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Application Developer Predictions 2017 - It's All About Cognitive

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You’ve heard the buzz around cognitive technologies. You may have even experimented with them on your own, but you’re not sure how they fit in your app development toolbox. Sound familiar?

Don’t let another year pass without unlocking the true potential in your unstructured text, speech, images, and more. In this webinar, James Governor of Redmonk and Marcus Boone of Watson will share their predictions for what will be hot (and not) when it comes to application development in 2017. From massive data growth to conversational commerce and beyond, learn why cognitive app development is poised to accelerate in 2017 and how Watson cognitive APIs can help you successfully build your own breakthrough cognitive app.

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Application Developer Predictions 2017 - It's All About Cognitive

  1. 1. Application Developer Predictions, 2017 Edition: It’s All About Cognitive
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  3. 3. #BuildingWithWatso n Our Experts: © 2015 International Business Machines Corporation James Governor, Analyst and Co-Founder, Redmonk @monkchips Marcus Boone, Program Director, IBM Watson Ecosystem Strategic Partnerships
  4. 4. #BuildingWithWatso n AI, cognitive, deep or machine learning (ACDM)
  5. 5. #BuildingWithWatso n 1. “Data science” for developers • AzureML, CNTK • HP Haven OnDemand • Google Tensor Flow • IBM Watson
  6. 6. #BuildingWithWatso n 2. The new “hello world”
  7. 7. #BuildingWithWatso n 3. #chatops takes off
  8. 8. #BuildingWithWatso n 4. Consolidation kicks in
  9. 9. #BuildingWithWatso n 5. #conversationalcommerce
  10. 10. #BuildingWithWatso n 6. Messaging pwns apps
  11. 11. #BuildingWithWatso n 7. Designing for headless
  12. 12. #BuildingWithWatso n 8. Pervasive speech recognition
  13. 13. #BuildingWithWatso n 9. Rise of the bots
  14. 14. #BuildingWithWatso n 10. Humane computer interfaces
  15. 15. #BuildingWithWatso n 11. Date handling
  16. 16. #BuildingWithWatso n 12. Bot vs bot
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