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Moderator: Max Lemke, Head of Unit, Technologies & Systems for Digitising Industry, European Commission, DG CONNECT
Fernando Valdés, Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, ES
Didier van den Abeele, Ministry of Higher Education and Research, FR
Martin Ruskowski, DFKI, DE
Sam Helmer, Smart Industry, NL
Fopke Klok, ITEA Director, NL
Jan Staniłko,Ministry of Economic Development, PL
Patrick Kennedy, EFFRA, EU
Luigi Perissich, Confindustria Servizi Innovativi e Tecnologici, IT

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  2. 2. 1. Fernando Valdés 2. Didier van den Abeele 3. Martin Ruskowski 4. Sam Helmer 5. Fopke Klok 6. Jan Stanilko 7. Patrick Kennedy 8. Luigi Perissich
  3. 3. DIH in Spain: A view from a public administration 1. Identification and promotion of new and sustainable DIH. 2. Institutional support. 3. Mapping of their services and public awareness about them. 4. Financing. 5. Coordination among public administrations (Regions). 6. Matching with industrial companies, especially SME. 7. Stimulate their access to European funds. 8. Working Group.
  4. 4. FR map of ICT/NMBP cc/Hubs (soon on French (d)IH national strategy • Oct. 2016 – Decision to launch • Janv. 2017 – Official launch • From Feb., iterative process of classification • Dissemination at regional, national, Alliance, EU levels – Alliance Industrie du Futur – Infodays – TNO’s survey, other DGs – etc Overall purpose: Expose the French ICT / NMBP Community • Strategy based on: 1. Clear criteria: Offered services, Technical areas, Quality of ecosystem 2. Regional Contact Points: credibility wrt. the overall sustainability +140 actors
  5. 5. German Funding Initiative “Mittelstand 4.0” Initiative  Mittelstand 4.0 – Digital Production and Work Processes  Digital transformation in SMEs  Funded by Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy Funding Aims  Raise awareness among SMEs  Provide key information and knowledge  Support the development of needs-oriented, secure, and market-ready solutions for SMEs Scope  13 centers running as of today  Up to 22 centers planned
  6. 6. WHAT WE ACHIEVED 1. Action program 2015-2017 • Creating Awareness by addressing Smart Industry to over 15.000 SME’s and entrepreneurs • And by creating over 300 ambassadors, an annual country wide event, news letter, Twitter and LinkedIn-group • Development of 30 Fieldlabs -> • Connecting Smart Industry knowledge part to the national Science agenda • Development of Skills program, lector network, master, minor and associate degree modules in Smart Industry
  7. 7. ITEA, the EUREKA Cluster on Software Innovation, supports companies and innovators: • To develop new partnerships • To access new customers and new markets • To develop new products and technologies in international, collaborative and industry-driven R&D projects with a focus on results. ITEA projects are actual ecosystems in which • Large companies benefit from SMEs and start-ups for flexibility and new ideas • SMEs benefit from big players by gaining visibility and expand into new markets EUREKA clusters like ITEA provide a trusted framework in which it is easy to set up a partnership for business-driven innovation. ITEA is an enabler: internationalisation and commercialisation Source: The Innovation Ecosystem,, J. Spruijt et. al., July 2015. Development and propagation of innovative ideas is a “chaotic” process that requires e.g. “proximity”, “language” and trust.
  8. 8. Digital Innovation Hubs in Poland The role of the Future Industry Platform in the Digital Innovation Hubs network development 1. DIHs in Poland: one operational, five in preparation, two candidates 2. The small number stems from the lack of domestic demand for advanced solutions 3. Before “expanding the network“, the DIH needs to provide a proof of concept. Few lighthouse projects – public as well as private 4. Priority actions aiming at the demand creation: • Awareness building among owners of SME’s • Information about the most recent solutions and standards • Competence and leadership building • Financial support mechanisms and fiscal incentives supporting transformation at the company level 4. In 2018 Poland’s government is planning to launch the Future Industry Platform. The Platform will support the development of domestic demand through varied actions and provide DIHs with broad market intelligence necessary to design appropriate services. 5. Collateral actions on launching national AI programme just started – leading IT companies & academic supercomputer centres
  9. 9. Factories of the Future | EFFRA • Factories of the Future is Europe’s research & innovation programme for advanced manufacturing – enabling the realisation of ‘industry 4.0’. • It is a public-private partnership. • 240+ Projects launched to date. • I4MS is supported through Factories of the Future. • EFFRA is Europe’s factories of the future association. • Official partner to the EU in the Factories of the Future. • We encourage participation, support the broad community & shape research & innovation agenda. • Forging strong links with national & regional initiatives through our members & community.
  10. 10.  Tangible Assets – Annex A Super Depreciation of 250% of new tangible assets necessary to 4.0 technological transformation 3 categories:: 1. controlled by digital systems and/or managed by sensors; 2. systems for quality and sustainability assurance; 3. devices for the human to machine interaction , improved ergonomy and safety in 4.0 logic. R&D investments Tax credit increased from 25% to 50% with a ceiling increased from 5M€ to 20M€ National Plan Industria 4.0 2017 - 2020  Intangible assets Annex B Depreciation of 140% of intangible assets (software and development/system integration) connected to investments in tangible assets 4.0: the incentive is reserved to companies that will benefit from super depreciation Patent Box reduction of 50% of taxable base for revenues produced by non tangible assets exploitation Financial incentives for VC and Start ups for 4.0. Public Credit scheme (SME Fund) Infrastructures: Ultra- Broadband plan; Standards and interoperability Digital Innovation Hubs and Competence Center Confindustria Network 6 I4MS Italian DIH part of Confindustria Network