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DIGITAL INNOVATION HUBS IN PRACTICE: What other services and support would be needed from the Digital Innovation Hubs?

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Moderator: Lorena Riveiro Rodriguez, Technologies and Systems for Digitising Industry Unit, European Commission
Fraunhofer ILT, Ulrich Thombansen, DE
Kumo Technologies, David Vanhoucke, ES
Missler, Jean Claude Morel, FR
ELVEZ, Ziga Gosar, SI
Robot Technology Production at Danish Technological Institute, Kurt Nielsen, DK

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DIGITAL INNOVATION HUBS IN PRACTICE: What other services and support would be needed from the Digital Innovation Hubs?

  2. 2. 1. Fraunhofer ILT – Ulrich Thombansen 2. Kumo Technologies – David Vanhoucke 3. Missler – Jean Claude Morel 4. ELVEZ – Ziga Gosar 5. ROBOTT-NET – Kurt Nielsen
  3. 3. 28 LEAs LASHARE Laser-based Equipment Assessment (LEA) LCC: LASHARE Competence Center – Services Portfolio Assessment Framework for laser-based equipment in manufacturing • Robust tools and procedures for assessment • Benefit to equipment supplying SME’s • Support of European manufacturing capability Assessment Circle Assessment Team LEA: SME Accelerated Increase in TRL Conduction of laser-based equipment assessments • Team-up user, supplier and research • Define industrial needs and TRL criteria • 28 LEAs on innovative manufacturing solutions • 73 partners with increase in revenues, advance in technology, new business and jobs 26 Innovations 72 Partners 6 Competence Centers
  4. 4. Kumo Technologies - LIGA The main aim of KUMO Technologies is to further develop visualization technologies to support businesses and citizens benefiting the digital transformation Services and solutions • Design realistic 3D objects for professionals and individuals • Creation of high quality 3D models • Visualization algorithms • Art nstallations • 3d intelectuall property platform High Performance Big Data Analysis (HPC-BDA) Smart Retail Recommendation Engine (REC-ENG), 3D Content Analytics Services & Dashboard (3D-DASH), with a focus on 3D printable models Large scale Indie Gaming Analytics (LIGA)
  5. 5. CloudFlow project MISSLER SOFTWARE: • French SME • CAD / CAM / ERP software editor CloudFlow Experiments • CAD On the cloud • Implementation of new modules into the CAD (Add in) on demand • CAM On the cloud • Externalisation of the tool path computation using HPC resources
  6. 6. SME case 1. ELVEZ case - Automotive lights (headlamp and backlamp) - typical structural elements - housing, actuators, - bulb holders, - adjustable screws, - heat shields… - Goal of project: - reconfigurable robot workcell - many different assembly projects on one machine. - Required less storage space
  7. 7. ROBOTT-NET Robot Technology Transfer Network 1. A one-stop-shop within robotics: Vouchers that offers proof of concept, viability studies, demonstrations, testing etc. based on well equipped facilities Pilots that support implementation at customer site based on technical competences and components Hands-on and strategic training programs for industry Open Labs for inspiration and match making Videos that showcase technologies and demonstrate best practice Facilitating knowledge partnerships between companies, research & technology organizations, and universities through Vouchers and Pilots Twitter: @ROBOTT_NET