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Delivering transparency, choice and control for European Citizens - EDAA

Information regarding the OBA self Regulation Framework and other self-regulatory initiatives supported by EDAA. Important facts about why it is crucial to have self regulation in Europe - Self-Regulation can empower & protect consumers, whilst ensuring the viability of many ad models, and their added value for brands, publishers & consumers. What should user know and what should companies do in order to be compliant with European Laws and regulations on data collection & protection.

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Delivering transparency, choice and control for European Citizens - EDAA

  1. 1. Delivering transparency, choice and control for European citizens
  2. 2. Some numbers • 2.1 bn. € is the value of programmatic in Europe (IAB Europe study, Sept. 2014) • 27.3 bn. € is the value of the digital advertising market in Europe (IAB Europe’s Adex, 2014) • 69 bn. € is the perceived value of free (ad-supported!) services and content for European consumers in 2010! (McKinsey, 2011)
  3. 3. So how about Online Behavioural Advertising?
  4. 4. For publishers 4
  5. 5. For agencies and advertisers 5
  6. 6. For web users 6
  7. 7. But why is it so important?
  8. 8. It’s all about data!
  9. 9. Vĕra Jourová EU Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality (image source:
  10. 10. Günther Oettinger EU Commissioner for Digital Economy & Society (image source
  11. 11. The need for a Self Regulatory Programme on OBA in Europe • Digital advertising is under the political & regulatory spotlight • Particularly the collection and use of data • Self-Regulation can empower & protect consumers, whilst ensuring the viability of many ad models, and their added value for brands, publishers & consumers
  12. 12. Why Self-Regulation? Relevant Advertising Self- Regulation Cost Effective Consumer Friendly Offers Speedy Resolutions Complements the Law Provides Effective Sanctions Impartial Trusted
  13. 13. The Programme • Why self-regulation for OBA? – Privacy concerns in general increased the need for enhanced transparency and choice for users - policy makers repeated call for opt-in for OBA • Why a European and not a global framework? – Europeans are modest... :) – In Europe we have a legal framework (Data Protection and e- Privacy Directive) – The Data Protection Review is currently under heated debate • What is the Programme about? – A mechanism to provide enhanced notice to consumers – A mechanism to provide choice to consumers (i.e. easy to use mechanism to turn off OBA)
  14. 14. European Principles • One set of core documents for Europe • The European Principles consist of: – IAB Europe OBA Framework – Technical Specifications for use of the OBA Icon – EASA Best Practice Recommendation on OBA
  15. 15. Where does responsibility lie?
  16. 16. Where does responsibility lie? • Main obligations for Third Party OBA • WHO? Ad networks, technology providers, data providers, website operators, advertisers, agencies • Role of publishers to provide adequate disclosure
  17. 17. Supported by key stakeholders at EU and Member State level
  19. 19. Delivering a pan-EU approach for citizens and businesses User choice and control Credible compliance and enforcement Transparency
  20. 20. OBA Icon: in-ad (third party) OBA Icon (example)
  21. 21. Use of a branded interstitial
  22. 22. OBA Icon: for web operators
  23. 23. • 31 countries • 26 languages • 90 integrated companies • 1.5 – 2 mln. visitors monthly
  24. 24. YOC: consumer education tool • The user is offered clear information on how digital advertising works (video courtesy of The Guardian)
  25. 25. YOC: consumer control tool • The user may, based on personal choice, select one of the following options: – Everything ON – Everything OFF – Manually hand-pick (from the available 3rd parties)
  27. 27. Compliance journey • Step 1: Licence OBA Icon / User Choice Platform from EDAA • Step 2: Self-Certification (6 mths) • Step 3: Independent assessment of compliance (+ 1 mth) – 4 EDAA approved Certification Providers: • Step 4: Award of EDAA “Trust Seal” (+ 30 days) – Trust Seal granted following 30 days ongoing monitoring
  28. 28. Company compliance status 28 Signatories 200+ Licencees 127 Self- Certified companies 82 Certified companies 38
  29. 29. Engaging and Licensing a. Engage with EDAA to determine licence requirements (via online application form: a. Review core documents & licence agreements a. Sign and return appropriate licence(s): – OBA Icon – YourOnlineChoices Participation
  31. 31. Role of SROs • Extension of SRO remit to OBA – Implementation of EASA BPR on OBA • Handling consumer feedback and complaints – Set up OBA complaints system and procedures – Training of staff and juries – Use of EASA Cross-Border-Complaints system for OBA • Compliance and enforcement
  32. 32. Enforcement • Self-Regulation needs to have teeth • National SROs responsible for investigations and sanctions • Sanctions specific to OBA: ‘name & shame’; withdrawal of industry ‘Trust Seal’; withdrawal of OBA icon; referal to relevant regulator • National codes reflect the EU Principles, ensuring a consistent and coherent approach for businesses
  34. 34. Raising consumer awareness • Launched in UK, DE, IE, GR to-date • 390m impressions, >115m unique • 344k clicks • Expected to run FI, FR, HU, PT, RO, SE imminently, with other markets to follow
  35. 35. Political opinions « It is always a pleasure and a source of confidence, to see fast and dedicated follow-up to a high profile business initiative in a crucial sector. I look forward to continuing cooperation between all interested parties. » Robert Madelin Director General of the European Commission’s Directorate General for Communications Networks Content and Technology
  36. 36. Current outlook • Increase industry awareness and participation • Transition from company commitments to full compliance • Continue developing YourOnlineChoices website; roll out further countries; optimise mobile version; develop persistent consumer choice mechanisms across IE & Safari • Adapt the EU Principles to the mobile environment • Roll out the Consumer Awareness Campaign in all European Markets (Romania included!)
  37. 37. Current outlook • Ensure continued implementation by national SROs of OBA remit & complaint handling • Facilitate research into consumer attitudes and perceptions regarding OBA and the industry initative across EU markets • Continue to engage with key stakeholders (new intake of MEPs and Commissioners)
  38. 38. OBA Self-Regulation: be in good company! 38
  39. 39. Further information Visit: Email: //