forschungsanstalt SUPPLIERS:  Ekspla UAB (SME)  Time Bandwidth Products AG (SME)  OneFive GmbH (SME)  Next Scan Technology BV (SME)  Amsys Ltd. (SME)  ELAS UAB (SME)  ... APPLICATION LABORATORIES:  Center for Physical Sciences and Technology  Leibniz-Institut für Oberflächenmodifizierung e.V.  Bern University of Applied Sciences  Lappeenranta University of Technology  Universidad Politécnica de Madrid  Lightmotif BV (SME) END-USERS:  Centro Ricerche Fiat SCPA  Daetwyler Graphics AG  Abengoa Solar New Technologies SA  Mondragon Assembly Sociedad Cooperativa (SME)  Sachsische Walzengravur GmbH  Bioage SRL (SME)  Flisom AG (SME)  … IPR MANAGEMENT & EXPLOITATION  engage AG (SME)
  6. 6. supported by  FTMC  APPOLO webinar on Open call  27-JAN-15  p. 6  APPOLO HUB: assessment services  Assessment of laser equipment  assess new lasers, scanners, beam guiding equipment and laser workstations  Laser processing verification  process your samples and products with CW, ns, ps and fs laser beams for optimal laser equipment  Laser micromachining Ownership Costs & Benefits  information about laser ownership's costs and alternatives for processing. Services
  7. 7. supported by  FTMC  APPOLO webinar on Open call  27-JAN-15  p. 7   APPOLO consortium is looking for new assessment experiments with new equipment for laser-based manufacturing in the technologies going to large markets with global end-users & integrators.  CALL FOR ASSESSMENT EXPERIMENTS IN LASER-BASED MANUFACTURING  1.2 MEur of the EC funding is available for new partners within the APPOLO Open call  The consortium expect to select approximate 6 proposals for new assessment experiments with a budget limit of 200 000 Euro per proposal for the new partners.  Each proposal must include at least two new partners: equipment supplier (preferable SME) and end- user for the laser technology, where the equipment of the supplier can be applied.  The proposal consortium must include at least one of the laser application laboratory from existing APPOLO consortium (member of APPOLO HUB) to provide the equipment/technology assessment service.  Additional partners – equipment suppliers and end-users - selected by Competitive call will require assessment service from the existing consortium partners. Therefore, indicatively 20% of the budget in addition will be distributed to the existing partners that will provide the service depending on the selected proposals due to their expertise and infrastructure for performing the new assessment projects. Budget for existing APPOLO partners can be up to 20% of that for the new partners (40 000 Euro per experiment).  Evaluation of the proposals will be performed by independent experts.  The selected partners will assess the grant agreement with EC and APPOLO consortium agreement. Purpose of the Call
  8. 8. supported by  FTMC  APPOLO webinar on Open call  27-JAN-15  p. 8  Topics  The aim: higher reliability, 24/7, high quality, by laser processing itself or by combining processing and process diagnostics reverently in situ and in closed loop APPOLO equipment under assessment:  1.342 µm wavelength, 10 W, 300 kHz, ps-laser / assessed by FTMC;  100 m/s polygon line scanner / assessed by FTMC and BUAS;  10 MHz fiber laser: 1064/512 nm wavelength, 25 ps, 100W / assessed by BUAS;  100 W, 1ps laser / assessed by BUAS.  5-axis ultra-short pulse laser workstation for texturing of 3D surfaces by LM. Proposal activities can include equipment, that possess APPOLO HUB member (see: ) By processes  Efficient laser texturing o High precision & speed texturing; o High-speed large-area surface texturing; o Roll-to-roll texturing; o Functional surface texturing.  Laser post-processing o Moulds; o Laser sintered parts; o Polishing, texturing. By materials  Composite materials;  Transparent materials;  Silicon wafers;  Polymers;  Etc.; By application areas: laser processes for  Thin film & flexible electronics;  Security and defence;  Photovoltaics;  Bio-sensing. By equipment to assess  Ultra-short pulse laser;  Novel wavelengths;  Temporal/spatial beam shaping;  Fast scanners;  Process sensing & monitoring  High precision & speed processing with ultra-short (sub-ns) pulse lasers
  9. 9. supported by  FTMC  APPOLO webinar on Open call  27-JAN-15  p. 9   No limitation for partners between countries within EU and related to FP7 programme  Proposal should include at least two new partners, which need service from the existing APPOLO HUB (and consortium) partners:  equipment supplier, preferable SME;  end-user;  existing partner from APPOLO HUB application laboratories – located at NL, CH, LT, FI, DE, ES  New equipment to be assessed should be one for laser based manufacturing, including but not limited to: lasers, positioning, beam shaping, guiding and scanning, on-line monitoring and control;  The entity must be registered at EU and have its PIC number before the proposal submission.  The assessment experiments in the proposal should rely on existing expertise and infrastructure within APPOLO consortium, to be able to perform assessment of the new equipment in close to industrial conditions;  Evaluation by independent experts selected according to EC rules Eligibility of proposals
  10. 10. supported by  FTMC  APPOLO webinar on Open call  27-JAN-15  p. 10   Soundness of concept, innovation and quality of the work plan  Quality of the consortium as a whole and of the individual proposers  Budget and justification of costs and resources (new and existing partners)  Industrial relevance, potential impact and exploitation plans  Ethical Issues  Evaluation criteria - published online in the “Guide for applicants” pdf Proposal content 10 pages only
  11. 11. supported by  FTMC  APPOLO webinar on Open call  27-JAN-15  p. 11   High precision & speed processing with ultra-short (sub-ns) pulse lasers  Call is open at: 12th January, 2015  Deadline: The call closes at 18th March 2015 at 17:00 (CET).  Expected duration of participation in the project: start not earlier than July 2015 and to finish not later than 31st August 2017.  Total EC funding available for new partners is up to €1 200 000.  Call identifier: APPOLO Open Call  Language in which proposal should be submitted: English  Web address for further information (full call text/proposal guidelines): http://www.appolo-  Proposal submission:  Email address for further information: Timing  Deadline for proposal submission: 18th March, 2015, 17:00 CET  Evaluation: 2 weeks after deadline  Rating list: 3 weeks after deadline  Start of accession to GA and CA: approximate 17 weeks after call announcement. Call details
  12. 12. supported by  FTMC  APPOLO webinar on Open call  27-JAN-15  p. 12  The Consortium
  13. 13. supported by  FTMC  APPOLO webinar on Open call  27-JAN-15  p. 13  Thank you Questions