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DIGITAL INNOVATION HUBS IN PRACTICE: How are companies benefiting from Digital Innovation Hubs?

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Moderator: Lorena Riveiro Rodriguez, Technologies and Systems for Digitising Industry Unit, European Commission
Innovalia, Oscar Lázaro, ES
Flex Hex, Laurent Marquis, DK
AnswareTech, Victoria Moreno, ES
ARCTUR, Tomi Ilijas, SI
CloudSME, Andreas Ocklenburg – DE

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DIGITAL INNOVATION HUBS IN PRACTICE: How are companies benefiting from Digital Innovation Hubs?

  2. 2. 1. Innovalia – Oscar Lázaro 2. Flex Hex – Laurent Marquis 3. AnswareTech – Victoria Moreno 4. ARCTUR – Tomi Ilijas 5. CloudSME – Andreas Ocklenburg
  3. 3. Digital Competences. • Industrial IoT & CPPS • Zero Defect Manufacturing • Business Digitisation • Big Data and 3D Mobile Visualization • Cybersecurity and Digital Trust Services • Technical support • Access to infrastructures • Pilots and end-user access • Business model development • Specialised training – digital skills • Digital transformation consulting • Knowledge transfer and dissemination • New product/service design • International digital hub • Technology development • Market assessment
  4. 4. The Flex Hex company 1. A spin out of the ReconCell project Manufacturing today is in need of more flexible and productive solutions i.e. industry 4.0. The Hexapod solution has been under development for the past several years. The commercialization is based on a proven product in the marked and tested with success within the ReconCell project FlexHex creates flexible and reconfigurable alternative to dedicated fixtures in production. Utilized for assembly, welding and manufacturing, it enables a more cost-effective and flexible production line setup.
  5. 5. Answare 1. Cyber Physical Systems for Public Safety Answering Points 112 (CPS-PSAP112) Integration of standardized eCall data and drones to provide new services for crisis and incident management. Suitability of SOFIA IoT platform / CPSE Labs Design Centre of Spain hosted by Technical University of Madrid (UPM) for emergency response. Answare provides innovative solutions for Big Data, Decision making, Augmented and Virtual Reality in Aerospace, Transport, Emergency, eHealth and Tourism domains.
  6. 6. Arctur – the HPC4SME specialist Arctur gained the global visibility with success stories from Fortissimo and CloudFlow projects. Now, we are one of the few private owned HPC centres in Europe, offering tailor-made solutions for SMEs.  Preconfigured HW and SW packages  Competitive usage based business models  Network of experts and software providers to support users  Two IDC awards for innovative HPC use  HPC4SME Assessment Tool developed in order to encourage SMEs with high potential SME‘S ARE WELCOME!
  7. 7. cloudSME UG cloudSME is a start-up out of an FP7 project. Founded by 8 former project members (SMEs & Individuals) from 5 nations. Company registered in Duisburg, Germany. Our Mission: Enabling SMEs to use the full stack of cloud computing technologies in an easy, efficient, affordable and secure way. MSaaS (Modelling and Simulation as a service), includes SaaS, IaaS, PaaS and consulting / advice. HPCaaS (High Performance Computing as a service) Current Horizon 2020 project: Project COLA supports SMEs and Public Services with optimal cloud solutions and provides consulting services as well as technical support. Project COLA is offering a new pluggable framework, called MiCADO. European Competence Center for cloud based HPC Simulation