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Viewability - the next metric in Online Advertising

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Anant Joshi, from Meetric, at IAB Forum Romania 2014, a presentation on why is needed a new metric for analyzing the impact of display campaigns - viewability. What is it, what is it's benefit, how can you use it.

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Viewability - the next metric in Online Advertising

  1. 1. IAB Europe and Meetrics Viewable impressions and the importance for brand strategy Anant Joshi, IAB Europe Ad Viewability Task Force member and Director of International Business, Meetrics
  2. 2. New currency: Viewable Ads* *Are you ready for the next level?
  3. 3. Growing in priority with advertisers Weighted Average Score (out of 5) Source: WFA Survey ‘2014 media priorities’ (Oct 2013) , Base: 40 Respondents Note: shows top 20 of 29 topics
  4. 4. Clear concerns about ad misplacement Do you have concerns about advertising being misplaced against inappropriate content as a consequence of automated trading? Source: WFA Survey 2014
  5. 5. Viewability a start point in the revolution Making Measurement Make Sense (3MS)… Revolutionising the way digital media is measured, planned, and transacted across the advertising industry in order to make it a more valuable medium for everyone involved in brand advertising.
  6. 6. Ads need to be viewable Adver&sers Agencies Publishers Measuring the propor/on of a VIDEO AD that has been viewed 81% 83% IAB Europe Metrics & KPIs survey: Q5. How important are the following criteria to help define what constitutes a ‘contact’ / ‘exposure’ / ’impression’? 74% Measuring the length of /me a DISPLAY AD in-­‐view 80% 76% 63% Measuring the length of /me a VIDEO AD has been viewed 76% 81% 65% Measuring the propor/on of the DISPLAY AD is seen 76% 72% 76% Survey opinions from over 700 stakeholders across Europe
  7. 7. Ad Viewability Taskforce Objectives • Usage insight & definition of viewable impressions across Europe • Produce educational documents of the topic • Make recommendations on best practice • A multi-stakeholder group of Publishers, Agencies and Suppliers • Compatibility with other initiatives such as 3MS
  8. 8. What is the definition of a viewable ad? At least 50% of the area of the ad is visible for at least 1 second
  9. 9. One second is a good start, but not enough to ensure adversting effects 0 seconds 1 2 3 4 5 15 Impact starts Communication starts Persuasation starts
  10. 10. Ad Efficiency Conversion Ad Recall Sales 5 Sec. 0 Sec.20 Sec. Duration of Ad Visibility No effect Effect! Separating effective ads from noisy inventory Schematic representation
  11. 11. Ad Attention Manager GOOD VISIBILITY BAD VISIBILITY MoneySupermarket improved their ROI by 37%
  12. 12. Identify premium inventory Display demo: Video instream demo: UI Platform demo:
  13. 13. Whitepaper to inform and educate • Describe the viewable impressions landscape across Europe and the status and trends • Clarify definitions and terms of what we mean by the OTS and viewable impressions • Clarify the role of contact quality metrics such as viewable impressions within the wider metrics portfolio • Outline technical and commercial considerations To be published in November with a Webinar
  14. 14. Other IAB Europe topics • Further work into viewable impressions, IAB Europe’s Brand Advertising Committee developing Blueprint – • Measurement of Online Audience and Ad Effectiveness Metrics and KPIs. To be published early 2015 • IAB Europe is also working on other key trends: • Programmatic • Ad Formats • Ad Effectiveness research • Multi-Device research
  15. 15. Future of Viewability • Better integration of CMS and Ad Serving Systems • Multi device responsive design to guarantee viewable ads • Placing ads only if the ad slot is visible • Placing ads only if the user will pay attention to it • Refreshing Ads in good way: • after the ad effectiveness is generated • not by increasing inventory, showing ads only for a few seconds and then making another ad call
  16. 16. Many thanks for your kind attention Anant Joshi +447453 260059 IAB Europe: Alison Fennah
  17. 17. Headquarter Berlin Meetrics GmbH Alexanderstraße 7 D-10178 Berlin Germany Fon: +49 30 555 75 7855 Fax +49 30 555 75 7859 Meetrics office Vienna Dr. Felix Badura Schönbrunner Allee 7 AT-1120 Wien Austria Fon + 43 699 126 616 81 Fax + 49 30 555 75 7859 Meetrics Office London Anant Joshi The Euston Office One Euston Square, 40 Melton Street London NW1 2FD Mobile +44 7453 260059 Fax +49 30 555 7578 59 Meetrics Office Bangkok Cagri Cayir 110 Soi Charoennakorn 13 Bangkok 10600 Fon: +66 2106-4289 Mobile: +66 91030-5348