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The Truth About Tithes & Offering Pt. 2

The Old Testament was tithing and the New Testament is giving and people who justify tithing with Abraham fail to realize a couple things.

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The Truth About Tithes & Offering Pt. 2

  1. 1. The Truth About Tithes & Offering Pt. 2“The Old Testament was tithing and the New Testament is giving.”“Jesus mentioned tithing 3 times in the bible, so let’s go to...Matthew 23:23“Jesus never taught His disciples to tithe because tithing was under Moses law, the discipleswere under Him…“You tithe when you are not born again. You give when you are born again.”Luke 11:32Luke 18:9-12Now let’s talk about Abraham’s tithing...Genesis 14:17-24Those who make the argument about Abraham’s tithing fail to realize a couple things:1. Abraham’s tithing to Melchizedek was a free will act, it was not under pressure. Pastors willtell you to give and tell you that God said how much to give.2. Abraham tithes were not brought to a storehouse or church.3. Abraham was 80 years old before he tithed4. Abraham never tithed again after that5. Abraham was not promised any blessing for giving Melchizedek a tenth.So what did Abraham’s tithes consist of?
  2. 2. Genesis 14:16“So people are suggesting we go back to Abraham and do what Abraham did to get an Abrahamblessing. People are making you get under the law!”1 Corinthians 16:22 Corinthians 8:2-4“We are rich in liberty, but people under the law are bound because they are slaves. See, youcan be broke and know how to operate as a rich man.”“People giving God 10% but want Him to be their all. A lot of people give him good works, butthere giving is under the law, so they are under a curse.So why is tithing not right?Tithing does not bring about the correct spirit. Tithing does not bring about the Spirit of Christ.10% blocks your love.”Matthew 6:3“Giving is a personal matter. Your pastor should not know what you are giving.”Galatians 5:18“So reverse that scripture, if you are lead under the can’t be lead by the Spirit.”2 Corinthians 9:7“We need to have Spirit led given not law led. Spirit led giving always honors God and createsscriptural results.”
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