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  1. FOODPANDA ONLINE FOOD ORDERING COMPANY Bringing good food into your everyday. - Mission
  2. CONTENTS  Introduction  History  Culture  Value  Marketing Strategy  Business Model  Revenue Generation Methods  SWOT  References
  3. INTRODUCTION  Foodpanda is a global online food delivery marketplace headquartered in Singapore.  Foodpanda operates in more than 400 cities across 11 markets in Asia.  Foodpanda is a subsidiary of Delivery Hero, a global leader of the food delivery industry.  The service allows users to select from local restaurants and place orders via website or mobile application.
  4. HISTORY  In 2012, Swiss Lukas Nagel and Rico Wyder established Foodpanda in Singapore, before expanding to Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand.  A year later in 2013, Foodpanda was launched in Bangladesh and Romania. With more than 20,000 employees operating in their company, Foodpanda became the largest food delivery service in Bangladesh.  The company stated that it aimed to move into 40 nations in Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa by the end of 2014.  Fast forward to 2022, Foodpanda collaborated with digital investment platform Syfe.
  5. CULTURE  Flat hierarchy and an “execution mind-set” within the team makes it possible to influence and create a lot on your own.  Very steep learning curve.  Award recognition for the best performer. “Works on Flexibility, Dynamism, Young employees”
  6. VALUE  Foodpanda underlines its focus on customer delight and value. “If Foodpanda likes it, you will love it.”
  7. MARKETING STRATEGY  Traditional Marketing.  Online discount Coupon.  Customer sharing blogs on foodpanda to win prizes.  Referral Program.  Tie ups with bloggers.
  10. SWOT Strengths  Worldwide brand image  Quick Delivery  Trained People  International Company  Organizational Structure and managers  Better Customer Support  Wide range of restaurants offered  Free delivery Weaknesses  Availability of the restaurants located in the zone of the order placed.  Low brand awareness and marketing.  Need to be able to use internet based communication.  Quantity Required for free delivery may be bit more for one person. Opportunities  Pioneer in food delivery business.  Growing market for potential customers.  Increasing market share.  Only few other food delivery businesses. Threats  Present customer base is low.  Increased obesity rate.  Increasing potential competitors.  Negligence of potential competitors.
  11. REFERENCES  Foodpanda (  Foodpanda – Wikipedia  About • foodpanda | food and more, delivered Bye, Have a Great Time!