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Garden of freshness Persil - Case Study by OMD Russia

This is one of the case studies presented during IAB Forum 2012 - Alexandra Zadoya from OMD Russia talking about Persil and one of the most inspiring online campaigns for the client.

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Garden of freshness Persil - Case Study by OMD Russia

  1. 1. INSIGHTS • IDEAS • RESULTS Garden of freshness Persil Digital performance measurement OMD OM Group Russia | p.
  2. 2. Digital campaign. To be or not to be?Digital media became an integral part of the media mix in many categoriesover the past few years, and many advertisers have already seen itseffectiveness.Henkel Russia had a lack of its own of experience by 2011 and therefore hadmany doubts. Internet advertising: is it just a modern trend or is it really effective? What effect on brand KPI may be expected? Why there is no competitor activity on Russian Internet? | p. 2
  3. 3. Research supportThe basic client questions were:Is Internet an appropriate medium to advertise a low involvement categorylike laundry detergent?Laundry is boring, will users be interested in social activity about detergent? ? Agency solution: Digital campaign + Research | p. 3
  4. 4. Research composition 3 types of sources and 3 types of questionnaires were combined to receive the most reliable results on how different digital activities - display ads, social network game and contest - are perceived by consumers and affects brand KPIs. Online game players Recruitment: Link on the game page 3500 Target audience: Game participants interviews Creative Three-stage contest participants Recruitment: Link at the contest page online research 450 Target audience: Contest participants interviews Internet users Recruitment: From research panel 700 Target audience: W 20-40, income B+ interviews | p.
  5. 5. Learning #1 Detergents are welcome in Russian internet Majority of respondents think that it is appropriate to use the Internet for informing about products for washing Game participants confirm that a game about washing powder is interesting. | p. 5
  6. 6. Learning #2 Persil KPIs prove Internet effectiveness 100% 97% Brand I can trust 90% 88% Persil promo campaign objectives were achieved: High quality 78% 80% Awareness, Consumer 96% 69% 96% education, Image and Trial 70% 85% 86% Freshness for 77% 83% 60% 24 hours 67% Attitude to brand became 77% All panelists better: 83% - 50% Display Exp. gamers, 91% - contest 40% Gamers participants Contest 61% 79% 68% The more a digital 86% 72% campaign is engages 95% 78% 86% consumers, the better 96% evaluation the brand gets Permanent 84% I would innovations recommend 89% 97% Modern product | p. 6
  7. 7. Learning #3 Branded entertainment is right tool of communication with loyal audience Actions in the "The garden of freshness Persil» game Branded entertainment campaign attracted first of all a loyal audience of the brand Played the game 81% Positive opinion toward brand is one of the key drivers for participation Read information - 68% in the creative contest about Persil Pearls of 33% - 37% in the game fresh aroma Vernel Engagement works in social networks – they not only entertained but learned Watched the rating 22% more about the brand and/or the winners More than 30% of gamers were able to specify the USP of the new product Watched the Persil commercial 18% | p. 7
  8. 8. Learning #4 «Cookbook» Social media Survey in social application media Display ad support  Research incorporated into the game  Perfect idea  Noticeable invitation  Simple and easy rules  Reward with game  points High-quality execution  | p. 8
  9. 9. Executive summary: key learnings 1 Internet and laundry detergents are compatible2 Persil KPIs evaluation confirms online activities effectiveness.3 Branded entertainment in social media is proper way to contact with brand users and reinforce loyalty among them | p. 9
  10. 10. Results Client believes in Internet’s potentialDigital held a reputation as an effective mediaClient plans to develop digital activities in 2012Client will continue to use social network for Home care andLaundry brands support “This research project confirmed efficiency of digital projects. Persil Freshness Pearls by Vernel was our first large scale Internet project in Russia. Having proof of efficiency we plan to continue to invest in digital.” Valentin Konurin Henkel Russia, Laundry & Home Care Brand Manager Persil | p. 10
  11. 11. INSIGHTS • IDEAS • RESULTS Thank you for your attention! | p.